Critical: Bilderberg Globalists Conjure Financial Horror: Abolish Cash and Negative Interest Rates Now Underway


By Lisa Haven

“Want a Free Market? Abolish Cash … If you believe that government meddling in financial markets was responsible for the last recession and the lackluster recovery, you might be right. But probably not in the way you think … What’s the fix for this problem….The right answer is to abolish currency and move completely to electronic cash… Because electronic cash can have any yield, interest rates would be able go as far into negative territory as the market required.”  Bloomberg

Wait, What? Abolish currency, move to electronic cash and go into negative interest rate territory? This is the exact same rhetoric we head from the the Bilderberg meetings the last two years when they had their annual meeting. So why is it that now, Bloomberg is discussing the very same thing? Could it be because both John Micklethwait the Editor-In-Chief of Bloomberg and Megan McArdle the Columnist for Bloomberg View attended the Bilderberg meetings? Or is it all just one big-fat coincidence? I HIGLY doubt and quite frankly we know better.

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19 replies

  1. Just what the Bible ordered



  2. I just love you Lisa. God bless. You are so right. However, as for, not America. Turn your eyes to…Rome.


    • Rome and the Roman Empire are not Babylon. They have played the harlot with Babylon though. America is NOT a Christian nation. It was never setup to be a Christian nation either, despite what anyone tells us! The public education system was created to teach people the “ancient traditions”, also called the “seven liberal arts” or the “seven liberal sciences”, which were rediscovered during the “Renaissance”. True Christian’s, since they were first called Christian’s by the Jews and the Romans after Christ’s resurrection, were severely persecuted by the Babylonized Jewish and Roman leadership in Jerusalem and Rome. Many true Christian’s were severely persecuted and made slaves by them, and many were imprisoned and killed by them. The apostle Stephan was beheaded by them! The barbaric Roman’s fed many people and true Christian’s to the lions in the Roman Collesium!


  3. Good post Lisa. I fear a crisis on the horizon. We will be told the way to resolve the crisis is to abolish cash.


  4. Been warning of the time when cash would no longer be “legal tender”. The process to get to this biblically foretold time is accelerating. Many nations governments and businesses no longer accept cash, especially in the “Nord” lands of Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands.


  5. Hey, you guys and gals! Any of you use PayPal or Android Pay? Cashless ain’t it!


    • Any of you know what the BTCA is? Its the “Better Than Cash Alliance” which is moving the nations of world to adopt “cashless” payment systems, or “digital payments”! Its an integrated alliance under the auspices of the “United Nations Development Fund”!

      Funny how this NEVER gets discussed on this website, eh?

      The second “beast” mentioned in The Revelation to John, chapter 13, RSV, 1952, is rising out of the “earth”!

      Will “it” cause the people of the earth to worship and serve “it”? Will “it” cause all who will not worship and serve “it” to be killed? Will “it” cause all to take the “mark” which is to be placed “on the right hand or forehead”, without which no one will be able to “buy or sell”? The answer is YES to all these questions!


      • The following is a list all the governments, international organizations, companies, and resource partners involved in this alliance.


      • The following video reveals the true nature of the second “beast” mentioned in The Revelation to John, chapter 13, RSV, 1952, which is rising out of the “earth”.

        Currency Reset – Critical Arrests Happening NOW

        Essentially, those who worship the “earth, or “Mother Earth”, who observe “Earth Day” every year, believe that from the “earth” everything that exists on earth, including human beings, “evolved” out of “primal chaos”. New Age teachers, preachers, and evolutionists worship and serve creation, the “earth”, not the “Creator”! This is why “theory of evolution” is taught in every secular, liberal, humanist, and humanitarian public and private school in America and the world!

        The “Currency Reset”, which looks like it will occur beginning in October, 2016, will follow the collapse of the “physical cash” based economic system, which is being warned of constantly now, with a “new e-government model” that will rely on “digital currency”, i.e., a “cashless” system of “buying and selling”.


      • The global “Green Movement” is opposed to “conventional capitalism”, however, it has gained its power and authority from the same “force” that was behind those who created conventional capitalism to begin with. Today’s new capitalism is a revised version of conventional capitalism that uses the sciences and technologies of the Internet to “tap the genius of the beast”, as Howard Bloom, who wrote the book “The Genius of the Beast” proclaimed. He also wrote the book “The Lucifer Principle” and the book “The God Problem”. Any true Christian should be able to understand that his way of thinking is certainly not God’s, Christ’s, or the Holy Spirit’s way of thinking! Few people today understand that Lucifer’s color is GREEN and the corresponding metal is COPPER because it turns GREEN when exposed to the air!


    • Next time you hear someone use the phrase “Mother Nature” you’ll perhaps begin to understand just how pervasive the worship of “Mother Earth” is! Who is “Nature’s God”? Hint: Its not the Creator of All!


    • Any of you know anything about “ChaoSatanic Magic Theory”? They renamed it CMT, or “Chaos Magic Theory”, and then “Quantum Theory”, and now “Quantum Physics”!

      “The theories that make up the doctrine of CMT are based on the principles of quantum physics.”

      “Quantum computation has its origins in highly specialized fields of theoretical physics, but its future undoubtedly lies in the profound effect it will have on the lives of all mankind.”

      Max Planck is the “…Father of Quantum Theory…”! He danced with the Devil!

      He wrote, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force…We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

      There is a “presence” controlling the “force”, the “power in the air”, the “power in the Ether”! Do you know what “it” is? It is the “…prince of the power of the air…”, Satan!
      (See Ephesians, chapter 2, verse 2, RSV, 1952)

      “Satan represents the wellspring of creation and the ultimate causality. It is the primal chaos out of which the universe was formed. Its nature is random and chaotic; it is unthinking, unfeeling, and amoral.”


  6. And what’s the top news story on Yahoo? Celeb’s at Burning Man! Yeah, good Christian’s all, I’m sure!


  7. Physical cash isn’t the only thing that’s going away. In India the government there is doing away with physical driver’s licenses and registration papers by using Smartphones. In the US, the state of Iowa may be the first state to use Smartphones for the same reason.


  8. The revelations given to the prophet and apostle John by an Angel of GOD in chapter 13, Revised Standard Version of the Holy Bible, 1952, are rapidly becoming a reality. Do not be fooled by those who rely on corrupt versions of scripture, such as the KJV, or the prophecies of false prophets like Nostradamus, Mohammed, Buddha, and many others! Do not be fooled by those who teach false traditions and doctrines, and not the Doctrine of Christ! I’ve tried to warn you, and any of you who happen to read this, of what is coming, and make no mistake, it is coming! I’ve done what I must do to warn you! What you do after this is upon your own head or conscience!


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