Federal Takeover of Elections Commencing This Year?! If Not Then Why Did This Happen…


By Lisa Haven

“Of course the elections will not be rigged. What does that mean?… The Federal government doesn’t run the election process…” 

Those are the words of our Commander and Chief President Barack Obama, who earlier this month responded to Donald Trump’s comment about elections being ‘rigged.’ Obama made it clear that rigged elections don’t happen, and that the federal government has nothing to do with the election process….which we all know is a blatant lie!

Just a few weeks later, Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security Secretary, stated that they should consider the election process as “critical infrastructure” thereby putting the process under the control of the Federal government—specifically Homeland Security—in order to prevent cyber attacks in voting. OUTRAGE!!!

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For More Information See:




https://www.c-span.org/video/?413496-1/homeland-security-secretary-jeh-johnson-speaks-christian-science-monitor-breakfast&start=42 (15:00 -23:00 minute mark)



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5 replies

  1. Told everybody four years ago that was the last election. welcome to last days Obo’s just a gas old jumping jack.


  2. “Those are the words of our Commander and Chief President Barack Obama …” With this sentence, the basic literacy , historical and political knowledge of this woman must be seriously questioned, to make such an egregious error as calling the President “the Commander and Chief.” IT’S THE COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, sister. You just lost all credibility with me, not that you had much to begin with. Did you never once in all your reading come across the all-important phrase “Commander-in-chief?” It is one of the most important phrases in the Constitution, and makes this VERY IMPORTANT distinction. He is not OUR commander-in-chief, he is officially the COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF OF THE ARMED FORCES. This one of the most vital parts of the Constitution, as it states that the armed forces of the United States are intended to be FOREVER under civilian and not military control. Look sister, you’re a little young to be setting yourself up as some kind of political commentator. You’re still wet behind the ears, and you have a LOT of seasoning to get before you acquire that title. Besides which your End-of-the-world stuff is paranoid nonsense and buncombe.


  3. This box says LEAVE A REPLY. I left a reply , in fact two, yesterday, picking you up on a thing or two, and I never saw them posted. Do you delete posts that don’t agree with your stance on things? Kindly favor me with a reply . OCEANUS


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