It’s Official! The First Orwellian “Terrorist Registry” Enacted and It’s Going Viral—Target Patriot!


By Lisa Haven

As many constitutionalists have suspected the U.S. government seized the opportunity to steal more of our rights when the Orlando nightclub shooting took place in Florida, on June 12th, where 49 people were killed and 53 others injured.

At first glance many thought this would just be another engagement to seize our gun rights, but no it’s gone way beyond that.

On June 14, the New York State Senate passed its own version of the “terrorist watchlist,” a list of individuals deemed suspicious by the federal government. The bad news is this list operates much like the sex offender registry list which forces people to register and then publicizes their information. The even worse news is you don’t have to have been convicted of a crime to be listed on the registry, even though supporters state otherwise. According to the bill:

(d) listed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s terrorist screening center on the terrorist screening database; and/or 3

(e) identified by the United States Department of Homeland Security, the United States Department of State, the United States Department of Justice, the United States Department of Defense or any of its armed services, the United States Central Intelligence Agency, and/or the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, as a person who has committed a terrorist act against the United States or any of its citizens, and/or who is a member of a designated terrorist organization pursuant to section 1189 of title 8 of the United States Code.

In other words, if the US government thinks your a terrorist without any proof, then you’re a terrorist and deemed worthy of making the list.

Here’s more on this crucial report…

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  1. To me, that’s an act of war! Because they will keep people from getting jobs, housing, loans, and a ton of other things! They paint a target on your back! This is also precrime! You haven’t done anything they can get you with, they just assume that you might! And, for what, clearly this is targetting conservatives! It’s political! If it was about foreign terrorists, they would simply kick them out!


  2. There is no proof that anyone died or was injured at the “event” which took place in Orlando. All we know is what the “media” is showing and telling us, which on numerous occasions has been exposed for showing and telling lies concerning many other “events”. As long as you continue to hold to the narrative presented by the “media” you’re credibility is very much in doubt.


    • In addition, the credibility of any one or group holding to the “media” narratives concerning this “event”, or any of the other “events” which have occurred up to now, especially regarding what happened on “9/11”, is very much in doubt, and they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED, PERIOD!


  3. Orlando Pulse FRAUD!


  4. See the little symbol next to your name? Every one of us using this “system” is considered a “cell” in the “hive mind”. Look it up! All comments, tweets, texts, blogs, photos, audio files, videos, and all website and podcast data is monitored and analyzed by the “system”!



    The Social Superorganism and its Global Brain


    “The Government of the United States of America is not in any sense founded on the Christian Religion.”

    (Chapter titled: GUIDELINES FOR CHURCH-STATE RELATIONS, page 8, in one of a series of booklets titled Dynamic Freedoms. This booklet was Compiled by ROBERT B. WATTS, 33 DEGREE, G.’.C.’., Director of Education, THE SUPREME COUNCIL., 33 Degree, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry no publishing date in booklet)


  7. Hi Lisa,This clip on Youtube is chilling. Not reported on US Media. Keep up the good work! Dale Moon 360 FM 1959 Houston, TX 77034 (281) 484-8320 Office (281) 484-2101 Fax

    Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2016 15:11:57 +0000 To:


  8. This isn’t new I’ve been on the Homeland Security List since 2007 when I spoke out against Obama before he was elected the first time by a huge Corporation I worked for. I now live in a Nazi neighborhood and am surrounded by spies everywhere I go. Its a horrible way to live. Sincerely, Marcia Jones

    Sent from my iPad



  9. Violent clashes erupted between Neo-Nazi protesters and counter protesters. The following video shows people being beaten with heavy wooden sticks, chased, and fights breaking out. Some people were stabbed. Lots of ambulances (which were non-existent in the Orlando event!) and police all over the place. Not sure if this was staged or not, but it sure appears that people were being injured, and one guy got hit in the back of the head as he was trying to stand up and appeared to be knocked unconscious!


  10. Violence Erupts at Sacramento Capitol building!


  11. The liberal left and the liberal right at each others throats! Neither are right in what they’re doing!

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  12. Well, made it through the night, and another day has dawned. There are numerous videos being shown which were taken with smart phones and digital cameras by people in attendance at the “event” in Sacramento, CA, which show people fighting, throwing rocks, hitting each other with heavy wooden sticks, and other violence. Saying this “event” in Sacramento was a “hoax”, that people were not injured, that this was all a “hoax”, or faked, does not appear to be the truth. Its entirely possible this “event” was allowed to happen, orchestrated, in order to get the liberal left and the liberal right to fight each other though, and this is exactly what happened. Social media is being used to foment these “events”, but the majority of people involved just don’t realize how they’re being played!


    • You will note how the videos being shown on YouTube and other social media, with few exceptions, are taking one side or the other in describing how this “event” went down, both in the wording of the headlines, and in the videos themselves. This is being done on purpose to foment conflict between individuals and groups.


      • The following video explains how these individuals and groups have been manipulated into conflict via social media!


  13. It appears that YOU, Lisa, are being played too!


  14. A “terrorist act” or “act of terrorism” is defined as: the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political, or religious, or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation, coercion, or instilling fear.” (

    Apparently, from statements made in various video’s concerning the “event” in Sacramento, CA, involving the far-right rally last Sunday, the counter-protestors, who were holding signs supporting the goals of the LBGT groups, committed a “terrorist act”, yet no arrests were made? Apparently, online comments made by the far-left “activists” weeks before this rally took place by members of the counter-protest group, which outnumbered the far-right group 10 to 1, threatened violence against the far-right group. This is a “terrorist act”, if true, is it not? One woman even said in a video that they were there to keep the far-right group from holding their rally, and that they would use violence against them to quote, “…defend themselves…”. This is a threat of violence, is it not? Why haven’t these individuals been arrested for committing a “terrorist act”? Don’t get me wrong, am no supporter of the far-right group, nor of the far-left group, but this whole situation reeks of hypocrisy!


  15. No matter what form of government humanity comes up with, it always decays into chaos, and this time around it’ll be worse than its ever been, and no, never will be again, just as it is written. Why? Its because the heart of man is desperately corrupt!



  1. It’s Official! The First Orwellian “Terrorist Registry” Enacted and It’s Going Viral—Target Patriot! – The EagleStar Flash

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