Americans Are Ticked: Email Leaks Explode As Elite Prepare For Their Final Deadliest Move In Response—It’s Heating Up


By Lisa Haven

DC Leak, that is the name of a new website who’s leaks large amounts of data to the American public. According to the website they are, “a new level projected aimed to analyze and publish a large amount of emails from top-ranking officials and their influence agents all over the world.” They portray themselves as American hacktivists who believe in a government for the people and believe it is our right to know what our US politicians are doing. Between them, and Wikileaks, and others leakers, I think we have a good idea about what these globalists creeps are truly up to.

In the video below I delve into not only the latest email hacks on George Soros funded organizations including, Open Society, but also uncover the real agenda to these email leaks that no one in the media dares to talk about!

Is a war about to be waged? Are the globalists ready to make their deadliest move yet in response? All that and more in this CRUCIAL report…


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For More Information See:

George Soros Leaks-

DC Leaks-

Open Society-


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  1. Fantastic pictures

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  2. Freemason’s and their associates have various “degrees” one can aspire to as one goes through the process of being “educated”, i.e., “enlightened”, in their public and private schools, or online. Those who’re true disciples of Christ don’t need to go to “school” and attain a “degree” in order to understand Christ’s and his Father’s point of view, and this is mentioned in the New Testament of the Holy Bible by Christ’s apostles many times.


    • Unless one receives the “…gift of the Holy Spirit…” one cannot understand the Lord and Savior’s, and his Father’s, point of view, or way of thinking. Those opposed to the doctrine of Christ, those of the spirit of antichrist, have their own system of doctrine which they teach to their students. This system of doctrine teaches that Jesus was merely a man and not divine, that man’s chief duty is to work for the welfare of the human race, and most importantly, that human perfectibility is attainable through man’s own efforts without divine aid, i.e., the “…the gift of the Holy Spirit…”!


  3. Isn’t it interesting how the World Wide Web is now being used by International “policy makers”, their “policing agencies”, and “social media providers” to “target” and “criminalize” individuals/groups, specifically those designated to be “TROLLS”, whose “speech”, i.e., communications in any form, whether obtained through overt or covert methods, does not conform to the “Nondiscrimination Policy of the IEEE”, which “…prohibits discrimination, harassment, and bullying against any person for any reason—for example, because of age, ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religion, gender, sexual or affectional orientation, gender identity, appearance, matriculation, political affiliation, marital status, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.”

    See the full NDP at—

    Am sure that most, if not all, involved in the “alternative media”, such as yourself, are in agreement with this “policy”, right?


    • So, if I post information concerning what is written in the RSV, 1952, concerning human conduct that is considered to be a “defiling act” according to the words of the only true prophets, the one and only Savior, Jesus Christ, and the apostle’s, will this be considered to be a “hate crime”?


      • What is written in the Revelation to John, chapter 13, RSV, 1952, is becoming a reality, and quite quickly too! Those who will not worship and serve the “beast” will be criminalized, arrested, imprisoned, and executed by those who do!


  4. So, Lisa, what’s up Trump’s sleeve in the way of technologies to conduct “Extreme Vetting”, hmmmmmmm? Perhaps “…advanced technologies that monitor and control brain activities…”? When will YOU really WAKE UP?


  5. A majority of American’s, as well as the nations of the world, will embrace the “advanced technologies” that will “monitor and control” their minds! Its only a matter of time.


  6. The 2016 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI’ 16 ) will be held during October 13-16, 2016, in Omaha, USA.

    Like I said, its only a matter of time now until “it” is in control.



    Posted by Zoltan Istvan in categories: bioengineering, biotech/medical, geopolitics, life extension, robotics/AI, transhumanism


  8. War isn’t about to be waged, its already being waged! Its a “spiritual” battle, not a physical battle! A psychological war is being waged by those who deny “…the gift of the Holy Spirit…” against those who have received “…the gift of the Holy Spirit…”. Why do you think there is so much emphasis on psychological warfare these days by those who deny the “…Holy Spirit…”? Its not hard to find out who they are who deny the “…Holy Spirit…”! Just watch and listen to what’s on television!


  9. The “online” definition of the word “humanitarianism” is quite different from the original definition.

    “Humanitarianism is a moral of kindness, benevolence, and sympathy extended to all human beings. Humanitarianism has been an evolving concept historically but universality is a common theme in its evolution. No distinction is to be made on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, caste, age, religion, ability, or nationality.”

