Brexit: Globalists Are Ticked and Here’s What They’ll Do Because Of It—Time For The US To Exit The UN


By Lisa Haven

A revolution against globalism has begun and Britain struck the first blow!

To the utter dismay of the global elite the United Kingdom has chosen freedom over bondage by exiting the tyrannical arms of the European Union—a group of unelected New World Order officials who parade around enforcing rules in a countries that don’t truly belong to them.

But it’s not just Britain, the revolution against globalists will ignite as other countries ponder leaving the European Union as well.

Personally, I think Americans should follow suite, as our own government is sacrificing our sovereignty to an international ruling body known as the United Nations! it’s HIGH time for us to EXIT the UN and send a bold message to the New World Order elite.

Here’s more on this breaking report….

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  1. WW3, to be fought between the political Zionists and the Moslem/Islamic nations, is about to kick off, just like Freemason Albert Pike foretold! What has happened in Istanbul is the spark to ignite it!


    • Update! Today, 6/30/2016, the apparent terrorist attack on the Istanbul airport is now being reported by the majority media to have been carried out by individuals from “RUSSIA”, and two other neighboring countries. Coincidental? Apparently, these men were part of a larger “terrorist cell”, who came into Turkey a month earlier. Turkish authorities are now conducting raids on homes of individuals suspected of having ties to the terrorist cell and detaining them based on electronic data their “systems” monitor and have access to, i.e., tweets, texts, blogs, photos, audio files, videos, website and podcast data. Some reports are saying that these men were, apparently, trained (programmed?) to carry out their mission. In case you hadn’t noticed, Russia was NOT mentioned among the “coalition of nations” listed in a “Joint Launch Statement” announcing “Mission Innovation”, an agreement enacted to address “climate change”, and accelerate the “Clean Energy Revolution”, called “the largest clean energy partnerships in history”, which was signed in Paris, France, in Nov. 30, 2015, right after the apparent terrorist attack there. Coincidence? Is Russia not included because Russia is not going along with the plan? Aren’t the majority of Russian’s Orthodox Christian’s? Another coincidence? Bill Gates is quoted as saying, “Right now, the world spends only a few billion dollars a year on researching early-stage ideas for zero-carbon energy.” He and his friends in Switzerland want the governments of the world to spend two or three times that amount more on developing these “ideas”. One of the “ideas” he is helping to fund is developing a way to use solar energy to manufacture carbon-based fuels. Wait, huh? I thought that Bill wanted to reduce CO2 to ZERO, yet he’s talking about a way to manufacture “carbon-based fuels” which when used to fuel vehicles creates CO2? Something apparently isn’t quite right here, don’t you think?


  2. In case you didn’t know, the headquarters of the UN is in Geneva, Switzerland, not New York City. CERN is located in Geneva also. Outside the headquarters of CERN is a graven image of “Shiva”, also known as “The Destroyer”. A satanic ritual called the “Dance of Destruction” was performed when it became operational! At the recent opening ceremonies for the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland, a satanic ritual was performed depicting Satan, i.e., Lucifer, coming through a portal! The world’s “elite” Freemason’s meet in Davos, Switzerland, every year to discuss “…the way forward…”. The symbols of Freemasonry are everywhere in Switzerland, and in just about every nation on earth. Freemason’s created the capitalist economic system and the U.S.A.s form of government. The institutions of Freemasonry, and their symbols, are everywhere in this world! Scotland is the home of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Mr. Trump made a special trip to Scotland recently. All these “events” are not happening by chance!


  3. TRUMP-ery is a deception, a fraud, something deceptively showy.


  4. The present carbon dioxide emitting economic system, and the carbon dioxide emitting humans who support this system, are to be “…destroyed…”! Bill Gates entered into a “…new clean energy partnership…” with a “coalition of nations”, among them are the United States and India. Shiva is one of the gods of India! It is called “…The Destroyer…”. A graven image of Shiva sits outside the headquarters of CERN, which is located in Geneva, Switzerland! You think this is just a coincidence?

