Hillary-Vs-Trump Election? Or Do They Have a Wild Card Up Their Sleeve—Clinton Insider Tells All On An Early October Surprise

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By Lisa Haven

Every day more news is surfacing about our two political candidates who are running for office. Most recently it was revealed on Alex Jones’ Infowars via presidential secret service agents that the democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, is needing a little more health aid then most candidates. They claim she needs continuous aid up stairs, she has numerous seizers, and that they have spent half a million on her health needs. Many of those in the secret service believe it might be Parkinson disease—a chronic, degenerative neurological disorder.

What we do know is that in December 2012, Mrs. Clinton took six months to recover from a serious concussion after falling, and it’s possible this could have caused major brain damage. If this is not Parkinson’s, then maybe her strange, brain-dead behaviors can be attributed to the fall.

Either way, these are serious issues facing our democratic presidential nominee and we could be looking at a ‘wild card’ play from President Obama. If she is deemed unfit to lead, then the election will be suspended for a time, and Obama will be left in the oval office until another ‘candidate’ is chosen by the democratic party.

But then again, Hillary just might have her way and proceed with the election as intended.

On the other side of the fence, the democratic party has come out with their own attack campaign against Trump and it has now surfaced that Trump’s campaign manager, Paul Manafort, has been receiving millions in cash from a Ukrainian pro-Russian group. While Manafort denies these accusations tensions are rising in the Republican Party.

Personally, one must ask the question was Paul Manafort a plant in Trump’s campaign to begin with?  Or was it all a setup to frame Manafort by the democratic side? One must also remember that the mainstream media has been continuously painting Russia in a negative light by blaming all the hacked emails on the Russians. Are they attempting to ignite a war and claim the Trump campaign is a part of it? I wouldn’t put it past them if they did! After all the globalists hate Donald Trump, who I believe is a real patriot.

To clear things up, I’ve interviewed Larry Nichols, former Clinton Advisor and expert on all things Clinton. Here’s the CRUCIAL interview…

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  1. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your posts.

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  2. Isn’t it interesting how a former Sye-Eye-Aye “operations officer”, and “ex-chief policy director for the Republican Conference”, and “Republican conservative”, has appeared on the political scene, seemingly out of nowhere, to run as a “third party” and “independent” candidate for president of the United States? He’s a graduate of Brigham Young and a Mormon. What a coincidence, NOT! How ’bout you, Lisa? All the Western mainstream news channels and many alternative news sources are suddenly giving him all kinds of “air time”. Another coincidence? NOT! Sure is interesting how Hillary and Trump are increasingly being demonized by the MSM and many in alternative media now, don’t you think? Hillary is being portrayed as “infirm” and “corrupt”, while Trump is being portrayed as “unstable” and a “security threat” to the United States. Just a coincidence? NOT! Interesting story posted on “Politico” surrounding the sudden appearance, rise and interest in this Mormon candidate for president.

    Its interesting that when one types in the words: “Mormon Lisa Haven” that the website “LISA – Mormon haven.com” appears. You know anything ’bout dat, Lisa? You know anything about Mormonism, Masonry, and Magick, Lisa? The LDS “church” is anything but the true church of Jesus Christ! Did you know that Albert Pike, a Freemason, or Mason, called the deeds of the God of the true Christian’s “…cruelty, perfidy and hatred of man, barbarism and repulsion for science.”?

    Albert Pike also said: “Lucifer is God and unfortunately Adonay (the God of the Christians) also is God. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black…pure and philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer, God of Light and God of Good, (who) is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the God of Darkness and Evil.” (published in the “Instructions to the Twenty-Three Supreme Councils of the World” and quoted in “The Question of Freemasonry, J. Edward Decker, pg. 13)

    The level of iniquity being committed in this country and world is far worse than I imagined!


