Is Civil War Coming? If Not Then Why Is This Happening… I’m Ticked!


By Lisa Haven

So how close are we to a civil uprising, revolution, or coup here in America? According to a latest poll put out out by YouGov 29% of American’s support a military Coup that would seize control of the federal government. It also revealed that Republicans are twice as likely then Democrats to support the coup.

With that in mind, how close are we really to some sort of civil uprisings? Well, do I begin with the fact that our government is secretly preparing for all hell to break loose by doing massive military drills across the nation? Or do I begin with the fact that the US government is supporting a UN Arms Treaty putting major limitations on our guns? Or do I start with the fact that our government has documentation creating FEMA camps and preparing our soldiers for martial law? Or the fact that they issued a bulletin attacking patriots? Or? Or? Or? The list is almost endless! Maybe this is the reason why 29% of American’s are so upset with what is happening in our government. After all I’m not happy with them either. That said, I can’t help but ask the question of how close are we to a second civil war here in America?

In the video below I delve though all that and more! I discuss whats happening in Oregon as 150+ militia members and patriots stand in stark opposition to what the Feds are doing to the Hammond’s, I show how President Obama promises to add restrictions to guns this January and a chilling House Resolution that should needs to go viral! Please don’t miss this critical report…

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6 replies

  1. I guess they dont want us to know about the Oregon Ranch and whats going on there as the video cut off when you told the part about when they purchased it in 1994 then no sound???If Its on Before Its News I can find it and watch it seems strange this happened as BIG BROTHER is stopping a lot of truthful videos…thanks I will try to see it some other way…


    • If this were the Bush era the media would be plastering it everywhere and saying what an evil man Bush is. Now……..silence so quiet you can hear a pin drop.


  2. Good job, Lisa Haven.
    I recently posted this on my open-to-public-viewing Facebook page “Roy Perlmutter”:
    “In God We Trust
    His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven
    The Bundy brothers action in Oregon was planned by God as a pilot demonstration program for Americans to take back their country and is under His protection as you have already been told here:
    Our Father in Heaven prefers that Obama and his Satanic New World Order Elite Globalist puppeteers fail in their attempt to exterminate hundreds of millions of Americans as hinted at by the Georgia Guidestones. Any media or politicians who persist in supporting Obama’s Satanic provocations to American Civil War 2, poisoning the food air and water, stealing rightful landowners’ property through sly deceitful government abuses or the imposition of a military police state will suffer the wrath of God Himself.
    America’s survival intact during this time period hangs in the balance and depends on millions of Americans waking up and standing up for God and country. God is not committed to preserving America intact as we know it today unless many millions of Americans promptly repent of long-term deep national sin and quickly take appropriate action.
    This applies to particular new alternative media stars whose careers may have just peaked if they do not repent as well as nearly every US government official and the old dying US media networks ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox and CNN which have declined to nothing other than fascist mouthpieces.
    It will not end well for those who continue to rebel against God.”


  3. God bless Lisa Haven.


  4. What they will do is wait till we have a Republican as President probably Trump then let hell unleash so everyone will blame it on him then the martial law top down government will happen.

    Google or Joogle is now a censorship tool where unless you search for positive articles on Obama you get old results 5 years or more out of date.

    Since the government shut down in 2012 Google has been out of touch with reality in their results and now most search engines are powered by Google including Start Page.

    Google now uses *Watson AI* for their search engine which you should see the Watson VS Jeopardy documentary.


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