Economic Crisis and an Extraordinary Vision From God About America’s Fate, It’ll Rock Your Core…


By Lisa Haven

If you have never heard the term “we are living in the latter days”–a term that prophecies about a time period that will occur at the very end of our age—then it’s about time you’ve become well acquainted with the words. Because we are living in the latter days, and we are the generation that will witness prophetic fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.

I strongly urge you to watch the video below in its entirety. In it I delve though how the Biblical end times are truly coming to pass. Furthermore I discuss the economic crisis that is surrounding us, along with a vision that God gave to a man in the middle of the night that will literally send chills down your spine as you discover where the economic crisis just might lead. 

Please, Please don’t miss this URGENT report…

(If you want to watch only the vision, it begins at about the 40 minute mark)

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“‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your young men shall see visions, Your old men shall dream dreams. And on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days; And they shall prophesy.” Acts 2:17-18

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6 replies

  1. Classic Lisa Haven! Wow! The dream left me breathless! Thank you, Lisa! I can confirm almost all of it! The Russians in the Ukraine have been using mobile Incinerators/crematoriums do on-the-spot incinerate all Russian soldiers who die in the conflict – to get ride of all evidence where Russian soldiers were illegally in the Ukraine. Photos of these Incinerators are on the Internet. Regarding the dream, these could be Russian or Russian allied soldiers in America under a UN Trojan Horse covering. Already bivouacked in the national forests where it is now a felony to fly over so they will not be seen. The foreign-privatized prisons lately calling for 150,000 additional staff in the US – will be staffed by mostly those with little or no allegiances who speak English as a second language. LISTEN: FROM THE TIME YOUR LAND LINE PHONE GOES OUT IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD, YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO GET OUT OF THERE! Put the cellphone on a dog or cat and get out! An “Uncharged” phone still has a second battery the police can find you with in 9 seconds.


  2. Regarding the buses in the dream: White UN buses are all over America! Some are hidden at the two crematorium sites near Mist, Oregon, and Goat Mountains, Oregon, calibrated to cremate 84,000 people a day. In New York, the FEMA plan is to put children on trains and buses where they will go to “Safety.” Meanwhile, UPS planes have been unloading “refugees” – who knows what else – at night into a dozen or more buses at a time. Completely bypassing airport security and transferring from planes to buses.


  3. Lisa has a radio broadcast now! You can subscribe right to her site Honey! Love, Jon


  4. TPTB, every year, send us a “message” through the Superbowl event.
    Not only are things “revealed” in the halftime show, which is basically a RITUAL,but also the WHOLE thing is to tell us what they are gonna do THIS YEAR.
    This thing is VERY carefully planned out, from the date, to the location, to the teams that will be playing, (YES, that’s rigged) to key words they use in promoting it. It all paints a picture, and for those with eyes to see, it is a MESSAGE of their plans for the coming year.
    The word, “JUBILEE” is the word they are tossing around with this one, as it is the 50th anniversary of SB.
    Jubilee is DEBT FORGIVENESS, and that I believe is the message this year.
    Jubilee is talked about in the Torah. (linked to Satanic Judaism)
    The game is being played at “LEVI” Stadium. Levi was the priestly tribe in the Torah. (Another Jewish link)
    TPTB, the Jewish bankers of the ‘City of London’ practice Satanic Judaism, and the bend and distort true Bible and add their “traditions of men”.
    World debt is SO massive, it can never be repaid. This was intentional.This coming year, I believe their will be massive defaults in debts of nations. It’s these bankers that control it all, They are Satanic and are just like their father the devil. All the do it STEAL, KILL, And DESTROY..
    So remember these 2 words, “DEBT FORGIVENESS” I believe this will come into play in 2016. This is their SB message.
    On the surface, doesn’t it sound great; our debt forgiven!!
    But these Satanic Talmudic Jews believe that non’Jews were ONLY created to serve them, the SUPERIOR race! So put two and two together. What would they want in return for forgiving our debt?
    Jess doesn’t call them the “SynaGOGue of Satan” for nothing!


  5. Lisa, I really believe are are being forthright, when you say you only want TRUTH. But you see, Lisa, the truth has been kept in the dark. You have to go digging if you want it.
    You are a Christian, right? Does Sharia Law concern you as a Christian?
    What if I told you there IS another set of laws that wants YOUR HEAD if you are a follower of Jesus? Would that concern you? It should, because there IS ANOTHER set of laws that were passed in 1991, called Noahide Law. This isn’t rumor. Have you ever heard about it on the networks that tell you all about Sharia, which IS NOT on our books? There’s a reason for that, Lisa. It’s what they DON’T want you to know!! It’s what the OTHER hand is up to!! The Islamic threat is a distraction. The REAL threat is Satanic Judaism, which is the religion of the people that rule the world. Once the Moslems are no longer “useful”, they will be destroyed too.
    This link is to a letter, written by a Congressman, who was on the House floor the day that law was voted in, and later signed into law by PAPPY BUSH. When/ if, Martial Law is declared, and the Constitution suspended, this is what takes it’s place, Noahide Law.
    The title of this letter is “Now They Can Kill Christians”. Lisa, if you are REALLY in search for truth, you need to learn about Noahide Law. It’s what’s for dinner!! Is truth worth 30 minutes of your time?


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