  3. I watched Obama and his wife on t.v during the Super Bowl Pre game show. Michelle was completely drunk and not even trying to hide it. She had a glass of wine in her hand during the interview. Barrack seemed so tired and annoyed that he wanted to leave. All Michelle kept talking about was all the traveling they plan on doing when Barrack’s term is over.

    MY POINT: Our President and the First Lady are counting the day’s, they are tired, stressed, and ready to leave for a big fat long vacation. I don’t think Obama would even take a third term if it was offered to him by some kind of martial law or Hillary being sick or what not. He is ready to leave


  4. I am sorry to announce there will not be an election this year. I will tell you these are the last days and to Praise the Lord God Almighty and the Lord Jesus Christ.


    • Those who worship and serve Lucifer are fomenting WW3 between the “political Zionists” and the “Islamic nations”, just as Albert Pike said they would! Its reasonable to assume that an event of sufficient magnitude would cause the election to be cancelled. What exactly that event, or series of events, might be, I do not know of. There are, however, many possibilities.


      • What amazes me is how those who worship and serve Lucifer have twisted the public’s views concerning their “humanitarian missions” somehow being for the “greater good of humanity”, when the truth is, obviously to some, quite the opposite. They have caused terrible destruction and death in the wars they have fomented, but then they turn around and offer their “humanitarian” services as they go about the world “nation building”? Their hypocrisy is undeniable!


  5. There are several means Obo can and will use to suspend Whatever he wants. Obo and clan could not believe the American people would be stupid enough to elect him again.


    • Quite possible. There are other reasons which could be used to justify suspending the elections in November. Vote rigging and voter fraud are two reasons.


  6. Yesterday, a video surfaced on the news showing a small child sitting in a chair who was wounded in the war that is going on in Aleppo, Syria. Let’s be clear, this is not a “civil war” as the West’s media portrays it! Western news commentators were quick to point out that the injuring and killing of children in the war going on in Aleppo, Syria, is being caused by Syria’s leader, Assad, and the members of his “regime”, who have been alleged by the US State Department to have committed atrocities against their own people. Russia and Putin, who’re allies of Assad and Syria, were also named as being responsible for what is going on in Aleppo. Nothing was said about the West’s involvement in supporting and starting the war in Syria to begin with, which was part of the Pentagon’s plan to “…take out 7 nations in 5 years…” which Wesley Clark, former NATO commander, admitted to, which began shortly after the “events” of 9/11! The facts are, World War 3 is ongoing! Its a “state of perpetual war”, just as Donald Rumsfeld declared! The Russian’s and Putin have been involved in injuring and killing many thousands of civilians, including children, in Syria, but so has the US and NATO, and more so! Their military actions in this world war have caused millions of people to flee the war zones and become refugees! The civilians in these war zones have been severely traumatized and terrorized by what they have gone through! And now they want to have a cease fire in Aleppo, so that they can open a “humanitarian corridor” so that the remaining people there can escape the carnage, savagery, and bloody turmoil which Lucifer, their alleged “God of Light and God of Good”, has led them to do? The iniquity being committed by them is an abomination!


  7. With regard to the “October” surprise, which is coming, VP Joe Biden, who some years ago, during a hearing in which a Supreme Court nominee was being questioned, asked the nominee if he knew he would have to one day rule on the use of RFID technologies which would be placed “on” individuals”, apparently had a phone conversation with Poroshenkho, the violently installed puppet leader in Ukraine. As we all know, but perhaps not you, many people have been injured and killed in Ukraine over the last three years there due to the West’s military takeover of the Ukraine, and this situation continues today even more so. Might want to read the following information posted on the Ukraine English News!



    • With regard to the VP, and this is a possible scenario, if something happens to the O before the elections, who takes over? When Kennedy was assassinated who took over? What war began in earnest after that? Isn’t it strange how O’s and Hillary’s alleged connections to ISIS and Trump’s alleged connections to Russia and Putin are being “investigated”? How come Hillary’s physical condition and Trump’s mental state are being called into question so much in the media? Why are Hillary and Trump being marginalized and criminalized by the media?