    The original printed-on-paper definition of the word “humanitarianism” is:

    “1. The distinctive tenet denying the divinity of Christ; also, the system of doctrine based upon this view of Christ. 2.a. The doctrine that man’s obligations are limited to, and dependent alone on, man and human relations. b. The doctrine of Saint Simone that man’s nature is perfectible through his own efforts without divine grace. 3. Regard for the interests of mankind; broad benevolence or philanthropy.” (Webster’s New International Dictionary, printed 1928)

    You now know who they are who deny “…the gift of the Holy Spirit…”!


  10. The apostle Matthew was told by Jesus, “And whoever says a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.” (The Gospel According to Matthew, chapter 12, verse 32, RSV, 1952)


  11. My links to the DEFCON website have been removed! How does this happen? System monitored? Oh, you can bet your life on it!


    • Russia and the US are increasingly involved in warfare in the Ukraine. Its getting hotter by the second. Russian forces are attacking positions of the Ukrainian army forces, backed by the US/NATO forces which have been attacking civilian areas in eastern Ukraine to terrorize the hell out of them and force them to leave. US/NATO forces want control of the Ukraine. Russia does not want to give up control of the Ukraine, or Crimea. You think there might be a war going on?


  12. Russia views the West as an aggressor to be defended against.


  13. Apparently, according to reports on social media, Russia is bombing the Western backed “rebel” positions in Syria using strategic bombers based in Iran for a 3rd time in as many days. The political Zionists in Israel and the US most certainly are “concerned”, to put it mildly, about this. The situation in eastern Ukraine has developed into a hot war between Ukrainian Army forces, backed by Western forces, and pro-Russian forces backed by the Russian forces. 40,000 plus Russian troops are now positioned all along the eastern Ukraine border. The US and NATO forces are doing much the same on their side of the border, and in their allies nations. Poland, for example, has over 30,000 troops stationed all along its borders. Both sides are experiencing casualties and deaths in Donetsk, Avdeevka, and Horlivka. Four Ukraine Army soldiers were killed in the fighting. Civilians caught in the fighting are fleeing, and there have been many injuries and deaths to civilians there. Syria’s Assad “regime forces” are regaining areas once held by the Western backed “rebels” with the support of Russian airstrikes. Civilians are fleeing the fighting, and many civilians have been injured or killed as this war continues to get hotter and hotter. Many thousands of civilians in Aleppo have already died due to no clean water or food! So-called “humanitarian” aid convoys have not been able to distribute water or food there for more than a week now. In central Turkey a police headquarters in Elazig had a car bomb go off outside which killed and injured many. Turkish authorities are looking at confiscating the assets of those alleged to have been behind the so-called “coup” which occurred in Turkey weeks ago. There is also great concern that special forces (or terrorists) could take control of the nuclear weapons kept at Incirlik air base. Its highly doubtful this will happen due to the intense military security on that air base. More likely these nuclear weapons will be moved from there, but to where will not be revealed to any of us. There is much going on with regard to the use of, or release of, CBRNE materials in these war zones. There is much going on with regard to cyber warfare as well. Based on all the reports available on what is apparently occurring, and what could occur at any moment, me thinks the “October” surprise so many are concerned about may have much to do with the escalating warfare ongoing in many war zones, and not just in the Ukrainian and Syrian theaters of war. (I don’t use the word “conflict”! There are numerous “wars” going on involving many nations, both on a domestic level and internationally! According to the definition of what a world war is, it sure looks like World War 3 between the “political Zionists” and the “Islamic nations” is happening, just as Albert Pike said!)


  14. Oh, and its now being reported that the “war in Yemen” is also increasing in intensity, with all kinds war fighting going on there, because UN peace talks officiated between forces in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and forces in Yemen have failed! Also, it is being reported that China’s government and military is going to move to take control of the Scarborough Shoal which is within the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of the Philippines, apparently after the G20 Summit in early September, and before the November election in the USA, which would be sometime in October of 2016. Sure are a lot of “events” scheduled to take place in October of 2016! For example, the IEEE’s “Global Humanitarian Technology Conference” is taking place in October, in Seattle, Washington, USA. The IEEE’s “SMC 6th Workshop on Brain-Machine Interface Systems” will be held in Budhapest in October, 2016. The IEEE’s “International Conference on Rebooting Computing” will be held in San Diego, CA, in October of 2016. What’s coming may be an “October” surprise to many, but not me!


  15. Its being reported that there have been 48 airstrikes against the “Islamic State in Libya” conducted by US Africa Command. If you don’t know who is supplying arms, weapons, training, funding and intelligence to the “Islamic nations” by now, you know nothing about what is really going on.


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