Pope’s September Agenda Busted Wide Open at Welcoming Ceremony! What He Has To Say To Congress Will Peak Your Interest


By Lisa Haven

On the day of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Holiday known as the Day of Atonement and the most holiest day of the year in Judaism,  President Obama and Pope Francis met early this morning and behind closed doors, to discuss the goals and agenda they have planned for the future of humanity.

Not only was this secretive meeting held, but Pope Francis was paraded through the streets of DC as onlookers clapped and shouted for joy at his mere presence. It is during this time that Pope Francis was given the opportunity to address the America people with his staggering “agenda-oriented” speech.

Within twenty-four hours he will proceed to address a Joint Session of Congress—making him the first Pope in history to do so. Here he will deliver more of his devious “global-oriented agenda.”

In the video below I delve through the Popes speech as well as discuss some of the possible topics that he will be addressing during the Joint Session of Congress that will take place Thursday, September 24th.  You will literally be floored by the real reason the Pope is here and how our future is at stake…

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    This is important pertinent information for the body of Christ. Be watchful!!!!


  3. Your a fake! Your posting stories you know nothing about! You act like you were a fly on the wall listening to them talk! It’s no different than all your other BS you posted and nothing! Nothing at all! For you it’s about how many people will see your name! And for people who know no better they fall for your fiction! Yes we are in the end days and prophecy is taking place right now with these two! But write about truth about facts not stuff u know nothing about! You do this all the time! CONFIRMED!! THIS WILL DROP YOUR JAW!!! YOU HAVE TO SIT DOWN TO READ THIS!!! On and on! Then what follows these titles is mostly fiction. Prophecy that was written by real prophets has already been written. It’s then that we after we see it fulfilled look and say ok now we see what Elohiyms prophets were saying! Half the doctrines you come up with are not even based on scripture! It’s your made up religion.


    • Patrick do the world a favor and SHUT UP!!!!!!
      you are a troll you dont know what you are talking about;Why dont you listen to a watch men,
      TROLL shut up!!!!!.


    • Patrick, those are very strong statements regarding Lisa. Do you have some specific intances that you could post to verify your accusatory statements? Just so you know, there are thousands of people who listen to Lisa and uttilzie her information as door openers. Take a chill pill Patrick. Lisa is on the Good side of issues, not the Dark side.


    • you are way to critical of her, and since you know everything, why aren’t you warning the sheep? Lisa has it in her spirit to sound the alarm and all you can do is find fault. Keep it up Lisa, there are those out there that need to wake up, and God the Father is glad you are speaking up.


    • Time to wake up the only thing that is fake is your thoughts with in your head.


  4. WELL DONE Lisa. As a researcher for several years concerning the objectives of the Club of Rome and their various think tanks, including researching the entire document known as The Earth Summit Agenda 21 – The United Nations Programme of Action From Rio, as well the recent Encyclical, including various other legal documents, People being the direct drivers causing Climate Change, equates to the elimination of people, depopulation. Ignore the mockers you’re doing great. Agenda 21- 2030-2050-2100 plans. The 300 page Agenda 21 manual is incomplete. And 99% of “authors” “exposing” this document are guess what? Mistranslating the legal 16th grade level and higher legal terminologies within the document.


  5. I quit reading at your headline… The correct word is “pique”, not “peak”. You’re welcome.


  6. Is it not Capitalism a illness ? Is it not unnecessary consume an unbalanced way of living ?


    • To briefly answer your question: NO! Capitalism is NOT a illness.

      To give you the long answer, first tell me, what system is better than capitalism? Do you think the economies of Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela, or North Korea are more fair? More just?

      The fact is the world runs best on individuals pursuing their separate interests. The great achievements of civilization do not come from government bureaus. The only cases in which the masses have escaped from grinding poverty in recorded history are where they have had capitalism and free trade. If you want to know where the masses are worst off, it’s exactly in the kinds of societies that depart from that. So that the record of history is absolutely crystal clear: that there is no alternative way so far discovered of improving the lot of the ordinary people that can hold a candle to the productive activities that are unleashed by a free enterprise system.

