You Have to See These Blood-Curdling Govt Documents! You Won’t Believe What The Secrets They Harbor! Detail Profile On YOU!


By Lisa Haven

The infamous NSA’s domestic and international spy programs are officially recognized in multiple government documents and programs including: “The Presidents Surveillance Program”, “PRISM”, “Project ThinThread”, “Project Trailblazer” and multiple others. These reports document illegal actions by the government to collect tremendous amounts of data on every America citizen in the country. Numerous government agents have been leaking  information on these programs for years, yet the public outcry, sadly, has been limited to a minimum.

But what reasons does the government give for collecting such data, and just what data is being collected? In the video below I answer those questions and more. I prove, via government documents, the exact information they claim to collect and the information they claim not to collect. I believe you’ll find the report worth while….

Want to know the reason they give the public as to why it’s okay to collect such large amounts of data? According to a Department of Justice Report:

“Although the programs collect a large amount of information, the vast majority of that information is never reviewed by any person, because the information is not responsive to the limited queries that are authorized for intelligence purposes.”

In other words they butcher our constitutional rights and collect data on us “just in case” they want or need to make a case against us. That statement alone just makes me want to vomit!

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  1. I sometimes feel like the news is trying to tell us what they want us to believe. Like this morning, watch their piece on the Millennials. Certain words pop out at me in that piece. Sustainabily being one! Where have i heard that before? Hmm, let’s see. Agenda 2030 comes to mind!! Wake up people!!



  1. You Have to See These Blood-Curdling Govt Documents! You Won’t Believe What The Secrets They Harbor! Detail Profile On YOU! – The EagleStar Flash

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