Time To Turn The Tables: Hidden Document Reveals Governments Dirty Deeds—Wait Until You See What They Do…


By Lisa Haven

The National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) is an agency that is both a combat support agency, under the United States Department of Defense, and an intelligence agency of the United States Intelligence Community, with the primary mission of collecting, analyzing, and distributing geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) in support of national security. This agency also gathers criminal intel of those in governmental and leading positions.

In the video below I delve through a report requested by John Greenwald, owner of www.TheBlackVault.com, in which he requests the misconduct and felony acts of those in government positions from the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency. The reports expose the cunning deeds of the elite and include everything from child porn, to pornographic images, to email fraud, to money laundering and much worse.

Considering government officials are constantly keeping a profile on it’s citizens, why not turn the tables on them.

Here’s more on this breaking report…

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4 replies

  1. Lisa, when you interview Larry Nichols tonight, I for one would like to know the URL, or the title of the article that he claims he got from Reuters. He WILL bring it up on your show, and he WILL say “from Reuters”. It supposedly says that J. Yellon met with Obama/Biden this past Monday, and what was discussed was “Martial Law”. He has been saying this all week on his show and on A. Jones earlier today. The only problem is, IT DOESN’T EXIST, not from Reuters anyway. I have seen the story, but it’s NOT from Reuters. It’s on a “Conspiracy” site. Please ask him to give the URL, or the TITLE of the Reuters article. Watch him wiggle out of it!! He will probably CONVENIENTLY not have it in front of him. Reuters DID NOT put out such an article. I’ve repeatedly looked for it, and he repeatedly keeps saying it. He’s lying.

    Another thing, while he uses up most of the hour of his weekday show begging for money for his meds for treating his lung cancer, you can hear him smoking in the background. Why don’t you ask him while your at it if he still smokes! On his show he sounds weak and feeble, but when he does other shows, such as A. Jones today, he didn’t miss a beat. Sounds totally different. It’s not like that on his show. If he expects people to send thousands of dollars to him, one would think he would try to help himself by giving up the smokes!! They aren’t cheap!! There goes a lot of his money.


    • I listened to your show with Larry N. It was just as I said it would be. He AGAIN said that Yellon/Obama/Biden talked about Martial Law, and that his source was Reuters. First of all, it makes absolutely NO SENSE that they would talk to a FED CHAIR about Martial Law. No, they were talking about the economy. That’s what she does. She has NOTHING to do with the implementation of Martial Law. I went to Larry’s Facebook page and went back to the day he posted about it. The link he provided was NOT from Reuters. Nothing personal, Lisa, but it was a link to “Before It’s News”. I’m sure you already know that nobody takes that site seriously. People consider it tabloid, and mostly, it is. The fear-porners, like Steve Quayle will use links from there. But no SERIOUS news can you find there.

      I’m not saying that there was nothing serious about this meeting. I think we’re on the verge of collapse, and I think that’s what she told them, and if that happens, Martial Law probably will be declared. But they wouldn’t talk to HER about it. They would be talking to the military-types about it.

      But Larry has a theory about Obama’s trip to Cuba, and there being 250,000 troops there that could be here ready to go in 6 hours in a Martial Law scenario. He saw this on BIN and it fed into the accuracy of his theory, and he went with it to validate himself. But he used deception to do it, and he lied, because if there was a Reuters article that says this, that’s what he would’ve posted.

      If we are the “fruit inspectors” that the Bible tells us to be, then this does nothing good for Larry, as he calls himself “Christian”. This is not the kind of fruit that real Christians produce.


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