CIA Declassifies Top Secret UFO Documents In Response To X-Files TV Series—What They Reveal May Shock You!


By Lisa Haven

As Chris Carters long awaited old hit television series, X-Files comes back to life in 2016, it airs with more controversy then ever before bringing to life real conspiracies of a United Nations takeover, government spy grids, chemtrails, police militarization, FEMA camps, a secret elite ruling class, electromagnetic frequency waves, and much more.

As a result the X-Files series is becoming an overnight sensation as people are starting to wake up to the corruption that attacks us on a daily basis. The CIA has joined in on the action by highlighting ten declassified documents about real cases of UFO encounters in response to the X-Files airing. The ones they choose to highlight are fascinating, but one must as the question, “why would our corrupt CIA do such a thing?”

The video reveals all that and more! Here’s the breaking report….

For More Information See:


Lone Gunmen Episode X-Files-


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  1. Hey! Thanks for all that you do. By the way, do you know happened to A confirmation email from them disappeared from my account as I was re-reading it today, and I couldn’t find the website in a web search today. Thanks for letting me know!


  2. The CIA (Crooks in Action) wants the Blue Bean Project to be a success. The anti-Christ lands at the Vatican in a UFO, and the fake rapture when the reptilians take people away in a UFO. The anti-Christ will be so illumined that people will think it is Jesus! Thank you for your great reporting, Lisa, and God bless you.


  3. hello, it sems I am finally reaching the lower levels of the countless rabbit holes i have dove down head first the past couple years and in a all out top priority consuming almost all my waking hous the past year as i am unfortunate/fortunate enough to be able to do with all hours of every day whatever i choose to considerint I became an unfortunate casulty of this pharmaceutical/psychological operation of poisoning the body/mind and creating disharmony which led me to every mental illness diagnoses known to mankind, finally a massive drug addiction issue from which no doctor could give me the simpke answers/help I demanded. and ironically is also the problem/issue which led me to finally realize it was time to self educate-outthink and lead my doctors by the their hand to prescribe the treatments i needed/wanted them to give me to allow me to escape their all out assault of shoving countless prescriptions of psych poisons down my throat for more than a decade, 4-5 psych scripts 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AA is less than 10% and wants to force u to believe that once an addict u must always call yourself an addict even if 40 years clean. force labeling sets them up to fail as they alwasy see themselves as broken, defective, less than, diseased b/c the medical industry deterkbed addiction is a disease which is total bullshit. call it a disease so they can rake in countless billions in pharmaceutical profits each year pushing increasingly addictive drugs on them under the guise of treatments. come on!!! wake up people. anyway, sorry for my abnormal rant and writing of a novel but for whatever reason i felt compelled to just spill the beans after viewing your site. hope to hear back from u and maybe form some kinf of communication line as your site seems to resonate more so than others. finally i apologize if i bored u with my never ending story. i think its important that people hear first hand accounts of peopkes sufferings and misery caused by these evil so called elite bastards. maybe hearing someone story and how they overcame themselves to escape the torment and find some truth and relief when he decides to take back control of his life experience. so thankyou for listening


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