Public NOT Allowed In This TOP Secret CIA Museum: Here’s What’s Inside…


By Lisa Haven

Tucked away in a top secret labyrinth sits one of the most amazing  museums in all of history, The CIA Museum. Though, hidden from public view five exhibits glisten the museum halls with paraphernalia of real war and spy gadgetry dating back to World War II.

The museum contains a national archive for the collection, preservation, documentation and exhibition of intelligence artifacts, culture, and history. Currently, around 3,500 items are being held in trust for the American people. Though not open to the public, this top-secret facility has shared some of it’s information online and from time to time grants private tours with certain “approved” groups.

Artifacts on display include the AK-47 found beside the body of Osama bin Laden, the mock-up of his Pakistan compound the agency used to plan their successful assault, aquatic robotic technology, drones and more!

Here’s the captivating report….

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  1. Lisa- I hope you know Bin Laden was not killed by Obama and the lies surrounding this lie! This was a false-flag event. Bin laden was died in 2001 before 9/11 happened- which 9/11 was also a false-flag event. I have info to prove this, via a CIA insider friend. I also know the real truth on what happen to Amb. Stevens in Benghazi and I did testify to the congressional committee on Benghazi. The truth did not come out of that
    Committee!! I’d be glad to fill you in. On Benghazi- Killary Clinton had Amb. Stevens murdered!! And I know why!



  2. Meanwhile, more important situations are ongoing or developing that deserve attention? For example, the world’s leadership are rapidly moving the world toward the deployment of the electronic “mark” that all will need in order to “buy or sell” in the online electronic marketplace. (Gee, where have I read about this before? Oh, yeah, in the Revelation to John, in chapter 13 of the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, printed 1952!) Governments all over the world are going to the cashless system of buying and selling products and services, and this is all by design. This will require a fool-proof way to identify and authorize users with 100% accuracy “…anytime, anywhere…” in this “mobile” cashless economic system. In August of this year the SS Administration began requiring all SS recipients using their social security website to enter their text enabled cell phone number to access their online accounts. A one time 4 digit security code is generated by the system which is sent back to the customer which has to be entered, along with a user name and password, in order to access one’s account. Any one who does not have a text enabled cell phone or a cell phone number will NOT be able to access their account! What they do not tell you, and many do not know this, is that when you hold a cell phone in your hand or up to your head the electrical “signals” generated by you brain and heart are picked up and used to create a “brain-print”. Same thing happens when you put your finger or your hand on a touch-pad or touch screen. (Information can also be put into the mind of the user using this technology as well.) This information is stored in the system and used to ID you. Problem is, not everyone has a cell phone and those who do often leave them at home, or in their vehicle, or somewhere else. This is why the world’s humanitarian leadership are pushing for the use of “wearables”, electronic devices that are placed “on” you, and why developments in biosensors, bioelectronics, electronic ink, and DNA tattoo vaccinations have been developed, or are being developed, which are being used now, or will be used in the very near future. Just a matter of time now. Beware! Taking their “mark” has severe and eternal consequences!


    • Regarding wearable electronic devices, did you know that all Hajj Pilgrims who went to Mecca were required to wear high-tech electronic bracelets for “safety” this year? Did you know that flexible electronic skin patches monitor alcohol levels? Did you know that cell phones are tracked everywhere? Did you know that Motorola patented an electronic skin tattoo over 2 years ago? Did you know that Electronic Skin developed over 4 years ago monitors heart rate, brainwaves, and muscle activity? Did you know that Microsoft developed a way to make the human body a “Humantenna” using minimal electronic instrumentation placed “ON” the human body?


  3. Cashless Society is on its way, and it’ll be here sooner than 2020 too!


  4. Anyone opposed to the cashless society, and/or any of the anti-GOD social ideologies being pushed by the world’s humanists, humanitarians, and trans-humanitarians, is considered an “extremist”! Read the stuff put out by the World Economic Forum! Christian’s are considered “extremists” by them! Christianity, in its true and original form, is considered by them to be a form of “extremism”! Obama, Trump, Hillary, and the rest of the world’s politician’s and prime ministers, with very few exceptions, are 100% in favor of the global cashless society as well as the New Age 21st Century social reformation “agenda” now sweeping the world!




      • Better think twice about this! Trump is fully supportive of going to the cashless economic system and with using the electronic systems connected with this, including “brain-print” technologies which will be used as a means of “extreme vetting”, which he alluded to in a speech not long ago.




      • Politician’s lie. He’s a politician.


      • As far as “choices” for president Sandra, there are no “good” choices, period. Choosing the lesser of two evils is still evil no matter how its presented. Mainstream news is now portraying Trump as an “unwitting agent” of the Russian’s and president Putin, who is a Royal Arch Freemason by the way. Trump is a member of their “club”, which is why he visited Scotland recently, the home of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. One of their members years ago said they would foment 3 world wars, 2 of which occurred for the exact reasons he gave. The 3rd WW is being fomented between the creators of the State of Israel, the “political Zionists”, and the Nations of Islam, the “Moslem Arabic World”. unbeknownst to most people in the West. The plan is for them to mutually destroy themselves. The nations are divided on this issue, and are being constrained to fight in this war by providing physical, moral, spiritual, and economic assistance to one side or the other. Saudi Arabia, once one of the wealthiest nations on earth, is now bankrupt for this reason! So is Turkey, which explains why all the military activity and martial law being declared there. Much more to this than meets the eye.


  5. I can’t stand that bunch of CIA thieves and murderers of the American people and presidents (JFK) and potentials (Bobby Kennedy). They have acted like a murderous shadow government all over the world with their instigated genocides, meddling in governments, cancer murders, UFO and underground base alien whistle blower murders and those who try to get the word out to the American people of their atrocities. They think they are gods and to me they are common murderers and thieves like that Sr. Bush who was involved with JFK’s murder. James Angleton was directly involved with Mary Meyer’s murder and was caught in her apartment looking for her diary for info between her and JFK’s affair. They run the world’s dope trade along with others. They are cultivating the poppy fields in Afghanistan not destroying them! They instigated 911 with the use of Mossad and Saudi agents. Like the Bush-Clinton crime syndicate they are all garbage and fuck them all!!



  6. Fuck the CIA!! They are the worst murderous secret shadow government organization ever conceived! They are a bane to civilized society! Unscrupulous and corrupt!!!

    On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 1:57 PM, Lisa Haven News wrote:

    > Lisa Haven posted: ” By Lisa Haven Tucked away in a top secret labyrinth > sits one of the most amazing museums in all of history, The CIA Museum. > Though, hidden from public view five exhibits glisten the museum halls with > paraphernalia of real war and spy gadgetry dating ” >


  7. Apparently, a former CIA operative, counterterrorism expert, anti-Trump Republican “conservative”, and former staffer for the White House, is now running as a 3rd party candidate for president of the US. Videos of Trump dropping out, or being forced out, or being assassinated have been on YouTube for some time now, have they not? Video’s of Hillary on YT are not painting her in a very good light either! Predictive programming?


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