Intriguing Interview You’re Going To Want To See: Bible Prophecy, Facebook Censorship, Islam and the 2016 Election!


By Lisa Haven

There are times in our lives where we just need to sit back, relax, have fun, and chat a while. Well this was exactly what I was able to do in an interview I had by The Blast. We discussed everything from Facebook censorship, to the rise of Islam, to Bible prophecy, to who we’re vouching for in the 2016 election! I believe you’ll find it not only informative but fun and exciting! Don’t miss this interesting report…





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3 replies

  1. once again Lisa Haven demonstrates why she is such a jewel. she has a very keen insight normally seen in much older people. 


  2. the beast will come out of the Europe with the false prophet which is the counterfeit christianity


  3. Lisa, you are a God-send! Been watching your site for awhile, and I love you as a Sister in Christ.


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