Pope Addresses Congress—Here Is The Real Meaning Behind His Speech! Next Move, The UN, Then The World


By Lisa Haven

Another interesting globally-oriented agenda was delivered by Pope Francis this morning,  September 24th, to the Joint Session of Congress. While many people heard peace and prosperity coming from the lips of this religious leader. I head a much deeper message behind the words delivered to the US Congress. Here is that breaking report….

For More Information

C-SPAN Clip in its full- http://www.c-span.org/video/?328063-1/pope-francis-address-joint-meeting-congress



Transcript: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2015/09/transcript-pope-francis-addresses-joint-session-of-congress/

Agenda 21: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/post2015/transformingourworld


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6 replies

  1. Lisa I saw your video and I agree that they promote Agenda21, and Codex Allimentarius, and a NWO, and a OWG, and a food dictatorship, and population reduction, and a global “religion” and so on. I really do. And I couldn’t be more anti-Pope.

    However, if I got you right, you believe that capitalism and the American way of life is Ok by Cristian standards, right? Well, I cannot by bring to mind God’s words that a Christian does not accumulate money in his life (Mat 6,34), and that it is easier to drive a camel through a needle than to see a wealthy man in Heaven (Mat 19,24), and that a Christian donates all his belongings to the poor and needy (Luke 18,18-27), and that all the saints and spiritual fathers (ie Isaak of Syria) preach that Christians pursue voluntary indigence, and that a true Christian cannot rest until he sees that all his fellow human beings are doing better than him. I could list pages after pages of relevant quotes.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the American way of life is all about competition, contest, personal achievement, surpassing the fellow human, wealth, luxury, consumption, spending, accumulating, ownership, private property, and so on. In a few words, all that’s against Christian preachings. Isn’t that so?

    How is caring more for preserving such a way of life than for the misery of a fellow human being Christian? Isn’t he your brother too? Isn’t he God’s child too? Is it Christian to condemn him to misery so that you can maintain that way of life?

    As you can understand I am not referring to you specifically, but to the mentality of the average “Christian” American.


  2. Redistribution of wealth? Let vatican start with their wealth. They have more money golabally to pay the worlds debts. He should talk. I watched a video clip where a poor child asked for help because his family had no money. pope patted him on the head and said a small prayer and walked away. He doesn’t have any business here! USA is not part of the vatican. vatican never bows to any country, period! NWO? Shame on him!


  3. Thanks for holding my little hand through this story. I wasn’t brave enough to face it on my own. I’m always amazed about the fact that travel by air is never mentioned as a contributor to the problem. Thanks for being up to speed on the real, yet, previously hidden agenda that took me so long to find out about ! Sincerely, Martin


  4. Notice the first words out of the popes mouth , in this clip …..”our world is increasingly a place of violent conflict”…. this his his afirmation , his prayer , his prophesy….. what he wants to come to pass.

    By saying these words slowly and deliberately, he focuses the minds of the people listening , on to what he wants…. this does have a magical effect.


  5. Such cinicism! The pope is doing the best he can as a mere human against a religious crowd
    and a unrightious World. The apparent wealth in worldly goods of The Roman Catholic Church,
    Is not under his absolute control, or I believe this man would give most of it away. He appears
    Humble enough to do that, and I say this as a protestant – a rather extreme one close to the
    Friends of Quakerism. So are we to critique any who profess peace? And when we can’t see past the beam in our own eyes, let’s keep a kindly heart toward others who in their fallability like our
    own, are trying to emulate Christ. Pray for The Little Ones.


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