Major! The White House Is Now Preparing For… and Why It’s Essential You Know About It…!!

By Lisa Haven

Tensions between America, Russia, and China have been growing for a number of years and now with Russia’s and China actions, we could be looking at World War III. Especially considering Obama’s stance on Syria.

In fact, as I write this, the US military-intelligence complex is engaged in systematic preparations for World War III and as far as the Pentagon is concerned, a military conflict with China and/or Russia is inevitable.

Could Americas days be numbered and our nation cease from being a superpower due to warfare? Are events about to unfold and crisis’ of unprecedented proportions just around the corner? Gary Franchi at Next News Network brings us the latest…

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USA, Washington D.C, White House, garden and fountains in foreground

USA, Washington D.C, White House, garden and fountains in foreground


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  1. It really is quite plausible, about 30 years ago I was reading in revelation about mystery Babylon. Key word (mystery) . It dawned on me then that America matches the description of mystery Babylon. Very depressing to think about. I spent my time in the late 60s Vietnam in the army defending against commie aggression, I felt I was doing the right thing and still believe I did but now to think this once great country we fought for might be destroyed is like a nightmare come true , god help us all!


    • Apparently, you overlooked this description of Mystery Babylon. It says; she is “guilty of the blood of the prophets, martyrs, and all the righteous blood she on earth”. There’s only ONE CITY that meets that requirement; that is Jerusalem. America didn’t kill the prophets.
      If you have any doubt, read Matt. chapter 23. The VERY SAME language is used in BOTH passages, and Jesus, in Matt.23 is CLEARLY talking to Jerusalem.
      Jerusalem is also on “seven hills”.


      • Thats very interesting, I didnt know that jerusalem would be completely destroyed in one hour as revelation states never to be inhabited again.


      • People HAVE to twist scripture to fit their own interpretation of scripture, and this is the case, with so many saying America is Babylon. If they would ask some questions about their weak theology, stop listening to the “experts” and check these things out FOR THEMSELVES, they might have a clue.

        But as it is, Christian Zionism is leading most so called Christians right to the belly of the BEAST, and all the while, still wondering what the strong delusion will be!!! They are up to their eyebrows in it right now, and have been since 1948. Very sad.


  2. The city that is going to be destroyed and never inhabited again is Damascus. Which is the capital of Syria.


  3. Russia and the evil Iran REGIME are GOG and MAGOG ( Ezekiel Chapters 37-38 KJV )!!


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