Globalists Wolves Frothing At the Mouth In Rage Are Activating A Treacherous Plot To Destroy


By Lisa Haven

If you though the globalists initiation of federalized healthcare, via Obamacare, and a federalized United Nations education system, via Common Core were bad, then you’re about to be floored by their latest scandals that will kill the freedoms in America we so passionately adore.

The globalists were ticked when the British people decided they wanted to leave the European Union via a vote, Brexit. And even more emboldened when other European countries expressed their interests in doing the same thing. Their furry continued, here in America, when Donald Trump squeezed his way into becoming the presidential republican nominee—a patriotic candidate who openly stands against the New World Order agenda. Adding one last log to the globalists fire a group of hackers reared their heads and took the initiative to leak emails of corrupted politicians including from the Democratic National Convention, George Soros, and Hillary Clinton.

As a result an enraged ‘pack of globalists wolves’ were birthed and they are stoping at nothing to use their power to implement their global agenda. They are sinking their teeth into citizens all across the globe and passing laws both out in the open and behind closed doors.

Please be ready, it could get a bit more “bumpy” in the very near future! All that and more in this breaking report….

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  1. These Globalist wolves are ready to devour everything. We know that Donald Trump stands up to them to confront their evil designs. Since the Democrats and the Republicans serve the same masters they have now united to put up a stiff opposition to Trump.

    As we hear the thumping sounds of WW3 we at least need a leader who has not sold himself to a higher bidder.


  2. Doctor patient confidentiality. That never existed


  3. Once satan gets his teeth in he is determined to keep them in to the death. Only God can save a country! We, as a country, must repent of our sins and turn back to God. Remember the story from the Bible about Nineva?

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    • The KJV, especially the New Testament in it, is full of “grave defects”! For this reason the Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible was authorized by vote of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. in 1951! According to this authorized version, there is no one person who is called “The Antichrist”. There are, however, “many” who are “of the spirit of antichrist”, and this includes any one or group that does not adhere to the true “doctrine of Christ”, and rejects the offer of “…divine grace…”. The list of them is long! Revelation 13, RSV, 1952, uses the word “it” or “its”, NOT “he” or “him”, to describe the first beast rising out of the “sea” and another beast rising out of the “earth”.


  4. Wake up fellow patriots, wolves are not bullet proof and perhaps when they crash the country, a hunting party might be in order. It is time to organize into small local self-protection groups, excluding all fringe nuts and anarchists. Once formed, the groups should train for a variety of scenarios. Standing together we may survive to fight another day. Alone, we will be eaten alive by the wolves. Semper Fidelis.


  5. Deutsche Post DHL Group and United Nations Development Programme Hold Airport Disaster Preparedness Workshops in Bali and Lombok;_ylt=A0SO8zB5yM5XUmoAvyFXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw–


    • The UN Security Council is holding, or has held, another emergency meeting concerning the most recent alleged North Korean missile launches from their east coast. They’re calling these actions a “pattern of provocations”. The US Dept. of State says these missile launches violate UN Security Council Resolutions, pose a threat to civil aviation and maritime commerce, are threatening the United States, and threaten international security. Accordingly, the UN’s “Act (Accountability, Coherence & Transparency) Code of Conduct” is being recognized internationally, and is now being enforced in many regions, including South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia, etc. . Thousands of UN troops are being sent into these regions to “enforce peace”. Associated with this is the implementation of global “governance services” using electronic diagnostic and biometric systems. These electronic systems are being used to discern who is, or is not, going to comply, or who are not in compliance, with the UN’s ACT Code of Conduct. Associated with this is the implementation of global Internet and online “non-discrimination policies” soon to be enforced (which are being enforced in some regions already) in the USA beginning October 1, 2016. Non-compliance will entail warnings against violating these policies, blocking access to websites, and even termination of access to the Internet by your ISP!


