Truthers Be Ready! Strange Email Keeps Rearing Its Head and Here’s Why You Need To Know About It


By Lisa Haven

“It is not the function of our government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the government from falling into error” — United States Supreme Court decision in American Communications Association v. Douds

I couldn’t have said it better myself, “the people are the ones who keep the government from falling into error.” However, I feel we are living in the reverse. The government has seized every opportunity to control mankind and has made it their goal to “keep us from error”… at least that is the “banner” they use under the guise of the ultimate power grab.

What it all boils down to is, control. Who will control whom? The answer to that question is where the source of our answers lie, and the fact of the matter is, Mrs. Hillary Clinton is using her “power of control” over her enemies. She has manipulated, cheated, stole, rigged, committed treason, and sent others to do her “dirty” work.  The fight is real, the battle is real and us truthsers need to be prepared for anything….because one day soon, I feel the battle will be at our front door….

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  1. I love you channel. I wonder why no one has noticed how weird HRC is acting?


  2. Hi Lisa! Just want to say “Thank You” for everything you’re doing to help us. Don’t ever think that you’re not making an impact, because you are! I feel, from your voice, and watching you, that you are drained. You might feel overwhelmed right now, and maybe asking yourself if it’s worth it. And I’m here to tell you that it is indeed worth it! So keep on… keeping on! I ask the Lord to guide you, and to give you peace, strength, wisdom, knowledge, insight, visions, and discerning to prepare you for the tasks that are before you. And may the Lord richly bless you as you endeavor to do His will. We are Soldiers of The Cross † God Bless


  3. Tried to watch your video but an “error occurred” and I need to “try again later”. Hmmm? As to weird messages popping up on screen, the other day I got a message which asked me for my cell phone number because “they” or “it” wanted to track my physical location! Why?


  4. Lisa I have great respect for you Dave Hodges and Mike Adams I get all of your Emails the other day I sent Dave an email and told him about your interview with Larry Nichols and told him he should listen to it then this past Sunday you were on his show in the first hour I felt kinda stupid telling Dave that I knew you all three lived in Arkansas but I did not know you only lived 50 miles from Dave really thank you all for your reporting God bless keep up the good work Dean Southard N.C

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  5. Lisa this is Dean I meant Arizona not Arkansas sorry I didn’t wont you to not think I didn’t know what I was talking about Lisa thank you for all you do if it weren’t for what you Dave and Mike do I don’t know what people that get these Emails would do God bless you and thanks very very much your friend Dean

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  6. That was a really nice video. Given that not one jot or tittle will pass away until all is fulfilled as written in the Holy Scriptures, we know that while we resist Satan and his evil, Jesus said evil will get worse and worse. We know the mark is still coming, the Rapture will occur, Armageddon will be waged, Jesus will kick butt, the universe and current earth will pass away and a new one created, which is what we will inherit, Given that Heaven will be on earth in the new universe and that the city of Heaven will be 200 miles x 200 miles, we can expect the earth to most likely be the largest planet in the entire universe and that is going to be one huge earth/planet/terrestrial ball !!! 🙂
    Anyway, keep on keeping on Lisa. Fight the good fight against evil until the end because those who lose their lives for Jesus’ sake will find it.
    I love your passion!


  7. Hi Lisa! Is there a reason that my reply from yesterday was not approved? If I overstepped boundaries or insulted you in some way by what I posted, I am sorry. You’re doing such an awesome job of keeping us informed on major events happening in America. Keep up the great Work‼ God Bless