  8. And the war rages on! According to Western news reports today, 8/20/2016, apparently, Russian supplied Syrian Air Force jets have been bombing US-backed Kurdish “rebel” forces in northeastern Syria since 8/18/2016. The US-led coalition military forces scrambled jets to protect the US military advisers working with the Kurdish “rebel” forces, who’ve, apparently, been working with them for months to fight members of the Islamic nations. US fighter jets, apparently, attempted to intercept the Syrian jets, but they were no longer in the area when they arrived. (Please note: I do not use the rhetoric that the media uses to describe the situation ongoing in Syria!)


  9. The war rages on, and its escalating! According to news reports, apparently, Russia has launched cruise missiles from its ships in the Mediterranean Sea to attack targets in northern Syria! Apparently, they have, and are still, launching strategic bombers from an airbase in Iran which have been dropping bombs on US-backed Kurdish forces who are accompanied by US military “advisors” in northern Syria! Uh-oh!


  10. WAR NEWS ALERT!!!!

    Pentagon has now threatened to shoot down Syrian air force jets attacking targets in northern Syria because US “advisors”, or Special Operations Forces, are among them! Russian air force strategic bombers flying over Iran are reported to be air launching cruise missiles to strike targets in northern Syria! Flights of AUAV’s (Armed Unmanned Arial Vehicles) have been reported over the ATO! Fighting in the eastern part of Ukraine has escalated! Russian missile ships are firing cruise missiles to strike targets “near Aleppo”!

    Could the “elections” be cancelled because of a WAR?


  11. The situation in the eastern Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions is intensifying. Ukraine Army command, control, and logistical positions are being attacked by pro-Russian and Russian backed forces using artillery according to reports coming out of eastern Ukraine. Ukraine Army has been, and is at this time, fighting back. In the Middle East, reports are indicating US military personnel located in Riyadh, who’ve been coordinating attacks with the Saudi’s and conducting airstrikes in Yemen, where there have been many civilian injuries and deaths, are withdrawing air support of Saudi forces in Yemen. US personnel on the ground in Yemen who assisted in coordinating airstrikes are being withdrawn as well. In the Sea of Japan, the Chinese navy has been conducting “drills” which the Japanese authorities have warned them NOT to do, increasing tensions there. Beijing has threatened military action against Japan over the South China Sea. In South Korea, the SK military has been conducting artillery “drills” aimed at intimidating North Korea, which is adding to the tensions there. In Turkey, the Prime Minister there has indicated that Russia may be able to use the Incirlik air base, if necessary, to conduct military operations to hit “Islamic nations” targets in Syria. (Don’t the US/NATO forces used that airbase?) Pentagon has warned the Russian’s about their attacks on IS positions in northern Syria because their “advisors” are “near” them, (actually among the Kurdish “rebels”), saying they will shoot down any Syrian war planes involved in attacks on those positions. Ukraine’s violently installed leader, Poroshenko, is saying Martial Law may be invoked soon due to the increasing activities of WAR in the eastern regions of Ukraine. The facts on the ground there are that ML has already been implemented, its just not been officially announced. Ukraines Western backed and installed leadership in Kiev and Russia’s leadership are engaged in war at this very moment, and this war is intensifying.


  12. Reports are now circulating claiming that Germany’s government authorities are telling their citizens to store water and food to last them ten days. They are also telling them they will have to prepare to defend themselves in the event the authorities cannot come to their aide due to some “crisis”. WAR perhaps? Reports are also coming out concerning a document being circulated online in which US Army military personnel have been told that they will begin training to enact Marital Law September 5, 2016. Training is to last until October. October? Lots of stuff going down in October.


    • Why is the previous post “…awaiting moderation.”?

      The “International Conference on Rebooting Computing” is in October, 2016.

      The “Making the Future” conference takes place in October, 2016.

