Breaking! Grave Message Just Issued to Christians By Perry Stone—A Terror Alert About What Is Right Around the Corner and…


By Lisa Haven

With all the commotion and chaos happening with immigration, Islamic terrorism and the economy, Evangelist Perry Stone has just issued a Terror Alert and a Prophetic which shouldn’t be taken lightly. With Christian persecution on the rise, one can no longer turn a blind eye to such travesty. It’s time to act and time to take a stand. When you hear what Perry Stone has to say, you just might make a few changes in your daily activities.

Here is the breaking report…

Here is the Alert in full found on Perry Stone Ministries Facebook Page left December 4th: 

“TERROR ALERT: Since the 1980′s groups of Muslims have been provided finances from their governments (including Morocco) to come to America, getting visas and finding jobs, to eventually participate in an American “Jihad.” They are given a phone number to call.

There are warehouses in all 50 states with weapons, and when “the word” is given, they will be given an address to go to pick up their weaponry, and as one Muslim said, “America will burn.”

When Obama opened the Mexican border numerous Muslims, some speaking Spanish, posing as Mexican immigrants came into America. Obama is demanding to allow Syrians, (98% Muslims) to enter America – with untold numbers who could be possible terror agents.

There are hundreds of sleeper cells, including cells in Knoxville, Tennessee, Lexington, Kentucky and throughout the Southeast, including in the mountains of West Virginia. Recently, two Muslims with Kentucky tags was spotted locally video taping numerous buildings, including churches.

I received a message -connected with the U.S. military, that when a radical leaders says publically, “Last days brothers-last days,” the United States won’t know what hit them! They are targeting places around the holidays.

“It is time to get security in all malls, schools and churches, and visit “Smith and Wesson” and get your conceal and carry permit.

Report suspicious activity, and yes, get a security team that WILL PROFILE individuals when needed. Israel is not afraid to profile anyone at anytime, and this is why they have stopped numerous attacks.

When a knife wielding radical comes toward anyone in Israel, to stab them, they will be shot dead by police or a “packing” Israeli. Christians, get your head out of the sand and realize terror has come to America and it is only beginning.

Benjamin Netanyahu told me, “They will use your laws to get inside the country then use your freedoms against you!”

There is much but I will restrain from sharing it on an open page. Please PREPOST THIS to everyone – to be alert and be in prayer and ask God to expose these ungodly and dangerous individuals – and God bless our MILITARY and GOD BLESS ALL POLICE OFFICERS who are doing their job!

I am counting the days when the incompetent D.C. leadership will be replaced – hopefully with someone who will defend the nation, the Constitution, and stop the non-sense we have endured for 7 years!”

He also issued a Prophecy Alert this morning, December 8th

“PROPHECY ALERT: Will the dollar be replaced? Several years ago a person within inside connections to the Federal Reserve, sent me pictures of a prototype new currency that was being planned in the future for the North American Republic – consisting of Canada, New Mexico and America.

It included all levels of currency (ones, fives, tens, twenties, etc.) with Spanish, English and French words disrobing the amount – readable in the language spoken in all three countries.

There was a blue flag with three stars and bar codes on each bill that could trace how much $ your were carrying through scanners.

With the IMF allowing the Chinese Yuan to be accepted as a global currency to compete with the dollar, China will likely manipulate the interest rates on borrowing to zero and do other “tricks” to make their currency the new global currency to replace the dollar.

Should this occur and the dollar value plummets, look down the road for a new replacement currency within the United States that will connect the three nations mentioned above.

This replacement will also bring all cash that is in hiding to the surface, since the old currency will be replaced – similar to what Germany did with the German Marks in the 1920′s.

Our national debt is so high, that we are one major disaster away from a national crisis. John Kerry accidentally let the words, “North America Republic” slip a few months ago.

I will be showing the currency and giving inside information from IMF bankers about secret plans occurring next year at our Prophecy Conference in April during our “closed door session.”

There are just things I refuse to discuss on Facebook for numerous reasons. Repost this if you wish. Don’t forget I’m preaching at OCI tonight.”


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12 replies

  1. I have no doubt that there are weapons caches all over the USA for insurrection/civil war. But surely this is another CIA false flag plan to destabilize USA/UKJ/EU civilian society to usher in Martial Law & a Police State.
    The creation of The United Nations New World Order Global government by the criminal bankers should be seen for what it is. A paranoid delusion for power & control by psychopaths.
    They can steal our money, they can steal our freedom, they can kill us all but they will still be unhappy with their craven greed in their lonely materialistic world. And then they will attack each other.
    The out of control corporate secret services & the secret societies are fighting for power & control.
    In Syria the old world order (UK/US) and the New World Order (China/Russia) fight for control of the middle east oil fields which will provide the wealth for the future world economy after the dollar crashes.
    In the end the UK/US/EU psycho bankers may have to settle with staying within their own domain, which will be dangerous for us as they are basically fascists.
    The broadcasts of the corporate western main stream media are part of the “Mastering the Human Domain” artificial intelligence repression & control project.
    Know your enemy & make sure everyone else knows what is going on.


    • The existence of the new world order or global governance does not negate the fact that
      Islamo Fascists can and are planning acts of ISLAMIC terrorism on our soil. You can have two enemies at once, Goober. Lack of commonsense (political correctness) is why we are in this mess in the first place.


  2. John 15:18
    If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
    The Hatred of the World
    “If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. “If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you


  3. Yes, USA should not allow Muslims from middle east to enter USA.


  4. All the religions should be revoked. On 21/12/2015 11:02 am, “Almighty God” wrote:

    > Yes, USA should not allow Muslims from middle east to enter USA.


  5. Yea what vison this man of God saw I been seeing a all of vison too, open up your heart and eye people Jesus is coming back so soon repent before it too late you will miss out the rapture of the church.


  6. Time is running out so fast the King of king and Lord of lord give your life and heart to Christ


  7. I really want to understand what you are saying. My sister led me to your site and, honestly, I am relly intreaged. There are some questions I have considering the sounds from space. I know that our Universe has many frequencies of sound we as humans aren’t capable of hearing. My thought to the question is, “Is there a possibility that the sounds are a “Life Force” or the energy “GOD” gives to all as Humans or Animals? It might be simple sounds created by the plates our world moves upon, however, I feel that the connection to the “True GOD”, through Christ, will show we are all connected to the perfect world, or Worlds! Either way, I am just a man looking for answers. Thanks for having compassion. JD


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