A Critical Event Happened Right Before The Presidential Debate! Here’s What They’re Refusing To Tell You


By Lisa Haven

By now every eye has seen the most recent 2016 presidential debate where Donald Trump battled Hillary Clinton for the seat in the oval office. What the mainstream media is not telling you about this debate, is that just moments earlier a crucial event that took place that just may have put a kink in Hillary’s wire.

I believe you’ll find this report worth while..


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3 replies

  1. If hillary is the best they have then the elite have some real problems going on in their midst meaning they are weaker than they would admit and they can be fought and won against. naturally imbecilic idiots such as the elite will do some pretty crazy stuff to retain their stranglehold on power so i don’t mean to imply they do not have such weapons and tactics to cause all sorts of their usual chaos and mayhem, I just mean we the people can kick their butts right to the gallows and watch them leave earth with what they arrived on earth with… nothing. they are vermin of the highest order and there is only one path for them on the planet – total eradication. run elite run we’re coming after you!


  2. Do you think she used hand signals to land her zingers as some sites are reporting? And also, do you think she had a teleprompter. Thanks.


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