What They Plan To Do To Americans!!! And Why It’s Crucial You Know About It….


By Lisa Haven

“…the battlefield may no longer be limited to regions afar, but may include the U.S. homeland.”

That is the unnerving quote found in a government study titled, Unconventional Operational Concept and the Homeland.

While America may not yet feel like we are living in the middle of a battlefield, we could very well become caught in the coming battle many are projecting for the the near future…at least that is what the Department of Defense wants citizens to believe.

Considering the United States government has been significantly increasing their training preparations with massive military drills like Jade Helm and the stockpiling of ammo, guns, body armor and the like. The possibility of some type of crisis or police state could become a reality a lot sooner than I would like to believe.

In the video below I cover the real truth staring us all in the fact, that is the fact that they are preparing for something huge domestically, from drills, to executive orders, to reports, to the massive spy system. Their main enemy is not the enemy “within-in.”

Here is the breaking report…

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“…first understand the population within the context of the operational environment and then take meaningful action to effectively influence human behavior toward achieving the desired outcome.” Cognitive Joint Force Entry White Paper pg 4

“More broadly, law enforcement agencies nationwide are concerned about the growth of the “sovereign citizen” movement.  According to one 2014 study, state, local and tribal law enforcement officials considered sovereign citizens to be the top concern of law enforcement, ranking above ISIL and Al Qaeda-inspired extremists.” DOJ, Attorney General John P. Carlin

For More Information See:




(DOD Directive pdf) http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/corres/pdf/302518p.pdf

(Cognitive Joint Force Entry pdf) http://www.soc.mil/AUSA2014/Cognitive%20Joint%20Force%20Entry%20White%20Paper.pdf



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  1. Thanks for speaking up, Lisa. I am very worried right now, knowing what you and I know. God bless you 🙂


  2. Hi Lisa,

    I notice that you have puffiness and dark color under your left eye. You may have a sinus infection that needs attention.. Thank you for all you do and stay well!



  3. Ya may want to see and hear this one also! I’ve warned you about FEMA camps- like the Nazi concentration camps- these FEMA camps are all over the USA.
    Many will be there soon!


  4. “To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    ― Voltaire


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