World Parliament To Dismantle the United Nations and Usher In Something MUCH Worse—NWO To Federation Earth

By Lisa Haven

When one New World Organization starts talking about the United Nations and how they plan to dismantle it and bring in something “better”; then my alarm bells start ringing off the hook!

Recently, the World Parliament website, which claims to be a democratic non-military government based establishment that will usher in world peace and solve all environmental problems, stated that the United Nations needs to be dismantled and that a new form of government should be established. But just what is this form of government they plan on initiating and who are the “people” behind the World Parliament? I believe you will find the answers to those questions absolutely jaw-dropping!! All that and more in the video below….

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Here are just a few of the chilling statements from the World Parliaments Website:

The statement below reveals their agenda to for a New World Order

“The World Constitution and Parliament Association is dedicated to creating non-military democratic Earth Federation under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Since 1958, the organization has worked through its worldwide membership to write and ratify the Earth Constitution in four international Constituent Assemblies. Under the authority of Article 19 of the Earth Constitution the WCPA has also sponsored 12 sessions of the Provisional World Parliament to date, building a new world order of freedom, justice, prosperity, and equality within the shell of the old, unjust world order.   

They also plan to have their governmental leaders gain control of all WORLD affairs:

“The World Constitution and Parliament Association offers an organization and a course of action by which people and government leaders who want peace and human welfare can gain control over world affairs for the good of all people on Earth.

Furthermore they want to establish their own World Parliament Political Parties, including only those who are progressive in nature:

“Since the World Parliament is “a democratic non-military government based on establishing peace and solving environmental problems” it is only appropriate that world environmental and peace organizations have their own World Parliament Political Party as shown below:

World Parliament Peace Party 

World Parliament Environmental Party 

World Parliament Interfaith Party

World Parliament LGBT Party 

Independent – No Party Affiliation

They also plan to institute an “Earth Constitution”:

““The principle of unity in diversity is the basis for a new age when war shall be outlawed and peace prevail; when the earth’s total resources shall be equitably used for human welfare; and when basic human rights and responsibilities shall be shared by all without discrimination.” This principle of unity in diversity names the paradigm shift behind the Earth Constitution.”

Additionally, they intend to implement a new currency system by getting rid of the dollar and Euro; very Mark of the Beast Style: 

“Agencies of the provisional world government World Economic Development Organization (WEDO), Earth Financial Credit Corporation (EFCC) and Earth Federation Funding Corporation (EFFC) shall communicate with persons and groups that are seeking global standards and a world currency, for the purpose of building a network for launching the new currency system.” 

“Although in no way guaranteed to be pervasive, local currencies, or alternative means of value exchange, will be prevalent worldwide by 2020. The ability to use something other than the euro, dollar or other national currencies as the means of exchange within your own community is an increasingly likely option for us all.” 

Here is the breakdown of how they plan to establishing their new form of Government for “Federation Earth”:


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For More Information See:

UN replaced-

Glen T Martin-


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14 replies

  1. Ah, the Federation! The introduction of a global electronic cashless economic system will do away with the “old” monetary system which uses physical money, and this will require that all citizens of the world be identified automatically, anytime, anywhere. Revelation 13, RSV, 1952, becoming reality right before your eyes!


  2. Do a “news” search on “e-government” and you will discover much!


  3. Enforcement of “world law” and “world legislation” covers everything and anything to do with the use of this medium of communications. Violations of these laws and legislation will entail all violator(s) being rounded-up by the governing authorities and loss of the use of this medium for any type of business.


  4. Kukjin Chun has been nominated for Region 10 Director via Facebook!

    Region 10 is the Asia Pacific Region.

    The “Global Cybersecurity Survey” indicates the “death of cash” by 2030. It will be much sooner than this, more like within the next 2 years, and possibly by the end of 2016.

    You awake yet?


  5. Now, with regard to just who and what is being “empowered” by ICT, if you believe its going to be those who’s “faith” is in the promises and power of the Almighty, in Jesus the Christ, and in the Holy Spirit, well, you’re deceived.


  6. Awaiting moderation? Yeah, sure, right, you bet.


  7. Look up the IEEE Regional World Map online. There are 10 Regions (ten horns)! Think I’m wrong? Better think again!


  8. Look at the images of Israel’s Supreme Court Building online. It is the World Federation’s Supreme Court!


  9. According to the laws and legislation of the Federations “Constitution”, to be mandated in this New World Order, this New Age, there will be no “discrimination”. Really? In reality, and truthfully, NOT really! The reality, and the truth is, under these laws and legislation in this “Constitution”, the “divinity of Christ” is to be completely and openly denied! Those who’s “faith” is centered in this view of Christ are to be exterminated! The secular, liberal, humanist, and humanitarian “system of doctrine based upon this view of Christ”, will be physically and spiritually “brought out in the public view”. It is the “…pure doctrine of Lucifer…”, of which Albert Pike wrote of long ago! Those who adhere to this “doctrine” consider Jesus, The Christ, to be “…merely a man and not divine…”, that “…man’s chief duty is to work for the welfare of the human race…”, and “…that human perfectibility is attainable through man’s own efforts without divine aid.” The scientific and technological Global Federations goals are based on, “The doctrine that man’s obligations are limited to, and dependent alone on, man and human relations”, is what social networking is really all about, and the ideology that, “…man’s nature is perfectible though his own efforts without divine grace.”, are what all the scientific and technological developments, solutions and innovations being designed by man and their godlike A.I. are attempting to do! On numerous occasions I’ve listened to people trying to justify using these scientific and technological advancements for “good” purposes, rather than evil purposes, but the truth of the matter is they are designed by men who, in reality, do not acknowledge the Way, the Truth, and the Life, exemplified through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, The Christ. Do not be deceived by them!


  10. Considering the UN’s track record of serving its Lucifarian purposes, its a surprise to me that he would promote another NWO institution.

    On Tue, Mar 29, 2016 at 5:15 AM, Lisa Haven News wrote:

    > Lisa Haven posted: ” By Lisa Haven When one New World Organization starts > talking about the United Nations and how they plan to dismantle it and > bring in something “better”; then my alarm bells start ringing off the > hook! Recently, the World Parliament website, which cl” >


  11. Humanity has been “programmed” for many years to accept the idea of forming a “Global Federation”, a “collective consciousness”. The Star Trek TV series and movies, and Star Wars movies, were, and are today, major promoters of this idea. These programs also promoted the idea of creating and using artificial intelligence to resolve human relationships and the “human condition”. No where in any of these carnal human imaginings, these tele-vision programs, or in the Sin-ematic representations of these human imaginings, is the Almighty GOD of the ancient prophets, the Father of Jesus, The Christ, and sender of the Holy Spirit spoken of or referenced. The truth is, the spirit within carnal man seeks to do “its” own will, and there are “many” who are of this spirit, and “it” is opposed to the plan of salvation offered by GOD as revealed through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus by the Power of his Father, our Creator, which was attested to by hundreds of witnesses! This spirit within carnal man in this “global collective” seeks to establish “its” system of doctrine and “its” own form of government, both of which are opposed to the doctrine of Christ, and the Laws of GOD.


  12. Thank you,

    Greta UK.




  1. World Parliament To Dismantle the United Nations and Usher In Something MUCH Worse—NWO To Federation Earth – The EagleStar Flash

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