      You say capitalism is an “illness” but what system rewards virtue? Do you think communism rewards virtue? Even American presidents do not reward virtue! They choose their appointees on the basis of political clout.

      I think you are taking a lot of things for granted. Just tell me where in the world you find these angels to run our lives, when you don’t even trust anyone to run their own?


    • The principles are correct, the greed and corruption has destroyed the foundation.
      The only answer is Christ’s kingdom that is coming.


    • No. Illegal aliens are the illness. You see, the lazy and shiftless do-nothings cannot bring themselves to try and correct the many social and political problems of their own countries. It is simply too hard – they do not see any personal gain in the short run, and cannot consider the long run; so, it is just easier for them to abandon their corrupt disfunctional home states and come to the United States where they can live quite comfortably on the backs on the American taxpayer.

      Why can these peoples, of many different nations, not develop the national pride, the sense of national duty, and the personal initiative to correct their own nations? Why should we not expect these peoples to stay at home and either accept their national way of life, or change it?

      Where is capitalism? Ahh…you see, Jorge, the world’s poor and lazy and shiftless – these peoples who will not fight for their own nation – always flee to where? Do they flee to Zimbabwe? No. Do the seek refuge in China, or North Korea? Perhaps the vaunted non-capitalist state of Cuba? No. Do the flee to some utopian socialist state?

      They all flee to capitalist countries? Why? Because capitalism is the only condition that promotes the notion that “If you are willing and able, you can better your self condition”. Capitalism is not a thing that is erected; it is not a system that requires construction; it is not the result of some legislative process. Capitalism is a natural condition – it is the only natural condition that finds itself to any grouping of humans, from hunter-gatherer to highly industrialized.

      Capitalism only suffers when parasites and politicians see it as a milk teat for the lazy.


  7. NO capitalism is not a illness Marx ism is.A very bad illness it is the worst form of government ever to exist in this world.Capitalism is are only hope besides Jesus!!!!. The pope IS the FALSE prophet from the book of revelation.HE is a great deceiver he speaks nothing but apostates and abomination’s.HE is the False Prophet don’t be deceived.


  8. Lisa…

    Sorry to trouble you…
    I’m an Australian and like yourself have researched so called conspiracy theory for well over 25 years.
    More so in recent times due to my age and having a little more time available to travel this path…
    All that aside, I have listened to your recent thoughts re the Pope’s visit to the US and do not disagree with you…
    But I think it is all a little more involved than what you are aware of.
    • That the original owner of the settlement in Nth America was the Queen of England indirectly through one of her shelf companies?
    • The Queen sponsored the settlement of North America through the Virginia company in return for “Land and Commodity” rights but also as a precursor to the election of your first government it was the controlling arm of the Queen that oversaw the settlement of the USA
    • The company was called initially called the Royal Virginia Company later shortened to the Virginia Company
    • It is why the state of Virginia is called what it is and why Virginia has differing common laws to the rest of the USA.
    • It is also why your capitol Washington is located in the state of Virginia.
    • After settlement and the declaration of independence the queen literally handed the rights of the company over to the Pope in trust for safe keeping and continued oversight of the developing new country.
    • The company itself was worth very little in monetary terms… Its true wealth lie in the ownership of the land and also of government…
    • As such, the Pope is the silent partner in the incorporation known as the United States of America
    Therefore the Pope is actually higher in ranking to the President…
    • Also the Pope has the mandate to overrule both the President and also Congress without question, if he so chooses.
    • He can instil new laws or retract old laws at his will though this is rarely done as they have always worked in unison, and through the bigger scheme of things… ie: The Illuminati.

