Insider, Who Knows Hillary’s Secrets, Spills The Beans As To Why Hillary Got Off The Hook and What Will Happen Next


By Lisa Haven

Former Clinton advisor, Larry Nichols— the man who exposed numerous Clinton scandals including Monica Lewinsky, Whitewater and others—shares some of the most critical, crucial and concise information about Hilary Clinton and how she is getting away with “murder,” so to speak. From Benghazi, to her sharing of classified documents. How is that such a witch can get away with so much? What is the real truth behind it all? Larry Nichols tells it all! This information will not only blow your mind wide open, but it will also reveal deep secrets that only an insider would know.

Please, please don’t miss this vital report…

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  1. All communications platforms are being monitored by AI driven software which analyzes all user communications. All “threats” are being targeted on an individual or community basis. All civilian and non-civilian opposition to emerging global political, governmental, and economic “e-initiatives” are being targeted by the Military for round-up and extermination, and this includes all civilian and non-civilian “threats”. This is really what is going on in Baton Rouge, Dallas, Minneapolis, Orlando, and other major cities! As I said, the endgame is here, literally!


  2. Know what a Lethal Autonomous Robot is? Was one used, carrying an explosive device, to kill the “lone sniper” in the parking garage?


  3. First of all, Hillary is not the most honest person so if she stirred up trouble who’s to say she would be believable? Not only that ,the people Mr. Nichols says would go to jail may need to go to jail,along with HRC….It is so sad and disheartening to know that of ALL the people elected or appointed to govern our nation that not one of them has the integrity,honor,and guts to somehow get the ball rolling to put a stop to this… basically it sounds like someone can wield more power with blackmail than our very laws? We are in trouble!! Whomever would do something to clean up the corruption would be a hero I would think in a multitude of our population’s eyes….. How sad and wrong this is….


  4. Lisa I listen to you all the time you are a great person thank you for your reporting and your emails God Bless you Dean Southard

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  6. Lisa, you’re wasting your time with this story!


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