Cryptic Key To The Bottomless Pit Just Discovered: Anthony Patch Tells It All…


By Lisa Haven

“…and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.” Revelation 9:1

Ever wonder about the “key” to the bottomless pit and just what it is that allows the opening of the very pits of Hell to which hideous locusts fly out and inflict their pain on mankind during the tribulation period spoken of in Biblical prophecy?

Well now, we just might have the answer. In the video below avid researcher, public speaker, and author of multiples books on CERN, Anthony Patch, believes he may have found just that! A type of cryptograph key that links CERN to D-Wave quantum computers to form a cryptic “key” that unlocks the dimensional portals of CERN.

Too far fetched? I believe you’ll find the video worth while! Anthony Patch not only proves his research but also backs it up with avid information on his website His studies have led him to some of the most crucial finds on not only they key’s to the bottomless pit, but also intense studies on the Mandela effect. All that and more in this EXCLUSIVE interview…

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For More Information See:

Anthony Patch’s website-

Anthony Patch’s Youtube Channel-

Anthony Patch’s Books-

One Human Problem, It’s Solution, and It’s Relation to the UFO Phenomenon (pdf)-


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3 replies

  1. The Father wrote Revelation. Re 1:1. Jesus has the keys of hell and death. Re 1:18. The Father no longer witholdeth, and tells Jesus or takes him out of the way, to give the keys to the bottomless pit to the angel from heaven, to release the angel Apollyon the anti-Christ from the bottomless pit 2 Th 2: 6,7,8 with the mortal headwound where Jesus took him and split his head down to his shoulders Ha 3:11,12,13 when he went to hell for three days and nights in triumph following the crucifixion Ma 12:40. Apollyon rises day 794 or before according to Da 12:11:12. and Ma 24:15. Do the math.


  2. I don’t know about the keys to the bottomless pit being so available by fallen entities as Anthony Patch believes as it regards CERN. According to Jesus, “I am the First and the Last, and the Living One. I was dead, but look — I am alive forever and ever, and I hold the keys of death and Hades.” Since the bottomless pit is in the underworld of Hades, then only one holds those keys and CERN isn’t a key option. Now activating portals between dimensions and what not seems feasible with CERN, especially given the occultic nature of CERN and the in-your-face statues, geometric shapes, and so forth, but having the key to the bottomless pit doesn’t make sense according to Jesus’ own statement.


  3. Yes, on Oct 15, 2016 we had a back wave of space energy blow back against solar current on our magnetic field of earth (see BP Earthwatch). It took 10 to 15 hours for the earths magnetic field to restabilize. During this time of re-stabilization Cern cranked up to a very high level of energy which aggressively affected the earths magnetic field which was documented via satellite sensors. Subsequently, the Cern collider blew a fuse, so to speak, in section 67 due to the high level of power it was using as we can surmise at present. Currently per Patch, The D wave Computer at Cern currently on 10/23/2016 is operating at 8192 qubits which equals infinity so FYI. All they need now is to lift the restrainer from God I imagine and open the macro portal according to patch.


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