Mysterious White “Fibers” Fall From the Sky In Arizona—Again! You Won’t Believe What They Are! Eye-Opening Interview With Undeniable Documented Proof!


By Lisa Haven

Once again mysterious white fibers are blanketing the ground in the Prescott proper area of Arizona.

A year ago Cori Gunnells and Mari Scherbaum Snow discovered these mysterious white fibers after three military aircrafts swept through their skies leaving behind what they could only describe as webs on the ground.

Oddly enough this has happened yet again and almost exactly a year later.

Originally these white fibers were reported by the mainstream lying media as “cow gauze” that dropped from a military aircraft. However after the two activists pushed on and tested the samples (which can be found here) they discovered that it contained the perfect cocktail for geoengineering fibers— strontium, barium, and aluminum were all discovered in high levels.

Now that these fibers have returned, the activists are having them tested once again, and one can only imagine what these samples will show, however I have a strong feeling it will be another perfect cocktail for geoengineering.

Here is the EXCLUSIVE new interview you’re not going to want to miss…



The truth is the government has been spraying deadly chemicals in our skies in hopes of population reduction. Furthermore they have also been using geoengineering as biological testing agents on the populace; all while claiming they are nothing more than mere vapor.

We’ll now we have 110% undeniable proof that our government is purposefully supporting this experimentation on the population. Last year I interview both Marie Scherbaum Snow and Cori Gunnells, who not only got their name put on the map because of their original encounter with the mysterious chemical fibers, but also because they have been collecting tangible data making the case to prove once and for all, that we are being littered by geoengineering chemicals in our food, water, and our bodies. We dive through many blood samples, rain samples, air particulates samples, and discuss their personal encounters with the various branches of government who ultimately gave them the run-a-round.

If you have not seen this interview already, then I highly recommend watching it….

Here is the original story Cori and Snow Witnessed in Regards to the Mysterious Chemical Fibers that Were Dropped in Arizona back in November 2014:

Arizona Aircraft Drops Mysterious Fibers From the Sky and You Won’t Believe The Test Results and How Local Media Was Caught Lying About it! Plus Documentation Proving the DOD can Experiment on the Populace. 


Cori and Snow’s Facebook page:

For  More Information See:


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11 replies

  1. We are all winners ever


  2. Tell everybody to call police about Chen trails and make decals stop Chemtrails geoengineering watch stick every where

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Geoengineering/Chemtrail spraying is a diabolical attack against all of humanity and all life forms which inhabit the surface of the earth. Behind this operation is the devil; whose main goal is to destroy and corrupt everything which God created for good.

    We live in a time period where good is spoken of as being evil and where evil is being spoken of as being good. Be patient in Christ. This heyday of evil which we see covering the globe, only has a limited space of time in which to operate before God moves and shuts all evil down and sends the unrepentant participants to their eternal home in hell.

    Keep your immune system as strong as possibe. Some vitamins and herbs which will help are: 1) vitamin C, 2) Tummeric, 3) Alpha-Lipoic Acid, 4) CoQ10, vitamin E, 5 vitamin D3, and 6 Hawthorn

    A dedicated independant researcher on chemtrails and Morgellons is Clifford Carnicom. Check out his website:

    May God’s blessings and mercies be with you all in the name of Jesus.


  4. As I listened to your You Tube video on this substance falling from the sky in Arizona, I can’t help but not remember a Hopi prophecy that in the days before the Great Purification “Cobwebs” will be spun back and forth in the sky… I believe that the Hopi were referring to this very thing that has now been happening, even weirder, this is happening a year apart. It was thought a few years back that is was specifically chem. trails. Never imagined that it would may be a bi-product of these chem. trails which makes this even more evil. The Hopi even speak of a pole shift and an earth that will wobble. Some of the Hopi prophecies may coincide with Biblical prophecies. I am a believer in Yeshua and go by the Prophets of G-d. However, it is interesting that this is happening now with literal webs falling from the sky as the Hopi prophesied. I think we will be seeing very soon the prophetic teachings of the Bible coming fast in the order that they were written in. Be saved by the Blood of Yeshua and may G-d Bless ALL.


  5. I live in the Prescott area, my husband and I saw the white substance up close. Disgusting how the government thinks they can just go on poisoning us just plain sickens me!!


  6. The Seventh Trumpet is about to sound Revelations 12:12.


  7. and this was in In Texas And Arizona not just Arizona


  8. Harold Kautz-Vella of Germany has info on this phenomena linking it to Morgellons disease. Has anyone developed symptoms in the area? Please check into this link. Makes me sad we are being experimented on.


  9. …and there were also at least two earthquakes in that part of Arizona as well. I believe as high as 4.4 magnitude.


    • 3 to be exact in Phoenix. We never get this sort of weather or earthquakes. Sheeze we even got a dormant volcano in northern AZ pluming earlier this year! Yesterday and today Tucson sky looks blue and white stripped ugh!!!


  10. This is very controversial still but more than a decade ago the connection between these fiber releases and morgellons disease began to surface. CDC claims still today its a delusion despite doctors treating patients confirming the physical disease. Web-MD run by doctors gives a good read on both sides of the issue.
    Now there was this doctor I believe her name was Perlingie or Perlinglieri. I think her first name was Sandra or Sandy. Sorry it was a difficult name nevertheless she was able to link the fibers falling from the sky to this disease the government CDC swears in just a delusion. I didn’t stay for her speech but a family member did years ago as typically I don’t follow these things. Its only been recent they have caught my eye. Well, I remember the speech only because when I came back for my cousin I was told can you believe she had documents, official documents of the Air force stating they would control the weather by 2025. My cousin was outraged by the statement going on for weeks about it. I have noted that when these fiber chem trails surface also does the number of claims to this disease. Perhaps your investigation skill can confirm or deny this as now my mind wonders about the connections….


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