Obama Has BIG Plans Before Exiting! This Action Will KILL The Country, Literally… He Wont Go Quietly!


By Lisa Haven

If flooding the country with millions of migrants wasn’t enough, our leftist government now wants to make white communities more “multicultural” by flooding suburbs with Section 8 housing to “punish them for being too rich and white.” At least that is according to President Obama’s Housing Secretary, Julian Castro, who plans to issue vouchers to help urban poor afford higher rents in pricey areas, such as Westchester County, all while assigning them government agents they are calling “mobility counselors” to aid in the process.

The new plan is called “Small-Area Fair Market Rents” and it will likely be signed by President Obama this October before leaving office, and no congressional approval will be necessary.

Trial runs for done in 1994 and 2012 this exact initiative have failed twice in history past, proving there’s a bigger agenda in play.

The video below reveals all that and more….

After all according to our leftist government:

“We must all be equal in all ways, even when it comes to the culture and appearance of our communities.”   

So whats the real agenda considering all other attempts at similar initiatives have failed?

This isn’t just about sending the poor into wealthy neighborhoods like the left likes to claim, it’s about breaking up former communities and turning America into a third world country. Desegregate inner cities and integrate outer suburbs.

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15 replies

  1. Lisa, When I move to illnois the lower part south I 80 that is. I live in small town call Ohlman. I moved from east coast. Well any ways I was told of sun down town . I looked up there over 1500 in Illinois alone. I could not tell you how many there in the rest of the USA So if this guy your talking about thinks it going work then doesn’t understand what a sundown town is. Love ya , tom


  2. The ruining of America (Mystery Babylon) is the game plan. Book of Revelation, Chapter 17 stuff.
    Yet, the Spirit of the Lord will have His say in the midst of the chaos with a powerful revival of a remnant
    who will bring honor to Messiah Yeshua. Participating in this mercy harvest is my personal focus and goal.
    And I hope yours as well. -Gary Bertnick


    • Mystery Babylon cannot possibly be America. America is a nation, not a city. Rome is the only city that has ruled over nations and whose colours are scarlet and purple. Those are not America’s colours.


    • Finally someone with a little savvy. I laugh when people think Hillary or anyone else will fix this nation. They don’t understand that maybe, just maybe, Yah will do what HE said HE would do in Chapter 17 & 18 of the book of Revelations, and being Babylon to it’s knees. Babylon must and will fall. I believe this nation is or is one of the daughters of Mystery Babylon.


  3. Gary – America is not the Mystery Babylon ( as corrupt as it is); seek further.


    • Jeremiah 50 is Talking about America


    • Hi Lina search out the characteristics of Mystery Babylon and also of the United States of America, and you’ll see that they are pretty close, makes you wonder. I was born here and I love my county, “Made in the USA”. Lina investigate, investigate, to many are a sleep. Please google satanic symbolism of Washington DC, symbolism of your dollar bill. search and investigate all our presidents you will see they are all blood related, and their secret socialites. Elohim said Babylon and all her abomination must fall. Oh there will be a One World Government alright however it will be run by Yeshua our Deliverer.


  4. ““We must all be equal in all ways, even when it comes to the culture and appearance of our communities.”

    If the people elect a communist, you get communism. It’s as simple as that.


  5. They must have got the idea from the UK. Securing a vote by demographic engineering has been happening here for decades.


  6. in a country where everything is free but no one is


  7. Nostradamus spoke of Mabus, could be Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian leader?


  8. One thing I will say and that is he say he would bring change, and he has and unfortunately he still has 7 more months. Oy vey.


  9. These people have not been raised up in stable, well-cared for homes. They did not have the resources, education, and upbringing that is necessary to be a productive member of a society. This is why they so often turn to crime ,and dysfunctional behavior. While I do agree that they need help, throwing them into fancy white neighborhoods is not the answer. They don’t understand how to take care of a home or a family, and it would be danger to other residents.


  10. Olive leaves on the three not dried and dead leaves but on the three leaves collect from three and burn till they became black and add water hot or cold salt or without salt than will use every hole ass ear nose urine and bath No shaydan at all But that was the job of others no us



  1. Obama Has BIG Plans Before Exiting! This Action Will KILL The Country, Literally… He Wont Go Quietly! – The EagleStar Flash

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