Get Ready For All Out Nuclear Hell To Break Loose… (Video Report)


By Lisa Haven


This past Sunday, November 8th, Infowar’s Alex Jones delves through vital information about the ballistic missile test that was part of a clandestine military test over the pacific ocean that sent the internet haywire. He also looks at developments regarding the crash of the Russian airlines in Egypt. He also covers the latest election news ahead of the upcoming GOP debate and continues to expose the consistent attacks on the Second Amendment.  Here is the breaking report….





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  1. I tried several times to watch the video but it seems it has been removed.


  2. Lisa… There’s a lot of speculation(?) on several alternative news blogs that say Alex Jones is a CIA lapdog. That he is NOT to be believed or trusted; that he indeed ‘knows’ what is going on, and is told to only give enough info to make us (people who are awake) believe that he is on our side. What’s your take on this? I would like to be able to trust him, but I don’t. There are so many false teachers out there. This is where Christians need to stay in the Word, and follow the lead of the Holy Spirit. BTW… The Holy Spirit led me to you. God Bless You as you endeavor to do His Will.

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    • Yes Alex is working for the government
      and yes we are about to get nuke
      i had a vision back in 1972 age 7 there were two year that flash 2016 and 2017 2016 is the last presidential election 2017 is when New York get nuke the phrofices are being fulfilled
      i seen a great city melted on my left and in the middle of this city i seen three flashes and heard the word nuclear spoken three times on my right i seen two years flash 2016-2017 also on my right i seen then who have done this they Appeared as black Aliens with razor teeth are painted on there helmets
      there body’s wearing black flight suits seen 6 of them standing on the sea shore For her candlestick shone her light no more
      the united states is Babylon the great the daughter of Britain 2017 to 2022 marshal law 2023 Great earth quack like the world has never seen and will never see again Mississippi Division


  3. i have a video i made back in 2010 about the USA getting nuked because people can not believe when they are told of things to come but only believe in what they see at the time therefor i have closed Facebook that video is still on there i have reopen it for you to see
    Homosexuality would be increasingly evident at the end of the age (2 Timothy 3:3)
    Mayan End Age 12-21-2012 Nov 15, 2012 – Gay Vote Proved a Boon for Obama.


  4. Check out A.A. Allen’s July 4th, 1954 vision of the destruction of America.

    An interesting part of the vision shows that our interceptor missiles will fail to protect America from the incoming nukes. Below is the excerpt of the vision:

    “Then suddenly I saw from the Atlantic and from the Pacific, and out of the Gulf, rocket-like objects that seemed to come up like fish leaping out of the water. High into the air they leaped, each headed in a different direction, but every one toward the United States. On the ground, the sirens screamed louder. And up from the ground I saw similar rockets beginning to ascend.

    To me, these appeared to be interceptor rockets although they arose from different points all over the United States. However none of them seemed to be successful in intercepting the rockets that had risen from the ocean on every side. These rockets finally reached their maximum height, slowly turned over, and fell back toward the earth in defeat.

    Then suddenly, the rockets, which had leaped out of the oceans like fish all, exploded at once. The explosion was earsplitting. The next thing, which I saw, was a huge ball of fire. The only thing I have ever seen which resembled the thing I saw in my vision was the picture of the explosion of the H-bomb, somewhere in the South Pacific some months ago. In my vision, it was so real I seemed to feel a searingheat from it.”


  5. I think that the U.S. Navy lied, it was not one of our missiles, it was Russian. You see the U.S. Navy missiles and American military missiles in general have an orange/yellow flame, not blue. The Russian use a different mixture for their rocket fuel and it gives off a blue flame. I think that this is a message from Russia and the U.S. Military is too afraid to tell the truth.


  6. Fear can keep us afraid but faith can keep us strong !


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