Elite Hold Secret Meeting To… They’re Extremely Nervous About What’s Ahead! Prophecy Explodes As Obama Plots to Divide Jerusalem

By Lisa Haven

The elite are in a raging panic and nervous about what is happening here in America. So much so, that they are planning additionally secret meetings to discuss our fate and how they can prevent the American voice from being heard. They want to suppress our freedom and shut us up for good and they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal.

In the video below I discuss these meetings and their agenda. I furthermore reveal who is enemy number one to the Globalists and how Obama want to divide Jerusalem before he leaves office…if he leaves office. All that and more! Please don’t miss this critical report…

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  1. People such as yourself are falling for the FALSE, and/or man-made bible prophecy, based on MISINTERPRETED scripture. “They” are MIMICKING bible prophecy, and most of churchanity see it as the REAL thing.

    In Rev. 11, the Bible calls Jerusalem spiritual “Sodom and Egypt”. Doesn’t sound like a “holy” city to me!l

    Do you know WHO the ULTIMATE “divider” of Jerusalem is? That would be none other than JESUS CHRIST, Himself!!

    When He came the first time, He divided it SPIRITUALLY. Some of the Jews excepted Him as the Messiah, but most did not. Spiritually speaking, He turned Jerusalem upside down. It was divided BY JESUS. That was His first coming.

    But when He returns the second time, He will divide it in EVERY sense of the word. The Bible tells us that when His feet touch down on the Mount of Olives, Jerusalem will be split in half. He will LITERALLY divide Jerusalem. Do you think God the Father will be upset at His Son for LITERALLY dividing Jerusalem? I don’t think so!!
    It is such a shame that most “Christians” today have reduced the Word of God to be a glorified deed for land!!

    The Bible says that the earth is God’s FOOTSTOOL!! I believe Jerusalem would be included in that!!

    “They” are using their PUPPETS such as Obama to carry out THEIR MAN-MADE version of Bible prophecy. They are going to great lengths to portrait Obama as being the AC, and most are falling for it!


  2. A morning view of the last days of America and the beginning of the Tribulation.
    Keep up your great incite into Bible Prophecy relating to Jesus Christ return to
    take away His born again children and the falling away of all nations.



  1. Elite Hold Secret Meeting To… They’re Extremely Nervous About What’s Ahead! Prophecy Explodes As Obama Plots to Divide Jerusalem – The EagleStar Flash

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