What Happens When You Die—New Afterlife Research That Opens a Whole New Can of Worms… Christian Beware! 


By Lisa Haven

A professor of Religious Studies has recently come out stating that his new study on the science of afterlife will benefit society if it rejects “primitive theologies of eternal damnation.” In other words, ignore the parts of the Bible that reference hell and damnation and embrace the heavenly part so we can all live happier lives on earth knowing we will all be in eternal bliss upon our death. This religious professor truly believes he can usher in “peace on earth” if these One World Religious ideals are expressed.

If you are a Christian then you will see this a direct attack on the Christian faith and the ushering in of the One World Religion. Here’s more on this critical report….

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  1. Thank you Lisa for your faith, and devotion to inform those interested in the recent events according to God’s Word, and the unfolding events happening throughout the world that are interwoven.

    Like you, we are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ, and see that many Christians today have been led astray by following doctrines not taught in the Bible.

    God asked “who will standup against the evildoers, who will rise up against them. Though God chooses our leaders the Old Testament illustrates that when God’s children demonstrate their trust and faith in action that He will bless them. Like in Jericho 6:1-20 God’s children faithfully marched around Jericho once for 6 days, on the seventh 7 times, and after coming to a stop, and the horns blasted, all the people in unity gave a great shout.

    As a citizen of the USA, and of no other, we have failed thus far to exercise the powers God, and our Founders provided, our voices. Pledge7.org was established for the purpose of reminding the people that without God there would be no USA, and without a return to God, in repentance, this nation will not be saved.

    Prayer is the key in each Christians life, and though we must pray for all Christians regardless as to which nation they live in, we must also exercise the rights God provided us as citizens of the USA.

    I will be visiting your site often now that I have come across it. Thank you, and God Bless you, Ed.


  2. Nothing new here! Just another foolish attempt to discredit the Bible, straight from the pits of hell!
    I am sure that some biblically illiterate people in our society will be fooled by this, yet another lie!
    Satan’s schemes worked on Adam & Eve back in the Garden of Eden, and they are still working today!
    Satan does not need to change his lies, just re-package them to look new for today. But it is still the same intent, to get people to doubt God!

    What else would one expect from the “Huffington Post”- More anti- God, anti- Family propaganda!


  3. kind of brings new meaning to the word ‘science’ since the idiots have not entered the afterlife so what would they even begin to know. professing themselves to be wise (science – cough cough) they have become fools.

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  4. The blatant lies we are experiencing now are just being repeated for every generation in history since the garden of Eden. The deception always has the same goals and always appears valid to unbelievers. The same dark entities appear to be winning when the people’s belief drifts and appear to be losing when people are believing and in prayer, period! There is only one who can guide us to the light. All others, again, are the lies that lead to darkness and distress. There is true meaning to the self destructive term, to: “Sell Your Soul”!


  5. There is a Judge. In fact we are judged daily weather we like it or not, just by our fellow fallen man. By half Whit’s who can’t event judge correctly on issues about their own lives.
    Almighty God has a plan. Already started and finished. To judge if you are allowed into that plan at the end of this breath of life is a mistake.
    Every knee shall bow before it’s creator and account for their qualifications into the Eternity.
    The only gift God gave, that we never deserved, was the shed blood of the Son of man who was genetically perfect in every way, never committed sin against His Father God but was crucified the His blood would erase the Singapore of man. This gives every human the opportunity now to knee before God, before their body dies, and ask for forgiveness about there personal rejection of Jesus the Christ. Ask Jesus to be their personal savior into the after life. Ask the the Holy Spirit the cleans them and lead and direct them to the rest of the Church until the set numbers are reached and Jesus returns to gather His church/bride together. All the rest had there chance and will be burned up in the lake of fire, with Nash ingredients teeth until the deed is done and their second death is complete where the smoke of this will rise forever to remind the children of God that Elohiym is Creator God and never to break Their Laws.


  6. I’ve studied this for years. There are two things you can take away from true NDEs. 1. Cristianity is true. 2. There is a hell. You can’t even review a few NDEs without seeing this.

    There are 5+ phases in an NDE

    1. They die. There is clinical proof of death. Without this, you can not call it an NDE. If there is no doctor declared emergency leading to clinical death, you can not claim an NDE.
    2. Most NDEers tell of a very disconcerting buzzing noise, followed by them popping out of their bodies. They can then see what is going on around them and in many cases confirm to those nearby what was going on and things that were happening. Many a doctor, nurse, and hospice worker have stories to tell.
    3. They float, fly through a tunnel towards a bright white light. They see family, and friends. This is something people miss most. The people they see have all died before them. They aren’t seeing people they know to be alive. They see people they know to be dead. In many cases they see people they did not know. In many cases they confirm to those alive that they saw someone they knew nothing about, and are shocked to find out they are true.
    4. They meet Jesus, and review their lives in every detail, in an instant. And they discuss the highs and lows. Not everyone meets Jesus.
    5. They are told that they have more to do on earth, and are told they need to go back. In many cases they do not want to, but are almost forced to.

    NDEs are 100% real! You can not say it is satan pretending, because the message is of Heaven, or hell. The message is love. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. The message is that Jesus is the way. NDEers in hell are given a tour where they see what is described in the book of Enoch. Hell is a terrible place!

    Not everyone goes through all phases. In fact many NDEs stop at three, and are told by people they know to go back. They have to go back and finish their lives. I suspect they were not religious or open minded about God, and Jesus, as these NDEers, often mistakenly turn to the spiritual things.

    NDEers report remarkable things. They are free of any maladies they have in life. The blind can see. The deaf can hear. The crippled are normal. Those missing body parts have them back. No pain. They aren’t fat. One of the most remarkable traits of an NDE, is that they see people in their ethereal state, and are young. In their early twenties. As are the people they see. Which surprises them that they recognise them, but they know.

    It’s very interesting stuff, and very assuring!


  7. He is in for a shock

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  1. What Happens When You Die—New Afterlife Research That Opens a Whole New Can of Worms… Christian Beware! 
 – The EagleStar Flash

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