Political Dissidents Round-Up Soon? If Not Then Why Did This Just Happen?


By Lisa Haven

According to HSLDA’s, Michael Farris, “America has moved from a free country to a “Semi-Free Country?” We have officially gone down the latter! With the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and the mass monitoring of U.S. citizens phone records, emails, and internet sites; we are now considered only somewhat free. Wake up America!

The way our country is headed American patriots will be on the endangered species list, and with the passage of the NDAA our government is operating with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and allowing the military unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate its patriots with impunity. Including detaining them indefinitely without cause. Wake up America!

Bills have been signed and gun restrictions laws are being put into place, and the government will eventually begin their implementation of gun confiscation. This is the key step which will precede this impending holocaust. The populace must be rendered defenseless in order for this administration to carry out its plan. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all enforced it, and now the Obama is meeting with communist dictator Raul Castro of Cuba. Wake up America!

What are the two of them discussing and why on earth would Obama converse with someone who openly imprisons and kills political dissidents? A communist? Was his plan to force Cuba’s leader to release all who were impressed wrongly? Absolutely NOT! Instead it was to set aside old grievances and move on! This should outrage every American alive! Wake Up America….


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  1. Most Americans are asleep. Its sad.


  2. “we are now considered only somewhat free. Wake up America!”

    Lisa most thinking people have known this for a long time now. America has been sold down the river quite a while ago. But thanks for your effort and caring. I know you are a Christian, but unblock your tender ears (God bless your for your goodness) for a second and listen to 3 minutes of George Carlin on our current situation. Worth your while.


  3. Thought you might like to know. Bob H


  4. Its obvious, now, where this nation, and the world, is headed, and its not a “good” place. Please read the letter written by Albert Pike about how “they” would foment a 3rd World War between the “political Zionists” and the “Islamic nations” in the “Moslem Arabic World”. Its happening right now! Yesterday, the words “Global War” were words “they” used on the mainstream news more than once! The intensity of this global war was ramped up significantly by the “events” which occurred yesterday in Brussels. The war rhetoric between these two sides reached a high level yesterday, much higher than its been until now! On top of this, the nations of the world are being manipulated into providing physical, moral, spiritual, and economic support to fight in this 3rd World War, which is causing these nations to collapse along all these lines! As this is happening, “agents”, human and artificial, using social and news media are in the process of fomenting a global social conflict by promoting nihilism and atheism all over the world. Social media is rampant with nihilists and atheists! Just yesterday I saw an add for the Freedom From Religion Foundation on CNN, which supports the secular, agnostic, and atheist point of view! There are many alternative news outlets, and hosts, that support this way of thinking, and some hosts even claim to be Christians! They are false representatives of Christ! Jesus warned of them, remember? Hope you’re not one! The truth be told, all media, including alternative media, with very few exceptions, are supportive of the secular, liberal, humanist, and humanitarian way of thinking, which is in reality, an “antichrist” way of thinking. Anyone who does not agree with this “antichrist” way of thinking is being labeled a “dissident” at the very least! With this in mind, all communications are under constant surveillance, despite the smoke they’re blowing about them not being able to access information on Apple iPhones, or other electronic devices due to encryption. This is a lie! All this “information” goes into your “profile”, (this info is going into my profile the moment I hit the enter key!) along with all the other data which is being gathered from wide variety of surveillance/information technologies, some seen, some unseen, as was revealed yesterday by various officer’s and official’s via the news media. All this information is analyzed by artificial intelligence in “real-time”. Every “cell” in the “hive mind”, each one of us, is assigned a “threat score” by the system. Those “cells”, i.e., “dissidents”, with the highest threat score will be rounded-up first! Those “cells” with lesser threat scores are under constant surveillance, which was also revealed yesterday. Any officer’s, or offical’s, who drive by or fly over your residence, or where you work, or your location, (such as out on a river somewhere, just fishing, for example), can identify you using a wide variety of surveillance technologies without ever having to come into direct contact with you. UAV’s can do the same thing autonomously! Your “threat score” is shown to them, via a color code on their electronic display screens similar to the color code system used to indicate the overall terror threat level in a particular city, state, country, region, etc.. You’re deceived if you think we live in a “semi-free” society.


  5. if you think that USA, or Canada or any other country in the world, is any less communistic than Cuba, China or Russia, I urge you to the “Communist Manifesto” some time when you aren’t too busy. In the preamble to the 10 planks, Carl Marx states that they must “win the war for democracy”. Everyone everywhere BRAGS of the fact that “we have democracy” like it’s the best form of government or something. Also, if you bothered to read the 10 planks, we might realize that those planks are all around you and have been for DECADES. WAKE UP!!!


  6. thank-you Lisa! They say that you are like the people you hang out with. Obama hangs out with all the Bad boys.I worry for America and our people!

    On Tue, Mar 22, 2016 at 9:50 PM, Lisa Haven News wrote:

    > Lisa Haven posted: ” By Lisa Haven According to HSLDA’s, Michael Farris, > “America has moved from a free country to a “Semi-Free Country?” We have > officially gone down the latter! With the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and the > mass monitoring of U.S. citizens phone records, email” >


  7. Watched a video put out by a guy on the website roundsaturnseye.com titled– Donald Trump and the Chaos Agenda–which you can view here:

    He’s right on! Don’t get caught up in the hype and the emotions!


  8. The Don, apparently, as its being reported, has said that NATO might now be outdated. Does the Don realize what he’s saying, or did he really say this? I don’t know, do you?


      • All electronic media, not just social media, is being used in psychological operations. These operations are designed to generate conflict, either between targeted individuals, or targeted audiences, and to cause people to actually think certain thoughts or do certain things. Data is taken in by the “system”, analyzed, and feedback is generated by the “system”, not neccessarily human beings. Simplistically, a comment is submitted by a human, its analyzed by the “system” as to its intent and meaning, and relevant feedback is generated by the “system”. Feedback can be generated so its audible or visible, or inaudible and invisible via broadcast signals which cannot be seen or heard with the eyes or ears. Feedback can be broadcast directly into the mind, bypassing the normal senses, causing a targeted person or targeted audience to see without seeing and hear without hearing. All of this is being done as part of a global “plan”.



  1. Political Dissidents Round-Up Soon? If Not Then Why Did This Just Happen? – The EagleStar Flash

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