    • All Swiss Guards (the Vatican Guards) have to be Free Masons
    • As do all Beefeaters (the Queens / Kings Guards)

    Obviously the intrigue and the reality goes much deeper than what is on the surface…
    You are on the right track… BUT you need to scratch a bit deeper into the meaning of the Pope’s visit at this time and its relevance to the Virginia Company.
    Something is obviously about to happen (probably behind closed doors and in secret)
    Also, I believe that after addressing congress the Pope will issue a decree to all RC Cardinals, Bishops and Priests (most likely in Latin, so the majority will not understand)
    whether this is public or in secret, I do not know…

    In speculation – Maybe the Pope is going to call in his held markers (on behalf of the Queen) against the USA and we will see the finally, after years of speculation
    the collapse of the USA financial system as you know it to be… and the rescinding of the US Dollar as the world currency…

    As I said… it is only speculation but it is an educated prediction.

    Love and Light to YOU


  9. I believe we are being set up for the mark of the beast. the beast being the beast out of the sea (the United Nations). When they allow the dollar to stop, then what will be implemented will be something similar to worship, just as the dollar is. and no one will be able to hold a job or buy or sell and if you depend on that dollar to do those things, then it is a form of worship. The entity they bring in, whether some alien, giant, drone, to enforce the policy will be the anti christ, or it could even be someone that looks just the Jesus we have pictured in our minds. But it is coming and soon, because all the signs are there. put the Word in your hearts while it is still available to do so,


  10. It’s “Pique Your Interest”, not peak.


  11. Yes you are 100% correct ..those people including the pope r not gods…we r all able to tap into the highest source …God is within each one of us ..always enjoy your’ posts ..namaste


  12. Great news Lisa thank you

    1 John 2:22-23


  13. You are absolutely correct about everything you said!


  14. Based on information and prophetic dreams I’ve read elsewhere, I’m guessing this is going to be presented as our best option by the UN:



    There is a movie from the 70s about this algae being used as food and then eventually they lie about the “green” version being algae based, when it’s actually made of dead corpses….


    Creepy part is that there actually is a real company called Soylent!



  15. The pope riding into Washington sort of reminded me of a re-enactment of Christ riding into Jerusalem. The only thing missing were the palm fronds thrown in front of the pope mobile.


  16. As i was sleeping i was woken up this morning , i heard a voice whisper Jeremiah,12 Revelation,21

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I was reading The Hundred Dresses to a child this morning. I am reading with with a teachers’ companion book. It is a story about Polish Jewish immigrants and how they were treated when they moved to their new countries. As I read it, something came to me that caused me to sit in silence for some time, and cry.

      During WWII, the Jewish people were treated very badly by the world, to say the least. Ok, yes, other people groups were abused, traumatized, starved, destroyed. I would be the first person to say that it wasn’t just the Jews. Yes, there are bad-behaving Jewish people wreaking havoc on the world. Again, I am often the first person to mention this when the need arises. And, yes, Yahweh will bring them to justice. Everyone will be subject to justice, starting with His house first. But Yahweh’s people are the only people group (BTW, this includes true Christians, too, we are grafted into Israel — but there is a firm warning in Romans 11 regarding the wild branches becoming proud and arrogant towards the natural branches) mentioned in the Bible that whoever curses them, they themselves are cursed, whoever blesses them, they themselves will be blessed, too. It doesn’t matter how Israel behaves. This is particular blessing is UNCONDITIONAL.

      That being said, taking the above into consideration with how agendas are pushed, how will this play into taking in Muslim migrants, who are not destined to bless the world, only death and destruction where ever they go? How many peoples’ heart strings will be tugged because of the past, and the lies spun from it? How many people will be abuse, traumatized, starved and destroyed? Talk about about payback….

      Jeremiah 16 (….the hunters have arrived….)


  17. This is interesting as I’m getting mailers from insurance companies to be charged by the miles I drive.



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  2. Pope’s September Agenda Busted Wide Open at Welcoming Ceremony! What He Has To Say To Congress Will Peak Your Interest | Lisa Haven News | texasmadeagle's Blog

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