Events Spiraling In September! The Ignition Has Inflamed! September’s Only the Beginning of Coming Calamity


By Lisa Haven

If you have never heard the term “we are living in the latter days”–a term that prophecies about a time period that will occur at the very end of our age—then it’s about time you’ve become well acquainted with the words. Because we are living in the latter days, and we are the generation that will witness prophetic fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

I strongly urge you to watch the video below in its entirety. Especially considering the amount of unexplained events that are happening in the month of September alone. Yesterday I put out a report about how events are already spiraling  out of control in regards to our weather, earthquakes, floods, etc. Today I’ll be adding to that a entire slew of new information including everything from mysterious noises in the skies, to the deaths of massive amounts of animals, World War III information, the Sanhedrin’s latest agenda and more prophetic events. You may be shocked to discover that events are truly hitting high gear and will continue to spiral in the upcoming years… Don’t miss this URGENT report…

For More Information See:

Riots Temple Mount:

FEMA Preparedness month:

Clerk Arrested:

(beginning of persecution for Christians)

Dow drops 1,000 points:


Animal Deaths:

Sanhedrin Takes Pope and Obama to Court:

Nuclear Arms Deal with Iran:

Trumpet Sounds Continue: and

China Asian Markets:



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6 replies

  1. We all are in END TIMES on this EARTH Our True GOD who art in HEAVEN CREATED!! Jesus ( Yeshua ) Christ is like a THIEF in the Night!!

    “TRUST in the LORD with all Thine HEART and lean NOT unto thine own understanding, in all thy ways Acknowledge HIM and HE Shall Direct thy Paths”( Proverbs 3:5-6 KJV )!!

    Thus, Please Everyone “TRUST in the LORD JESUS ( YESHUA ) CHRIST with all Thine HEART and SOUL NOW TODAY”!!

    Love ❤ Always and Shalom Everyone, YSIC \o/



  2. On Saturday, 9.12.15, at approximately 1:30 pm, in the Towson suburb of Baltimore, I heard a captivating and unnerving sound lasting several minutes- uninterrupted- coming from the skies. Three college students nearby and I were really astounded- one of them saying, “What’s happening- WW3?” The next night I attended my 1st Rosh Hashanah service at a Messianic Hebrew congregation and heard the sound again- coming from someone’s shofar! Only thing is, the sound I heard lasted several constant minutes- at least 5 minutes. and no one I know has that much breath!! Except the Lord!!


  3. you know them Trumpet Sound’s is a bulldozer scraping concert. with its blade


  4. Lisa,
    The medical community has betrayed this great nation. This is THE NEWS that is on our front burner right now, and we really have our work cut out for us. Far too many of His Creatures have been overburdened and overdosed with every kind of crazymaking substance for the past 15 years or more. These funny types now want to shove their own karmic responsibilities down everyone’s throats. Nuclear power? NO THANKS!


  5. If nothing happens this month – if October 1st arrives on schedule and the world has not ended – I wonder how many people of this world will be thankful to the Lord for His grace and His mercy for holding back His judgement for another month


  6. Hi Lisa! Thanks for all this information over the month September.
    I think so, that we are going in the last 3 year weeks of Daniel 9, and beginning at ‘Yom Kippur’ 2015/5776!
    That are the 7 seals, 7 trumpets and 7 vials of the book of Revelation and holds 21 years (3×7).
    See the articles of the site:
    With greetings from The Hague / Holland-The Netherlands.
    Gerard J.C. Plas


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