Threat of Nuclear Attack Gets Real Says Pentagon Chief: Alerts Broadcast Worldwide! What Do They Know That We Don’t?


By Lisa Haven

The threat of nuclear war has always been a constant looming thought in the back of our minds, however more recently William Perry, a former US defense secretary who worked in the Pentagon from 1994 to 1997, stated that, “the probability of a nuclear calamity is higher today then it was during the cold war. A new danger has been rising in the past three years and that is the possibility there might be a nuclear exchange between the United States and Russia … brought about by a substantial miscalculation, a false alarm.”

Simply put, we are living in a time where the threat of a nuclear attack is real. Things are getting heated and mock nuclear bomb alerts are being broadcast worldwide. From Europe to America, these alerts are becoming more viral.

Here is more on this breaking report…

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For More Information See:

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  1. Given the high tech asymmetric technologies used to wage war these days, a nuclear strike is but one of many possible events which could cause the activation of the Emergency Alert system. There are many possibilities. Tesla demonstrated long ago how to cause an earthquake using electro-magnetic energy, for example. Soviet/Russian physics scientists long ago perfected this technology. Other nations have this technology as well. There are all kinds of chemical, biological, radiological, nanotech technologies, and combinations there of, that have been “weaponized”. Then there are the “silent weapons for quiet wars”, broadcast frequencies used to manipulate and control moods, degrade thought processes, or actually cause people to do things they would not ordinarily do. Its not science fiction.


  2. Discovered this on YouTube a day or so ago. Its about another possible “event” which could be coming!

    Do not be deceived by this information!


  3. Man can Prep all they want, be prepared all they want and spend a life’s savings to try to survive a nuclear war or natural disaster. The one truth is that no material wealth can save you if your time on this Blue Marble is up. I would not really want to see what happens after such an event or be amongst the last living souls on an apocalyptic planet. I would rather die in the first strike and be moved into the arms of Jesus.
    We would be the fortuate ones by not having to live in a post apocalyptic world..
    I prey to God that I may live my life to its fullest before such an event takes place.
    But in this world of hatred and war for power and greed what can you look forward to..
    Just be happy and try to enjoy your living days here on earth..
    Love each other, share that love, show compassion to others.
    And also Pray for the well being of this Planet and the future generations that will inherit the mess we have created..


    • I don’t pray for this planet. My prayers go to my GOD, the Father of Jesus, The Christ. Am not a Mother Earth, or a GAIA, worshipper. There will be no future generations once the 3rd World War occurs, and if GOD doesn’t step in to stop the carnage, no human being will be saved. Am commanded to be “sober minded” by my GOD, which is what my comment reflects. I put no faith in MAN, nor his creations, because they have caused the “…mess…” as you state.


  4. “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places; all this is the beginning of the sufferings.” (Matthew 24:7,8,RSV,1952)


  5. For what its worth, the US house of congress foreign affairs committee passed a resolution today, H.R. 121 accusing Russia and the government of Syria of war crimes and crimes against humanity for their role in the war in Syria, and called for a UN backed war crimes tribunal to address these violations of international law. The hypocrisy is so blatant its sickening!


  6. Things like this have happened before, The mistake was found before any missiles were launched.
    The airforce has also lost a few atom bombs. There is still an H bomb in a swamp in North Carolina that fell out of a B-52 by accident.
    Are you ready to appear at the pearly gates in Heaven now? If You are not , you better do something about it right now! You might be there tomorow.


    • Have been “prepared” to meet the Lord for quite some time. What is going on in the world today was foretold, and what has gone on up to now, and what is going to happen, have NEVER happened before, just as it is written. This is the foretold “time of trouble”. Most people are unaware of what’s coming. They continue eating, drinking, partying, marrying, etc., just like the time before the flood came and destroyed them all. Are you really ready?


    • Am ready to meet the Lord, yes, but what is going on today has NEVER happened in the way it is now, nor shall it ever happen again! The “time of trouble is upon this world but, most people just keep on eating, drinking, and giving in marriage, and will do so right up to the end, just as the true prophets foretold.


  7. War and rumors of war sure are prevalent today, aren’t they? North Korea’s infamous leader has, allegedly, told his nuclear forces to be ready to fire. Japan and South Korea are conducting huge joint military exercises with the US forces there. Huge military activities are being conducted by US forces in the South China Sea. Reports are warning of possible “dirty bomb” attacks which could occur because some nuclear materials have gone missing. Military forces are massing on both the southern and northern borders of Syria, as well as in western Ukraine. Forces from, and allied with, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are ready to invade Syria. Saudi Arabia and allied forces are threatening to “test” a nuclear weapon. Russia has warned it will use tactical nukes, if necessary, to stop the Turkish and Saudi forces. Syria’s communications have been blacked out. Cyber warfare is ongoing. Syria ceasefire was a diversion as the “green light” has been given for the invasion plans to commence. US has test fired two of its nuclear missiles recently. Civil wars are going on in cities and states in South America and in Africa, Many people are without food in the capital of Venezuela. Civil unrest, or low level civil war, is ongoing in Europe. A war of words, or information warfare, is ongoing in the West, and the mainstream news media is basically conducting a news blackout concerning much of this. You ready?


  8. The plans for the invasion of Syria have been given the “green light”! LOOK OUT!


  9. US Gives The Green Light In The Middle East, Plans Are In Motion – Episode 909b


  10. It is useful at this point to consult Dmitri Duduman and others who have seen the route of Russia coming across the Atlantic to the USA, with nuclear-missile submarines. Following the nuclear confrontations, the remnant America will be divided into ten regions and these within four regions. Remember, regionalism is almost always a Marxist term and entire Marxist books are written just on Regions and Regionalism. It is best the remaining Jews in North America aliyah now!


  11. If the US doesn’t use nw ,there will be no nw. The problem pentagon wants to attack China/Russia/Nk/Iran with nw. These countries will retaliate with nw .



  1. Threat of Nuclear Attack Gets Real Says Pentagon Chief: Alerts Broadcast Worldwide! What Do They Know That We Don’t? – The EagleStar Flash

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