World Governments Just Issued War Against…You Won’t Believe Who and How They Are Doing It!


By Lisa Haven

The United Nations governments of the world have just issued all out war against families. In a report I put out in February I explained how the US Department of Education and the US Health and Human Services Department are entertaining the idea, via a draft document,  in which they plan on forcing parents interaction with their children by conducting interviews with their children, enforcing home visits, parenting classes, and analyzing families by assigning them with a “family engagement specialist” who can turn you into CPS at any moment. This is an outright invasion of not only our privacy, but our rights as parents.

Think it wont happen? It already is. Currently the United Kingdom is initiating this EXACT same concept of “community raring up of children.” They are in the process of quizzing children to find out what problems exist in their families and assigning “specialists” to their homes. Furthermore these “specialists” are to inspect any non-school activity as well including children activities is extra curricular activities, including church.

Please, Please don’t miss this report, it’s critical to all parents, grandparents, or those who plan on having children. Here’s the breaking report….

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For More Information See:

Draft (pdf) –


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  1. The UN “world” governments can go to hell, and in fact, this is exactly where they’re all headed because WW3 is coming!

    Over 120 nations are now engaged in conducting some of the largest military exercises they have ever conducted, yet Western media has a blackout on these exercises!


  2. Anyone here read Freemason Albert Pike’s letter in which he described how 3 world wars would be fomented by the “agentur” of the “Illuminati”? WW1 and WW2 occurred for the exact reasons he wrote in that letter! WW3 is on the verge of occurring for the exact reasons he wrote in that letter, and according to that letter the nations the make up the “United Nations” are being constrained to fight, on one side or the other, to the point of complete physical, moral, spiritual and economical exhaustion! Saudi Arabia, once one of the wealthiest nations on earth, today had to ask for a multi-billion dollar loan! How many nations economies are collapsing, or have collapsed, including the nations of Greece, Spain, France, Venezuela, Haiti, Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Poland, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, China, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Norway, etc., etc.? Not many nations involved in the UN have escaped having to provide physical, moral, and spiritual aide in one form or another as they are forced to support either the political Zionists or the Islamic/Moslem Arabic World.


  3. The “nations” are not united, they are divided, and they are being “deconstructed” by the West!


  4. “The United Nations governments of the world have just issued all out war against families”

    Ms. Haven, you are totally living in the real world and letting people know what the hell is going on. This is vital and truthful information. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  5. (Mat 24:19) And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!

    Just thought I’d quote someone who knows better than I do. My opinion is not as important.


  6. The United Nation’s Global Straightjacket
    by Joan Veon (Author)

    This is a handbook on world government which is also known as “the New World Order,” a phrase first used by President George Bush in 1990.

    I am asking that world government and New World Order be linked. When I first started reading about the “New World Order” I had no idea that it was world government…no one ever made the connection for me. We have to explain that they are one in the same.

    Many Americans know or feel somthing is very wrong, but are not able to put their finger on the problem. This book will help them to connect the dots – politically, economically, and environmentally. “Global Straitjacket” will explain the Hegelian Dialectic, “reinventing government,” public-private partnerships and how it replaces the Constitution, “globalization,” the move toward a world stock market and a cashless society, an international criminal court which transcends national boundaries, and much more. Above all it will provide the reader with an understanding of the governmental aspects of the United Nations and how its power transcends from the international to the local level, all with the blessings of our federal government.

    Joan Veon writes: “Jesus Christ was born into world government. The early church certainly understood the rules of Rome and worked around and through it without becoming part of it or adding to it. In contrast, the end-time church is going into world government without knowing or understanding its agenda, and therefore blind as to how to stand in the gap.”

    Above all, this book is a call to stand in the gap which is our God-given mandate – and the bottom line to our total existence and Christian call!


  7. Joan Veon died 2010 from cancer.
    She visited a UN Conference in Vienna in Austria – the old capital of the HABSBURG EMPIRE.

    Joan Veon was a good friend of New Zealand author “John D. Christian” who wrote the following books about Prince Charles:


    you can download this 2 books from “”

    By the way, the website of Joan Veon,, is no longer availabe. But when you search “JOAN VEON” by any search engine, you will get a huge bunch of information what she also has written and what others have written aobut her research.

    martin lauchenauer 🙂
    switzerland 🙂

    PS: John D. Christian also wrote a thick book about “The Hidden Dangers of the Alpha Course” and the “LIGHT BULB MAFIA.”