  8. Finally got to see your video! Interesting. I’ve got some questions though. What is a “troll”, in your opinion? It appears, at least to me, that a “troll” is someone who doesn’t “subscribe” to someone’s “channel”. Am I right or wrong in this assumption? It appears that this video you’ve made is pointed in the direction of those who disagree with your point of view, and those who regard everything from your point of view. Am I correct in that assumption? You make reference to paid and unpaid “trolls” who’re out there who oppose the points of view expressed by “Truthers”. I have been called a “troll” on numerous occasions by those involved in the “Alternative Media”. I do not get “paid”, nor will I accept money for the purposes of expressing my way of thinking. I do not have a “blog” or a “website” for that purpose, nor will I. I do not “subscribe” to anyone’s blog or website. I do not work for any government. I do not always agree with the points of view being expressed by you, or by those involved in the “Alternative Media”, as I’m sure you’re well aware of. I have been blocked on some of their websites, and I’ve been threatened on numerous occasions by some of them, and even had a few death threats. You can call me a “troll”, if you like, but I assure you this is not why I post information on your website, or any of the other websites, or on the “Alternative Media” websites. What I’ve noticed is a commonality in the way of thinking on your website, alternative news websites, and other websites. I’ve also caught those involved in selling their points of view on these blogs or websites, and on “Alternative Media” websites being less than truthful with regard to a number of “issues”. Whether they’re aware or unaware they’re doing this, I do not know, but I do know this, when I attempt to expose the half-truths or un-truths being expressed by them, or whoever, this is when the “troll” label is applied! Its very similar to what the MSM does to “Truther’s”, or to those who delve into “conspiracy theories”, huh! Then there is this pre-occupation with certain individuals or groups, and am well aware of the “trail of blood” as you call it, but I think there is blood on many other people’s hands as well, especially those involved in fomenting “revolutions” and “world wars”, past and present, as well, and lots of it, yet these details are overlooked or omitted for some strange reason by many in the “Alternative Media”. There is this notion that those who created the “government” of this nation, the “founding fathers”, the “illuminated”, the “enlightened”, were “good” men, yet in my search for the truth, this is far from reality! I know that expressing this way of thinking will be met with hostilities from the secularists, deists, humanists, humanitarians, and trans-humanitarians who “think” that in their pretended “missions” they’re doing God a “service”! As it is written, “…the hour is coming when whoever kills you will think he is offering service to God. And they will do this because they have not known the Father, nor me (The Lamb, Jesus, The Christ).” (The Gospel (The Truth) According to John, chapter 16, verses 2 and 3, Revised Standard Version Of The Holy Bible, printed 1972)


  9. They got America during vietnam/nixon The right rolled over gave the leftist Education,Media Did not take too long before major Departments of government fell under liberal control for the most part big slow down 09/11 Now they are in full control and they hate this nation once under God.


  10. This nation has never been under the rule of GOD! The “spirit” that governs this nation has sought form the very beginning to be “independent” from the laws of GOD, to seek and create its own future!


  11. Thank you!!!


  12. Wonder what electronic brain scanning technology will be used in the “new screening test” the Don is suggesting everyone should have to take, hmmm?


  13. Lisa, you have made much (I believe, too much), of an issue about UN vehicles in America. One thing you need to know is that US Army Europe (USAREUR) has done so much through the years in providing support for UN missions overseas. Consequently, many USAREUR vehicles are marked in one of two ways: with their USAREUR unit markings and with UN markings. As our Army has reduced its presence substantially in Europe over the last few years, it is reasonable to believe that many former USAREUR vehicles marked as UN vehicles have still not been repainted with their correct US Army markings. So, please go easy on your UN allegations until the US Army has had time to repaint the vehicles that were once used in support of UN missions overseas.


  14. Hi Lisa, I enjoy your daily program and your web site. Are you aware that Obama justice dept. stated yesterday-Aug.18th that they will phase out all private prisons in our nation by nor renewing contracts. So the federal government will take over all of these prisons because the government is better prepared to handle this issue. Why is this? Also I live in Lubbock, Tx and I read online from a list of fema camps in Texas that are or should open soon. Reese AFB has been closed for years. There is a college out there and a police academy. I went out there to look and I saw no activity at all. The only thing I saw that could be used is the old barracks building on the base. Also I had heard there might be a camp going up on the eastside of Lubbock. I did not see any activity out here either of anything. It is by our mainline railroad belonging to BNSF. There are tracks going up to several buildings but I believe these were there for years. Thank you and keep up the good work.


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