What’s Coming After the Paris Shootings and the Magazine That Predicted It—You’ll Be Intrigued!


By Lisa Haven

The official death count of the Paris attacks is now at a staggering 129 persons and about 350 have been injured. In the wake of these attacks numerous reports have surfaced proving it was likely western backed—as I had stated in an earlier report I put out just a few days ago (read that here).

In the video below I delve through the fact that the CIA met with France’s Security Chief prior to the event and what the future holds in the wake of the attacks. The report may not be one you want to hear, but is defiantly one you need to hear… we are but moments away from a similar attack here in the U.S…..

Here is the breaking report…

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In the video below DAHBOO777 reveals the hidden message found in the Top Economist Magazine cover, that rather shockingly reveals the date of the attacks in Paris, France. Here is that breaking report…


Here are the 7 Goals That the Government Will Accomplish With Mass Immigration that I discussed in the first video:

1- Turn more prominent, richer countries into third world countries.

(This was a stated goal of Agenda 21, bring the richer countries to the level of that of third world countries. Bringing in refugees will do this)

2- Economic Crisis or an Explosion of our Economy

This is a given, every time we welcome in immigration our economy hits the crapper.

3- Depopulation (ergo- the ISIS attacked that just happened in Paris, France)

This will happen as crime upticks and more ISIS arrives with more bomb threats and terrorist activity.

4 – Our Streets Being Policed, Martial Law Style System initiated for the “Safety” of those in America and eventually Gun Confiscation.

Our government will create the problem of mass immigration, then offer the solution of Safety via policed streets and the removal of our guns.

5- Turn the Problem Internally towards their real target Christians, political dissidents, Conservatives, gun owners, veterans.

Now that the governments have created the problem of “terrorism” through immigration. They can deem the word “terrorist” to mean any internal threat, any political dissident, any christian, any speaking badly agains them, etc.

6- A Shove, If Not Full Implementation Into The New World Order

7- National Identification via biometrics for all (goal 16.9 of UN Sustainable Development Agenda)


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DABOO777 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzRzBV8_bFU


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8 replies

  1. Dahboo also did a video about the “meeting” the CIA had with French Intelligence, but the report says that MOSSAD was also at that meeting. You keep using the the term; “coincidence”, and use your fingers for quotations marks. I need to ask you this, is it JUST a “COINCIDENCE” that you omit that the MOSSAD was also at that meeting? This is SELECTIVE TRUTH!!……WILLFUL ignorance. Why don’t you tell the WHOLE story? It’s easy for you to say that CIA was involved. Why can’t you tell the WHOLE truth? Why do you cover for Israel? Everyone knows that ISIS stands for “Israeli Secret Intelligence Service”.
    Can you answer WHY you omitted Mossad at that meeting?


  2. Here’s Dahboo’s video about Paris meeting; CIA AND MOSSAD.

    BOOM! CIA Director Met with French Security Chief and Mossad Before Paris Attacks


  3. Lisa Matthew 19:24 i can say for sure we may have not meet in person
    we shell meet in are fathers kingdom


  4. Lisa can I share what I researched


  5. We so fine


  6. Israel = Isis-(Amen)Ra El(God)
    Happened when The Liar and Murderer from the beggining, Moses, stripped Egypt of everything including their Gods.
    Jesus a greek name meaning “Hail Zeus” youve got google, use it.
    Bible foundation legal document giving “Authority” to the crown/vatican.
    Chrstianity = rehashed Paganism.
    Sun of God = catholc.
    Son of Man = True christian.


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