    You can receive a link to those books from where you can download them, if you write to me at


  8. The UN and NATO are now, officially, in control of the US military. Authorization to wage war anywhere in the world, and to target “non-combatants”, i.e. those involved in non-violent dissent against policies and procedures now being implemented, including anyone living on the North American continent, comes from “international permissions”, bypassing Congress. Global governance is here, now. The continent of North America has been divided into seven regions, which are part of ten global geographic regions. These ten global regions are organized under the control of seven technical councils comprising ten technical divisions within the IEEE, which promotes the development and application of electronic technologies and related sciences for the benefit of humanity. All of this is under the management of a separate organization, the IEEE-USA, which creates and implements policies and procedures benefiting the members of the world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, the IEEE, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Look it up! The IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) took place in Seattle, Washington, Oct. 8 thru 11, 2015. Funny how none of this is mentioned by ANY of the MEDIA, now, isn’t it! A “humanitarian” is one who believes in the “…doctrine that Jesus Christ was merely a man and not divine.” Humanitarianism is defined as, “The distinctive tenet denying the divinity of Christ; also, the system of doctrine based upon this view of Christ. (Definitions from The Great Readers Digest Encyclopedic Dictionary, 1966, and Webster’s New International Dictionary, 1928, respectively)


    • Like their predecessor Fourth Century Arians, the Jehovah Witnesses also believe Jesus was just a man. This is why the traditional Catholic Church called Mary the Mother of God, because hundreds of thousands of fourth century Arians were calling her mother of just a man. This comes under the heading of Naturalism. Marxism advances naturalism. Marxism includes socialism. Radical socialist revolutionary Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his Rules for Radicals to Lucifer, used naturalism as a smokescreen but was into the supernatural as much as his Russian influence, Blavatsky.


  9. The UN, NATO, and the policies and procedures being implemented by the IEEE through global governance are aimed directly at making it illegal to discriminate between that which is righteous, and that which is not unrighteous. One example of a human activity that is considered unrighteous is homosexuality, which is considered a “defiling passion” according to the Holy Bible, RSV, 1952. The IEEE prohibits discrimination, harassment, and bullying against any person for any reason—for example, because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual or affectional orientation (homosexuality), gender identity, appearance, matriculation, political affiliation, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

    See IEEE Policies, Section 9.27 – IEEE Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment (PDF, 45 KB) for the complete Policy.

    By making it illegal to discriminate in a variety of situations, too numerous to go over here, with regard to any of these “protected classes”, especially when it comes to those engaging in highly immoral or amoral human activities that are denounced, called “sin”, and forbidden according by Laws of God, and which are opposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, ANYONE who attempts to truthfully respect these Laws and the teachings of Christ, are being overruled and marginalized. More importantly, those individuals, parents, and families who attempt to follow these God given Laws concerning righteous human conduct, written in the Old and New Testaments of true versions of the Holy Bible, are being forced to accept ungodly, unholy, and defiling human conduct, as well as associate with who support and do these things, through the enforcement of policies and procedures mandated by the UN, NATO, and the associates of the IEEE. Those who dissent, especially those who adhere to true Christian principles and doctrine of Christ, are being purposefully discriminated against! They are being isolated and targeted by those who practice and preach the doctrine of humanitarianism, which as I’ve previously noted is opposed to the doctrine of Christ. Now you know who are “…of the spirit of antichrist…”.


  10. Correction! It should read at the end of the first sentence, “…that which is unrighteous…”, NOT “…that which is not unrighteous…”. Please take note.


  11. The Constitution of the IEEE is now the de-facto Constitution of North America, along with the rest of the world’s ten regions!


  12. The bombings in Turkey yesterday, false flag or real, have now given the Turkish government justification to go after “anyone” who dissents, and not just violent dissenters, but non-violent dissenter’s as well. Martial Law has basically been declared in Turkey now, and military police are going door to door arresting anyone who has expressed dissenting points of view, especially those who advocate using violence. Increasingly violent actions between religious/political factions in the US, whether manufactured or real, will lead to the same situation here. Those having websites or web addresses expressing dissenting points of view who advocate using violence, will be targeted first. Non-violent dissenter’s will be next.


  13. DEMOGRAPHIC ROLLER COASTER RIDE! At the criminal UN the criminal billionaires fund all sides of a Committee to get their way. Let us not forget Stalin was gifted the UN and it is easy to understand the Red Margaret Sanger mentality. To make the cashless world govt economy work, the global pop. cannot exceed 2.5 billion – the idealistic Georgie Guide Stones (GS acronym for George Soros) put that figure at 500 million. Sothe War on Population is now on MULTIPLE FRONTS! Pop.control measures of abortion, euthanasia, samesex, homosexuality, profiteering wars, ISIS, and now the direct assault on the family. Remember: The global cashless economy won’t work and cannot be implemented, until the pop. is at least down to 2.5 billion, and the global cashless economy computer three stories underground in Brussels is configured not to exceed this (as influenced by secular Club of Rome findings).





  1. World Governments Just Issued War Against…You Won’t Believe Who and How They Are Doing It! – The EagleStar Flash

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