Top Bank Issues Cataclysmic Warning To American’s About Whats Going To Happen In the US Soon!


By Lisa Haven

By now your ears are tirelessly ringing by the repeated conversations of a coming economic crisis spoken of by top economists, alternative news sources, and your every day average joe. The talks have gotten so excessive that when one hears the term “crisis” they no longer grasp the impacts it will have when it finally does make its lasting blow.

The truth is, it is going to hit, and when it does, it will have catastrophic effects on our economy. 

In fact the 20th largest bank in the entire world, Royal Bank of Scotland, has just urged investors to “Sell everything” and that “2016 is going to be a cataclysmic year for the economy.”

With warnings like these one can’t help but ponder the idea that the economic crisis is truly right around the corner, if not already here, especially considering the latest 1,500 drop in the DOW just in 2016 alone.

Here is more on this breaking report…

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  1. We are 100 years from when Russia had its social revolution and it entered the world into the First World War because the Germans didn’t want the Russians pushing their Marxist ways onto Europe.

    After the Bolshevik Russian Jews took political Communist Control over Russia and the Bolshevik Jew controlling Rothchilds world bank brought on the great global market crash that took down the global economy leading to the Great Depression,  Germany, under Hitler leadership, again went after all Jews because he blamed all jews for the Bolshevik global economic financial crisis.

    That is why President FDR put such strict restrictions and regulations on the bank industry in US economic policy by imposing the Glass and Steagall Act which is responsible for stabilizing the bank and financial system for 70 years until President bill Clinton removed and changed policy in 1999 which was why there was a global financial crisis in 2009.

    Isn’t it interesting to see history repeat itself all over again. With all the attacks on the constitution and stirring up the idea of building resistance,  the Social Revolution is being prepared for a this war in the US, today.


  2. Riots and mayhem! Just one more reason why Americans are posed with this challenge:


  3. Check out the trailor for this movie coming out in May:


  4. Wow!! They are definitely giving us all a big hint… changes everything !!


    • Just like the big crash in 1929 and the depression that followed, it was a designed crisis to allow for FDR to implement his socialist economic policies onto Americans, which moved America out of the Capitalist society, into a Right Wing Socialist Society.

      Now that we are a true Socialist society, the next crash will be to introduce America into policy that will be well known Communist rule and dictating martial law control over society.

      To Master over the Human Domain!!!



  1. NESARA- REPUBLIC NOW – GALACTIC NEWS | ronaldwederfoort

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