      The “Global Humanitarian Technology Conference” takes place in October, 2016.

      Why is the U.S. Army being ordered to begin training on Sept. 5, 2016, on how to implement Martial Law?


    • The “ARM TECHCON” takes place in Santa Clara, CA, in October, 2016. Isn’t the Apple Campus under construction near Santa Clara, in Cupertino? What does the apple with a bite out of it symbolically represent anyway? Forbidden Knowledge? What “spirit” convinced the first “womb-man” to take a bite out of the apple? You know, don’t you!


    • Apple has acquired a “personal health data startup” named “Gliimpse” located in California, which has been working on a platform for users/customers to store and manage their personal health data. A users/customers medical records and other health details are put together in a personalized, secure (yeah, right) and sharable (with whom?) package that creates a comprehensive picture of the users/customers health data. Health data includes physiological and psychological information, which can be obtained with or without the users knowledge. Bioelectrical “signals” generated by the heart and brain are decoded to determine lots of things about users, such as their heart rate or brain functions, but these signals can be decoded to determine such things as whether or not a person is lying, and even what they may be thinking at a given moment, for example. What they don’t tell you about all this wonderful technology is how feedback can be generated by the artificial intelligence system to manipulate and control human beings! Its a two way system! Nice huh! Enjoy!


    • Lucifer, “…the devil…”, and the fallen ones, have ruled THIS world for a long time. This is the “spirit” that dominates human nature and humanity, or “…the people…”! Lucifer, who is known by many other names in every CULT-ure, past and present, is the “…god of this world…”, as stated in the Holy Bible, RSV, 1952. The Freemasons worship and serve Lucifer, as Albert Pike stated. The Freemasons, the “…enlightened ones…”, are the creators of capitalist economics and the constitutional form of civil government based on the ideology of democracy which has been handed down for centuries. In any form of democracy, “…the will of the people…”, the will of the fallen “spirit” which dominates human nature and humanity, is exalted as the “…Highest Authority…”, NOT THE MOST HIGH GOD! Freemasonic rituals of the Knights of the Red Cross, the Knights Templars, and the Knights of Malta, included carrying a horned goat-headed representation of Lucifer, the denial of Jesus as The Christ, as well as spitting and stomping on a representation of Christ on a cross! This, in essence, is to deny the “…gift of the Holy Spirit…”, or “…divine grace…”! The judgment of the Most High God rightly falls on those who refuse to acknowledge Jesus as The Christ, the One and Only Savior of humanity!




    • The signs of the end are written in the New Testament in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, 1952. Many of these signs are a reality and many of those signs are soon to come, and much sooner than people think.


  14. Regarding the “election”, happened to watch a live broadcast on FOX held after Trumps speech in the auditorium on the University of Akron, in Ohio, and I noticed something odd. The walls, the seats, and the ceiling in the auditorium at the University of Akron in Ohio appeared to be the same color as a “green screen”! Just the lighting, I’m sure.


    • “Appearances have always played a much more important part than reality in history, where the unreal is always of greater moment than the real.“
      –Gustav LeBon, The Crowd (1895)


    • Read through the article quickly and there are some major problems. One is the injection of the words “…the antichrist…” in parenthesis in verse 9:27 from The Book of Daniel to describe a man, “he”, who makes a “…strong covenant with many for one week: and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and offering to cease.” This same verse in the RSV, 1952, does not use the words “…the antichrist…” to describe this person, whoever “he” is.

      In the second part of this same verse in the Book of Daniel in the RSV, 1952, it is stated that, “…upon the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator.”

      Who this person is, as yet, unknown because we’re not yet at the end of the 70 year period, but we’re getting close! The “Seventy weeks of years” began with the establishment of the political Zionists “Jewish” state of Israel in May of 1948. Interesting to note that May 1948 + 70 years = May in 2018!

