Hillary Can’t Hide it Any Longer! DNC Contingency Plan, Chelsea’s Home a Senior Care Facility, News Says Hillary’s Dead & And Election Surprise


By Lisa Haven

Huge news has been surfings this week on the “Hillary Clinton Front.” From a fainting spasm at the 9/11 memorial ceremony, to a two minute long coughing fit, to a news reporter accidentally claiming on lives TV that “Hillary’s Dead”, to now the DNC mulling over the idea of a ‘contingency plan’ just in case Hillary’s health goes south… as if it’s not already south!

Furthermore, Hillary is doing anything and everything to censor critical information leaked on her condition. She attempted to swipe the video of her fainting spell form the internet, she also sent emails to Google and Youtube CEO’s asking them to censor internet information. The woman is fighting tooth and nail to win the presidential race, even if she has to cross the finish line dragging her respirator and iv in tote! All that and more in this HUGE report…

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Infowars Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNBRZX-f9MQ









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  1. I can’t stand this damned whore Hitlery! No matter what Trump has done, it doesn’t even come close to that damned satanic bitch!!!!!



    • Obama and Hillary died by sanctions of the Creators
      as a part of the General cleaning of Earth
      Sept. 15, 2016
      According to a notice from the Craetors,
      Obama and Hillary, which are shapeshifters of invaders-dominators of Earth from ancient times, i.e. reptilian humanoids of the Lizard, passed away at 09:00am, Sept.13, 2016 of the US Eastern time with intensification of brain cancer after recent realization of the measures on annihilation of evil beings in the Space blocks control World of the Creators and their innumerable fixed spirits’ groups.
      ☆Evidences of Hillary’s death:
      Meanwhile, mainstream medias in the US published that Hillary will stage press conferance on Sept.15, but it’s her double, right like Before It’s News site revealed with their photos before & after her death.
      Moreover, Japanese premier S. Abe and New Tokyo governor Y. Koike died with brain cancer on Sept.14, 2016 by sanctions taken by the Creators against them. Their later actions are performances by their doubles having been manipulated by reptilian humanoids of the Lizard.
      According to a notice from the Creators, the new representative Renho (Taiwanese) of DPJ (Democratic Party) will die with myocardial infarction soon.
      Ruling layers of all nations on Earth consist of shapeshifters of invaders-rulers of Earth from ancient times: reptilian humanoids of the Lizard being minions of draconians of the Draco (official emblem of GB capital City of London).
      Their GHQ on domination of Earth was in so-called Agharta being in the underground world of Earth. But, it was swept by the Creators on Aug. 17, 2014. However, above written shapeshifters of reptilians are continuing every kind of evil dees. Thus, the General cleaning of Earth are promoted by the Creators now.


    • I don’t doubt that there are serious problems with Hillary Clinton, but there are also serious problems with Donald Trump. If people would look closely at Trump’s background that would realize he has a long history of cheating people to enrich himself.
      If Trump were to win in November, I have a pretty good idea of what we should expect. He will misuse our tax dollars big-time for his own self enrichment. His foreign policy will be corrupted by some hidden financial interests he hasn’t disclosed. Yes, he has vested financial interests connected with Russia!!
      If Hillary were to win, we would see a huge discrepancy between what she says and what she does. No, she won’t rein in the greed of Wall Street. She is getting way too much money from Wall Street interests to do that. She won’t rein in the greed of Big Pharma either. She has received way too much money from them also. Her foreign policy will be corrupted by the huge amounts of money she has received from Saudi billionaires.
      I’m considering a vote for Gary Johnson. I don’t see as many ethical issues with him.


  2. Just caught the last part of the rally in NC and she looked okay, but looks can be deceiving. She had to be very careful as she went down those stairs off of that platform. Didn’t look steady. As for the video’s of her fainting and all of that, it appears these video’s were faked because in one video her van came up to pick her up from the left and the other video the van came up to her from her right. We never saw her face in any of these video’s either! Entire “event” looks to have been staged to gain sympathy for her. They always play and prey on people’s emotions! Still sticking with my assertions that “events” can be created or staged using sophisticated electronic technologies. The technologies to recreate voices, images of people and places, is very advanced.


  3. The “October surprise” is still coming. Its related to “health”, which is why they’re focusing on these candidates “health” so much?


  4. One of the best video’s on YouTube!


  5. The Hillary “event” was digitally altered and created! All the video’s showing her fainting and collapsing are FAKE!


  6. I keep getting the following “Security Alert” which states:

    “The identity of this website or the integrity of this connection cannot be verified.
    The security certificate is from a trusted certifying authority
    The security certificate date is valid
    The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site
    Certificate Information:
    Ensures the identity of a remote computer
    Issued to – *.optimatic.com by Symantec Class 3 Server CA-G4
    Valid from 3/29/2016 to 3/31/2019”

    Something WRONG?


    • No “Security Alert” today? My laptop underwent an extensive “update” yesterday so, perhaps, this is why the “problem” went away? Hey, Lisa, and friends, what do you think Trump was talking about when he used the phrase “extreme vetting”, hmmm? Brain scanning, or “brain fingerprinting”, perhaps? Gee, didn’t Biden mention something about this a few years ago? Why, yes, yes he did! What technology can be placed “on” the right hand or forehead which can do this? Do you know anything about chipless electronic ink, tattoo vaccinations, smart nanoparticles, synthetic DNA, and Luciferase?


      • Uh oh! The “Security Alert” box is baaaaaaaack! I’m done anyway. Time grows short. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Life. If you believe the “humanitarians” of the UNITED NATIONS and the WORLD believe this, you’re DECEIVED!


  7. Watch the video and ask yourself, are we in the foretold “time of trouble”, or are we not?


  8. The High Commissioner for Human Rights calls those who oppose their “humanitarian” mission, “bigots” and “racists”! Who was he referring to specifically? Those who do not agree with their “humanitarian”, and vehemently antichrist, points of view? You figured out what’s going to happen to those who DO NOT agree with them yet?


  9. Dear Lisa, I am from Nigeria and a regular subscriber of your news.

    There is document you discussed about Nigeria , India and Bangladesh on how the globalist wants to reduce population of the above countries. Can you kindly send us the documents for prayers in our churches in Nigeria.

    Our economy is in recession.



  10. Hillary Clinton is dead



  1. Hillary Can’t Hide it Any Longer! DNC Contingency Plan, Chelsea’s Home a Senior Care Facility, News Says Hillary’s Dead & And Election Surprise – The EagleStar Flash

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