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    • Lest anyone thinks Bill “Davo’s” Gates, and the Freemasonic “elite” based in the “Homeland” of Geneva, Switzerland, don’t want to reduce the world’s population of carbon dioxide emitting humans down to a more “sustainable” level, or even to just them and those who think like them, I suggest you go to YouTube and type in the words: Bill Gates and depopulation. The most recent video is titled:

      Innovation to ZERO-Bill Gates Speech on Depopulation of Humanity


      • There are many ways being used to destroy the present carbon dioxide emitting economy, and reduce the number of carbon dioxide emitting humans. Destroying the sources and resources of the present carbon dioxide emitting economic system is one way. Bombing and shelling the sources where these resources are obtained is one way. The bombing and shelling of mines in Ukraine by the “coalition” government in Kiev, for example, and the places where the people who work these mines live, has been, and is now, still ongoing. Of course, many of the people dependent upon these mines to earn a living are injured or killed by the shelling, and those who survive become “refugees”. Then there are the “strange events” that are occurring on a regular basis these days that are being blamed on “nature”, or are being called “end time” or “apocalyptic” events. Really, or are they lying signs and wonders? A huge and intense forest fire that mysteriously erupted and burned through an area and parts of town in Canada where the facilities that produces oil and fuel by processing oil/tar sands for the present carbon dioxide emitting economic system and the carbon dioxide emitting humans dependent on this industry, is one example. In southern California, major fires have occurred, started mysteriously, that have killed many people and have destroyed many homes, creating yet more “refugees”. Then there was the epic and sudden flooding that recently occurred in West Virginia, a state where mining is a major source of mineral resources used by the carbon dioxide emitting economic system and the carbon dioxide emitting humans dependent on this industry for jobs. There where more than 20 people who died in this sudden flooding that occurred there, and many more were made “refugees”. In some areas where this intense storm occurred lightning strikes numbered in the thousands in just 15 minutes! It rained more than ten inches in the mountains! A “natural” event, or weather manipulation? Last year, a source of natural gas, a resource used by the carbon dioxide emitting economic system and the carbon dioxide emitting humans dependent on this resource to earn a living, mysteriously began leaking in the foothills near Los Angeles making many people ill and forcing many more to move out of their homes, making them “refugees”. There are many other examples that could be given, and ways being used to destroy the present CO2 emitting economy and CO2 emitting humans. These “events” are accelerating in both frequency and intensity because those behind the “Clean Energy Revolution” (key word here is Revolution!) have said in a “Joint Launch Statement” issued shortly after the alleged terrorist “event” in Paris, France, that, “We can’t wait for the system to change through normal cycles.” They are, in fact, accelerating the pace of “change”, which will lead to the destruction of the present carbon dioxide emitting economic system and the Co2 emitting humans who created it, and who’re dependent upon it to sustain their way of life. As those behind this “Revolution” say, “Adapt, or die!”, and they mean it!


    • Very telling and revealing article with respect to carnal human nature and the beast within! In the Revelation to John, chapter 13, Revised Standard Version, 1952, there are two beasts that come to power in the last days. One beast rises out of the sea, and another beast rises out of the earth. Symbolically, the “sea” is basically used to represent the “primeval primitive”, out of which the “beast” rises. This “beast” is a diabolical “force” dwelling in the human body, the “flesh”, other wise known as the “…devil incarnate….”. Certainly, after one watches the videos showing satanic rituals being used in the opening ceremonies of the Gotthard Base Tunnel and CERN, both located in Switzerland, it is quite apparent that the “beast” has risen! Symbolically, the “earth” represents “primal chaos”, out of which the second “beast” is rising! It is not a person or any human being! It is AGI! .


  5. Nothing new. This has been the elite’s attitude toward the masses for hundreds, if not thousands, of years! Same old song-n-dance, just different dancers!


  6. 2,600 Buildings Threatened by Northern California Wildfire, forcing residents to flee

    The use of fire is way to impact the present carbon dioxide emitting economy and force CO2 emitting humans to flee and become refugees! Fires produce CO2, but only temporarily. Fire burns everything down and eventually burns out. Last year in California, southeast of Sacramento, a fire burned down an entire town. The residents there were forced to flee. Most of them left the area, but some remained, and far as I know now, they are still living in tents in various locations near the area that was burned down. Various news reports even used the term “refugee” to describe them!


  7. Now it’s time for the district of Columbia to get out of America…


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