Russian Scientists Predict Winner of 2016 Election: You Won’t Believe Who They Say

By Lisa Haven

As we near the November 8th presidential election deadline more and more organizations, insiders, and intel is being shared about who just might win this years election.

Recently the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute for World Economy and International Relations published their foreign policy forecast. In it they predicted who they believe would win this years 2016 US Presidential Election.

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  1. I dont know if you put it all together, about the sale of uranium one, a North America mining operations that had been sold to Russia. 

    The sale would not happened without approval by the state department signing off on the deal. Mrs Clinton is that state department official who signed and she had monies contributed into her Campaign fund from the deal.

    Remember the Hammond and Other ranchers out west. The mineral that are identified in the soil was rich in mercury, URANIUM and other valuable resources. 

    The stories are connected!!!

    Below article, said Jeb Bush is also being investigated.

    The US Government has taken 280 million acres from private farm owners during Obama’s reign. 

    A government that does not reallocate this land and retains it, is an example of how a nation becomes communist, were the people will no longer have a right to gain or possess private property as written as the peoples right in the US Constitution! !!!

    I wanted to share this We the People petition with you:



  1. Russian Scientists Predict Winner of 2016 Election: You Won’t Believe Who They Say – Decode the information

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