  6. Putin’s limo was apparently struck head-on in Moscow by another vehicle killing the driver. He was not in the limo though. Fully autonomous vehicles could be used to carry out assassinations, or can be hacked, don’t cha know! The Jewish State is now deploying fully autonomous vehicles to patrol its borders. Makes one wonder how many vehicles with those blacked out windows are really fully autonomous! Was out on a river fishing for a time south of Elk Grove, CA, and saw a UAV flying low and fast all over the area. It even flew directly overhead and stopped in mid-air for a few seconds before departing. Don’t know who was flying it.


  7. Lots of military activity in many regions, but its not being reported by Western news media, and if anything is reported, its not the truth about what is actually going on.


  8. Kinda strange that Russia will be supplying Russian made BTR-80 military vehicles to the UN peacekeeper’s, don’t cha think?

    Might want to read this!


  9. There is this “‘theme” which has been prevalent on alternative news outlets for years now. Its center on the collapse of the present capitalist economic system based on the “dollar” (Federal Reserve Note), or “cash”, which has been predicted by many individuals. Can’t count the number of video’s and posts made by individuals predicting a “serious economic crisis” associated with the “dollar” or “cash” in the very near future. Can’t count the number of posts and video’s telling people they need to “prepare”. Strange how these same news outlets have also predicted a “global financial reset” AFTER the looming “crisis” has occurred! October, October, October? What’s going to happen beginning October 1, 2016? The “world” is going to move to a new capitalist “e-government model”! In this new capitalist economic system physical “cash” will no longer be “legal tender”!


  10. The whole “world” is falling away! According to the original and correct definition of “humanitarianism”, the “system of doctrine” that is “humanitarianism” is opposed to the doctrine of Christ! Humanitarianism is, in fact, antichrist! Those who subscribe to the “system of doctrine” known as humanitarianism are, in their global collective, “…of the spirit of antichrist…”, and they are leading the “world” in a global “rebellion” against the ALMIGHTY, the Heavenly Father of Jesus, The Christ, and sender of the Holy Spirit! They are engaged in committing and supporting all kinds of lawlessness, abominations, and defiling passions which were forbidden by the ALMIGHTY long ago, and for which the “ancient world” was destroyed once before! Do you not understand what is really going on?


  11. Regarding the WAR going on, all be it on a subdued level for the moment, and depending on where you are in the world, more German Leopard 2A4 tanks have been moved to the southern Turkish border with Syria. Not sure if German soldiers are manning them or Turkish soldiers, but this matters not because they’re both fighting for the West’s military alliance. Turkish forces, backed by US/NATO air support, have created a “no-fly zone” in northern Syria, just like they wanted to do all along. Islamic State leadership and their forces are well aware of what is going on and they’re becoming increasingly more active in confronting Western military ships in the region. Found it interesting that around 90 former US military officer’s support political Zionist Trump, who is now suggesting the US military be “upgraded”, and then they could take care of “ISIS” in 30 days. The truth is, the political Zionists in the US and Israel want to destroy the Islamic leadership and nations just as much as the Islamic leadership wants to destroy them! (Remember what Albert Pike said about that in his letter?) The Islamic leadership, and their allies, are well aware of what is coming, so do you think they’re going to just sit around and twiddle their thumbs? Hardly. Russia’s military is on “high alert” along their border with the Baltic States. China and North Korea are becoming increasingly more hostile in the South China Sea. Japan has an anti-ballistic missile “bubble” protecting their nation from them. Another Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile test was conducted recently, though you’d never know it because the news media had few reports on it. (They’d rather report on Burning Man!) This is why the people of Germany were told to store food and water, enough for ten days! This is why there are government sponsored ads on TV and the Internet telling people to have an “emergency kit” at home and in their vehicles! This is why there are so many warnings of an impending global “crisis” being put out on alternative media! This is why there have been all sorts of emergency exercises and drills involving first responders and military personnel which have been carried out in every major city in the US, and in other cities all over the civilized world recently! This is why there have been so many tests of the EAS system recently too!


  12. Strangely I heard some good news; that there is a Global Currency Reset on October 1st 2016, that a new global currency had been created, that the War & Fraud corporations would be isolated from the world economy, that the offshore tax havens would be closed down, that central banks would be controlled by their sovereign states, that the new currencies would be gold backed, that the Corporate USA government would be required to submit to International Laws & Treaties or cut off from the world economy.


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