      It is written, “Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince. there shall be seven weeks.” (Dan. 9:25, RSV, 1952)

      Who is this “anointed one”, this “prince”, who is to appear at the end of the 7 weeks or years?

      May of 2018 – 7 years = May of 2010! We’re already in the last 7 “weeks” or years of the 70 year period!

      It is written, “Then for sixty two weeks it shall be built again with squares and a moat, but in a troubled time.” (Dan. 9:25, RSV, 1952)

      The word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem was initiated in late 1947 by the British government and the United Nations General Assembly, but the political Zionists, the Jewish leadership, rejected this plan! As a result a civil war broke out between the Arab and Jewish communities which led to the eventual establishment of the political Zionists “Jewish State in Eretz-Israel” in May of 1948. To say that since 1948 that what has been going in and around this State isn’t a “troubled time” is to ignore reality!


      • Correction: In the sentence beginning with: “May of 2018 – 7 years = May of 2010!” –it should read May of 2011 NOT May of 2010. Please note.


      • Am correcting my correction! The sentence in question is correct as it originally appears! Excuse me, please.


  15. Regarding what is going on in this “troubled time” or “time of trouble”, wars and rumors of war are everywhere today aren’t they! Russian and US/NATO bombers, surveillance aircraft, fighter jets, UAV’s and AUAV’s are flying all over the place in and all around the Ukraine, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Russia, and in other places! Chinese government ships entered Japan’s territorial waters twice, increasing war tensions between them! Chinese military aircraft flew into South Korea’s airspace which caused them to scramble fighter jets to intercept! Japan’s military air forces responded to four Russian TU-95 bombers equipped with cruise missiles flying up to Japan’s borders! Turkish forces are attacking Syria, one of the allies of Russia, from the north! US military in Syria fighting against the Islamic nations has warned Syria, and Russia, against attacking targets “near” their forces there! Tens of thousands of people have been injured, killed, and made refugees as a result of all kinds of military activity, drills, and exercises ongoing in “war zones”! Do you need more proof as to just what “time” we’re in?


  16. Apparently, North Korea has “test” fired a missile from one of its submarines today. NK warned the US that they might launch a “pre-emptive nuclear strike” on South Korea and the US whose forces are participating in the joint US/ROK “exercises” code named “Ulchi Freedom Guardian” now going on. May be all talk, but the situation presents a perfect opportunity for a FF to be carried out. North Korea was one of the nations called a “terrorist state” and a “state sponsor of terrorism” right after the events of 9/11 by G. W. Bush. Wars and rumors of war are increasing!


  17. Apparently, while the US/ROK “exercises” are now occurring, there are other “exercises” ongoing involving Russian, Chinese, and Iranian forces on land, at sea, and in the air as well, especially off the coast of Japan, in and around Ukraine/Crimea, in the South China Sea, off the coast of the political Zionists state too!


  18. World War 3 continues to escalate. Unbeknownst to most of the “world”, the political Zionists in Jerusalem and the US and their allies have invaded Syria and they are now, and have been, enforcing a “no fly zone” there. Any aircraft not a participant with the US military alliance’s invasion of Syria will be confronted and shot down. Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea’s forces have been warned, and designated “potential targets” by the US! Drone warfare is ongoing in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and in other locations. The military forces of the political Zionists in Jerusalem in the Jewish State have attacked Syrian army positions on the Golan Heights, and other sites in Syria. Saudi Arabia launched a chemical weapon attack on Sana’a, Yemen, killing many civilians there. The war in Yemen has made over 3 million people refugees! The all seeing eyes former director said concerning the Russian’s and Iranians involved in supporting Syria and Assad that, “We need to make them pay the price by killing Russian’s ….and Iranians.” He said this on the Charlie Rose show! He meant what he said, though he backtracked on this comment. and said that the “moderate opposition”, or rebels in Syria whom they support should do that for them! Freemason Albert Pike wrote about how their “agentur” would foment a 3rd World War between the “political Zionists” (in Jerusalem in the Jewish State and in America) and the “Islamic Nations” (in the Moslem Arabic World), and they are succeeding! The desired goal is to get them to mutually destroy each other, and if the escalation continues between them this is exactly what will happen. A “time of trouble” indeed!


