DARPA Pulls Technology Straight From The Book Of Revelation: Eerie Plans Reveal We ARE In The Final Days

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By Lisa Haven

This year the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense,  DARPA, who is responsible for the development of emerging technologies for the military, awarded Profusa, Inc., a leading developer of tissue-integrated biosensors, $7.5 million dollars to develop implantable biosensors aimed at providing real-time monitoring of a combat soldiers health status to improve mission efficiency.

According to Profusa the technology is as follows:

“It is placed just under the skin with a specially designed injector, each tiny biosensor is a flexible fiber, 2 mm-to-5 mm long and 200-500 microns in diameter. Rather than being isolated from the body, Profusa’s biosensors work fully integrated within the body’s tissue — without any metal device or electronics — overcoming the effects of the foreign body response for more than one year.”

This sounds eerily similar to something us Christians have been talking about for years! RFID tech that will be implanted into the skin and eventually be used instead of cash:

“…no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.” (Revelation 13:17)

I believe this is another step in that direction! Here’s more on this report… 

Here’s the video from Profuse Inc. about their new Tissue-Integrating Biosensor…

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But that’s not all! The government has shown interest in mind-control, brain-chip technology for some time now, and quite frankly these types of inventions can have its dangerous uses. The two documents I covered in the video above prove that the Department of Defense has already drawn up plans to use such neural interfaces on not only the military, but also on the population. Their goal is to have it all in place by 2025.

Here are two staggering quotes from the Human Performance document I discussed in the video above:

“The most successful implementation of invasive interfaces [a direct communication pathway, done via surgery, between the brain and an external device] has occurred in medical applications in which nerve signals are used as the mechanism for information transfer. Adversarial actions using this approach to implement enhanced, specialized sensory functions could be possible in limited form now, and with developing capability in the future” (Human Performance page 77)

They go on to admit the dangers of microchip implants

“…an extreme example would be remote guidance or control of a human being.” (page 70)

The other document, Information Operations a New War Fighting Capability, goes in further detail about these implants and attempts to make their case by saying that the device helps increase security all while saying it doesn’t require any security measures:

“…An implanted microscopic chip does not require security measures to verify whether the right person is connected to the IIC, whereas a room, helmet, or sunglasses requires additional time-consuming access control mechanisms to verify an individual’s identity and level of control within the Cyber Situation.” (pg. 35)

They further go on to state that the population will accept it, and then they liken it to a “virtual video game” experience:

“The civilian populace will likely accept an implanted microscopic chips that allow military members to defend vital national interests.” (Pg. 36)

“These advances will help restore patients with damaged neural, audio, and visual systems as well as enable individuals to achieve the “ultimate virtual reality trip.” (page 24)

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  1. A rapid and potent DNA “tattoo” vaccination strategy.



  2. Emergency medical countermeasures (and they are being tested) may be used in a local, regional, or national state of emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions caused by the use or release of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive substances when there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.


    • Russian’s responding to possible anthrax “outbreak” in the north of Russia according to news reports on YouTube? UK is telling pregnant women to postpone or delay any trips to Florida? All kinds of CBRNE military “exercises” ongoing? Pentagon aims to create “super soldiers”? Putin and Assad are going to destroy Aleppo, but provide “humanitarian” escape routes? GOP is looking to shutdown the Federal government just before the presidential election? Something’s up wouldn’t you say?

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    • High Tech Asymmetric Warfare is ongoing! Developments in genetics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnologies are being used to wage war on humanity! There is literally no safe place to bug-out to, or cave to hide in, to escape these weapons of modern warfare! Do not believe the lies of those who tell you that the developments in these technologies are for the “greater good”! Its a LIE!




      • I’ve accessed this website several times and never had any problems, let alone a virus. Just accessed this website a few minutes ago and no problem. Try a different computer?


  3. Ever hear of the 20th CBRNE Command? Look it up, if you care to.


    • Went camping with some family members on Weber Reservoir in Nevada and stayed overnight the 26, 27. Saw military aircraft flying around the area all day on the 27 right before the so-called “meteor” that made all the news today, the 28th of June, 2016. Saw the “meteor” come from the west, not the southwest as some are saying. At first it looked like a plane with its landing lights on, but after few seconds I could see it wasn’t a plane, at least not a normal plane. There are no lights out on the reservoir so it was quite a show as whatever it was passed overhead just south of our location at the south end. We could see it breaking up as it passed from the west to the east and the first thing I thought of was the space shuttle Columbia when it broke up on re-entry as it passed over Texas. I looked at a video of that disaster and it looked very similar to that. Am inclined to think that this was not a meteorite because if it were it would be traveling much faster. I’ve seen a space shuttle go over at high altitude as it was re-entering the upper atmosphere, and it glowed like a very bright light, which is exactly what this object did. The space shuttle I watched passed from west to east in about 6 or 8 seconds. The object the night of the 27th came in fast but appeared to slow down as it went by, with many pieces of burning debris coming off it, and they appeared to fall toward the earth on its path towards the east. Quite interesting and a little scary too!


  4. The Revelation to John, written in chapter 13, of the RSV, 1952, (a correct version) is becoming reality, as are all the prophecies in his book.


  5. So, Lisa, and everyone else concerned, when it comes down to the moment where you have to have the electronic DNA tattoo, or “mark”, placed “on” you what are you going to do? Going to be real hard to “sell” any of your information (a commodity by the way) and the products you offer on your website, or on anyone’s website for that matter, unless you have the “mark”, don’t you think?


  6. Want to learn more about what is going to take place this fall?


    A.I. is taking control of YOU!


  7. Look up “biosensors and bioelectronics” and “Bio-Electronic Consumption Global Market Research Report 2016”. The electronic “mark” is coming, and soon!


  8. Guess where Bioelectronics Corporation is headquartered? I’ll give you a hint, its in a state whose name starts with Mary.


  9. New steps to access accounts online are rapidly being introduced. SSA is requiring, starting in August this year, that all SS recipients who access their “my Social Security” accounts online must also enter their “text-enabled cell phone number”. A security code will be texted back which must be entered also and will be necessary in order to access accounts. Enacted by “Executive Order” this year.



  1. DARPA Pulls Technology Straight From The Book Of Revelation: Eerie Plans Reveal We ARE In The Final Days – The EagleStar Flash

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