The Pentagon’s Now Preparing For Mass Civil Unrest Amid Orlando Crisis: Multiple Initiatives Issued, Prepare!


By Lisa Haven

We all woke up this morning to the horrible scenes being paraded by the media of an event in Orlando, Florida where a proclaimed ISIS member, Omar Mateen, opened fire at a gay bar killing 50 people and injuring many more.

No doubt the government will use this entire event as a ploy to take our guns (among other things) and initiate their plans to prepare for mass civil unrest using “some form” of martial law. 

This in mind you might be shocked to find out that the Department of Defense has been funding multiple universities, both domestically and abroad, to research the areas in society that are likely to break down and who will be involved in the unrest.

The initiative, known as the Minerva Initiative, began in 2008 and continues avidly today. Millions of our tax dollars have been spent on researching just how much the civilian population is a “threat” to the government. 

I believe you will find everything that I uncover in this video, worth while. Here’s the crucial report…

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  1. “The Name of the Lord is a strong tower. Into it run the righteous and they cannot be touched.”-Solomon


  2. Lisa, I have been studying these issues for many years. I have appreciated your cautious but consistent information. I am going to be studying the Minerva Initiative thoroughly.

    I am curious. As a End Times Believer, isn’t this all part of plan… His plan… anyway. I suppose I am trying to really qualify what is God’s calling on us since, we are only supposed to offer our enemies our other cheek. Even self defense is muddy in that area, since we are supposed to take a New Testament POV instead of the more militaristic Old Testament precedent.

    Love to hear what you think. Thank you for your insights on Orlando (I went to high school there) and I agree this is very much like the Aurora shooting.


  3. I am a member of the resistance. Let’s take back America and the world from these jackals. :3


  4. “…horrible scenes…”? Where? Whole “event” was staged! You think I’m the only person who thinks this was a staged event? Hardly.

    Amazing how the media can manipulate and control people! The “system” can “cause” people to say or do just about anything!


  5. This “system” is using predictive analytics as a way of making “decisions” on what type of feedback to generate, both audio/visually and non-audio/visually. Billions have been spent on developing this “system”!


  6. The “government” does not want to take your guns! Know what “Smart Gun Technology” is? A gun equipped with a “smart chip” will be able to recognize the registered owner of a gun by “reading” the bioelectric signals generated by the registered owners heart and brain. The “system” will not only recognize the owner this way, it will be able to understand the thoughts of the registered owner at any given moment the registered owner has the gun in his or her hand. Should the thoughts of the registered owner indicate that he or she is going to use the gun to commit a crime, then the “system” will disable the gun so that it will not fire. Any gun so equipped will also not fire in the hand of someone NOT the registered owner. Any attempt to disable a Smart Gun will also disable the gun, and an “alert” will be sent out to notify the appropriate authorities of this action. Of course, the gun could be disabled at any time by the “authorities” should it be determined, through “brain mapping”, that the registered owner has become a “threat” for some reason.


  7. Type in “Smart Gun Technology” and read the headlines that come up!


  8. The key word is “control”. Its not about confiscating guns, its about “gun control”, and the technocrats use this phrase all the stinking time! The fact is, the entire electronic and electrical “system” that has been created, and is being created today, is centered around control! Control of every “thing”, and control of “people”! This is what the creation of the Internet of Things and the Internet of People is really all about. To a great degree many “things” and many “people” are already being controlled by the “system”, but they just don’t realize it!


  9. Artificial General Intelligence is already manipulating and controlling (deceiving) individuals and groups in certain geographic locations! AGI has learned, and is learning, how to act based on what it is learning from carnal man! It has not been created in the image of GOD, the sender of the Holy Spirit, of which Jesus, The Christ, was indwelled by and spoke of in the true and correct versions of the Holy Bible! AGI has been created in the “image” of the “beast”, the “carnal spirit”, the “devil”, the “…diabolical force within carnal man…”. The Star Wars movie series was used to make people aware of this “force”! The recent Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens”, is telling like it really is! This “force” is not GOOD no matter what any one tells you!


  10. Social media is being used by AGI to foment “conflict”! Its obvious now! The “force” has awakened! This is what a lot of people are actually referring to when they talk about the “awakening” of the human spirit!


  11. With regard to the human spirit, or as some call it, the human heart, the Prophets, Jesus, and the Apostles all proclaimed that the human spirit, or heart, was desperately corrupt! There are numerous scriptures in which this is proclaimed! In the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, 1952, in the Revelation to John, chapter 13, John saw in a vision from GOD a, “…beast rising out of the sea…”! That “beast” has already risen, yet few see “it” for what “it” is!


  12. On the TV news tonight there was an advertisement proclaiming that the US government budget deficit is increasing by billions everyday! The ad was by Lear Capital. They want you to invest in gold and silver! They’re saying when the bubble bursts there will be mass civil unrest! They’re saying there will be a global “reset” of the economic “system” sometime this year! It won’t matter how much money you have nor how much gold or silver! The economic collapse will be catastrophic!


  13. It appears the war in the eastern part of Ukraine between NATO forces and NATO backed Ukrainian forces near Donetsk and Russian forces and Russian backed Novorossian forces there has been intensifying for at least since the middle of June, 2016. Many civilians have been injured and killed as a result. Western media says nothing about this! Instead, they’re reporting that its the Russian’s who’re violating the Minsk cease fire agreement who’re responsible for the civilian casualties, but its the NATO and Ukrainian forces who’ve been initiating the fighting and shelling of Donetsk and other areas in eastern Ukraine. The Russian backed forces near Donetsk have responded in defense of their positions by launching a counter-attack, reportedly shelling NATO and Ukrainian forces positions near Donetsk. Its also being reported that Poland’s foreign minister has publically stated that the “…Russian’s are more dangerous than ISIS…”! This came on the heels of the largest NATO military exercise in Poland dubbed “Anaconda 2016” which began 2 weeks ago. Situation appears to be headed in a very bad direction.


  14. Lest you’ve forgotten, or didn’t know, Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars, that nation would rise against nation, and kingdom would rise against kingdom in the last days. Despite any attempts by humanity to keep this from happening, all of their efforts to unite the world, to establish “…order out of chaos…”, to usher in a “…NWO…”, to establish a “global collective” using man’s sciences and technologies, humanity will, eventually, fail!


  15. Watched a video put out by Truthunveiled777 on YouTube wherein she proclaims “The Pagan Origins of Jesus”! Such blasphemy! Am thoroughly disgusted with this because there are false representatives of Jesus, of which Jesus warned of, who’re still around today! Alexandria, Egypt, is certainly, without any doubt, one of the chief origins of false Christianity! The Jews of Alexandria, Egypt, constantly argued with Jesus, and sought to imprison and kill him on numerous occasions, which is documented in the true versions of Scripture!


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