  19. Apparently, the escalation continues! Turkey, a member of the US/NATO military alliance, is now using its mobile artillery units and tanks to invade and shell Islamic nation targets in northern Syria. Turkish special forces and US/NATO coalition units attacked and took control of the Islamic nation controlled village of Kalijah, in the Jarabulus region, in northern Syria. There have been multiple attacks by Turkish “coalition forces” on towns and cities located in northern Syria, including Aleppo. The “exercise” is named “OperationEuphratesShield”. While this is going on, VP Biden is in Turkey, and was shown in a photo op visiting the parliament building that came under attack during the alleged “coup” back on July 15, 2016. The president of Turkey is now saying that these “operations” are aimed at “terrorist groups” of the Islamic nations because of their attacks on towns in southern Turkey. Turkish authorities have detained hundreds of people who are suspected of having ties to “FETA”, designated a “Gulenist terrorist organization” headed by Fetullah Gulen, a Turkish Islamic Cleric living in Pennsylvania. The Turkish government submitted a formal request seeking the extradition of Gulen. Those suspected of being his supporters, or with ties to him in Turkey and in the US have received death threats from “political Zionists” in Turkey and the US. (In New York recently an Islamic cleric and his son were shot and killed.) Many Gulen supporter’s have been detained for questioning and their “assets” seized by they Turkish government. Apparently, Gulen’s mansion in the US was “financed” by Kaynak Holdings, a business based in Turkey. Its apparent that Freemason Albert Pikes prediction concerning how “they” would bring about WW3, by taking advantage of the differences “caused by the “agentur” (agents) of the “Illuminati” between the “political Zionists” and the “leaders of the Islamic world”, is being fulfilled.


  20. Perhaps now, Lisa, you can understand why the German people were told to store up enough food and water to last them at least ten days!


  21. Can’t reply. I click on Post Comment and nothing happens. Trouble with the system or what?


  22. Typed in a comment to post, clicked the Post Comment box, and nothing, again. Ruh-roh!


  23. Apparently, Moscow is alarmed about the invasion going on in Syria right now! Tensions in the region are growing and the situation there is deteriorating rapidly!


    • Moscow is alarmed because they know that the US/NATO military alliance, which Turkey is member of, are involved in the invasion and attack on the sovereign nation of Syria which began after the phony “coup” in Turkey.


      • Apparently, according to some reports, Moscow, specifically Putin, feel they have been betrayed by the “alliance” because they were hoping to be a part of the “humanitarians” global “nation building”, or rebuilding process in the Middle East, in the Ukraine, in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, etc., etc.. But, instead of cooperation, Russia and Moscow are being given arbitrary demands and policy mandates they do not like, plus they’re being threatened with military force because they do not want to transition to a new form of government. (Ding-ding-ding! Ring a bell?) The threat of, or use of, military force, overtly or covertly, by the alliance is used for political leverage, period. This is the real nature of the beast, which is hidden from the eyes of the majority! Pressure is put on leaders of nations to comply through various means, such as causing an airliner to crash, destroying a leaders personal aircraft or vehicles in the middle of the night, assassinations, abductions, confiscation of assets, imposing sanctions, injuring and killing innocent civilians, paying mercenaries and moderate rebels to do the dirty work, attacking a leaders character, blaming them for something the did not do, setting them up to fail, etc., etc., etc.! The dead leader of Libya is an example of what happens to someone when they refuse to “play ball” with the “alliance”. Putin and Moscow do not want to “play ball”, so what has happened, and is happening right now? This is the nature of the real world, the real nature of the beast, not the phony world displayed by the electronic virtual reality mass media matrix!


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