Insider Leaks Major New Intel About ISIS’s Location and How To Survive What’s Coming!


By Lisa Haven

Clinton Insider, Larry Nichols— the man who exposed numerous Clinton scandals including Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater and others—shares some of the most critical, crucial, and concise information about ISIS’s attack strategies, the location of their home base (which have never before been shared), their endgame, and how to protect your family from the coming terrorist infiltration.  This information will not only blow your mind wide open, but it will also reveal a real solution, if we work together. Please, please don’t miss this vital report…

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Whether America survives whats ahead will be determined by multiple factors, but none of those are more imperative than the spirit of the America people believing strongly in her exceptionalism and that she’s worth saving. In fact one of the biggest enemies we face is apathy and we can no longer sit back and allow it to rule over our lives.

It won’t be easy and it will take every ounce of energy we’ve got, but if we are determined then I do believe there is hope for this once great Land!

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7 replies

  1. I listened to your interview up to the point that he basically said that “terrorists’ did 911. If he STILL thinks that, he’s covering for someone!! In my eyes, he has lost all his credibility, if in fact he ever had any.

    I saw something about Monica Lewinsky in Larry’s profile. Did he ever say that she is the daughter of a Jewish rabbi? I seriously doubt it. That “affair” wasn’t happenstance; it was planned.

    As far as ISIS goes, there is SO MUCH evidence out there that shows they are a creation of CIA/Mossad/MI6, it’s pathetic. To ignore it is nothing less than WILLFUL ignorance. In fact it appears that a lot more countries are involved, INCLUDING RUSSIA!


  2. ISIS have no chance with any city in u.s theres millions of us you think we gone to let these idots bring that nonsense here I dont think so. Compton long beach watts englewood and the whole west will give isis a run for their 600.00 a month checks. If chicago residents was not killing each other they would of been a good city to defend themselves. Just get a shot gun or two from dicks sporting good hide them away from the kids and enjoy the show good luck.


  3. Maybe Larry Nichols needs to watch the YouTube titled 911 Coincidences… anyone with an ounce of brains should be able to figure out who was behind 9/11 and it certainly wasn’t 19 Arab hijackers armed with box cutters… does Project for the New American Century ring a bell…


    • @jpabbey7
      Exactly right, Zionist Neo-Cons. They wrote about needing a “New Pearl Harbor” one year prior to 911.
      (Darth Vader Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, William Kristol,etc..)


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