“They” Got To Julian Assange! Wikileaks Letdown Or Something Else?


By Lisa Haven

For months Wikileaks Julian Assange, has been beckoning alternative media like a fish being taunted by a baited hook with what he claimed to be “information that would put Hillary away for good.”

Early this morning multiple followers were upset by his lack of information. Rather than delivering on his promise, he told the story of his life on Wikileaks and the countless threats he’s had on his life—not to mention it was their 10 year anniversary. At the midpoint of his speech Julian Assange stated that the U.S. media hyped the report and that if he was going to release anything, he wouldn’t do it at 3:00am. Though he promised to “deliver” once again with “bombshell” information on Hillary at the end of this year… you know AFTER we all already voted on a candidate.

Did someone get to Julian Assange? Was he cut a deal? Or was it just one big trolling event? All that and more below…

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7 replies

  1. He’s a Troll and I know that for a fact. Seth Rich was murdered in the early 1980’s by me during the early years of the Medellin Cartel’s infiltration of South Florida. It happened because Bush courted Escobar and the vacuum left behind by Reagan around 1981. My half-brother, AKA Obama and I were the two first “slaves” of Bush’s bathhouses. Obviously, Allen rose above the muck after being picked up by Judge Scalia and taken to Chicago. I was not so lucky. I wasted my time earning a degree in Journalism and was almost assassinated in 1985, just a short time before I forged Allen’s birth certificates. When I drop the news, Assange, Zullo, Arpaio, and others MIGHT announce. Personally, this looks to be more like a continuation of the coverup rather than any true attempt at exposure. My skype is nancy.owensbarger.hotmail.com if you’d like to connect and ask questions. Keep up the good work!


  2. or because they killed his lawyer



  3. The secret is in Al Capone’s safe. Stay tuned!…


  4. Just like Comey, the FBI Director, he decided he wanted to live another day or two. Or they got to someone in his family and Assange decided not to carry through with his plans. The Clinton’s are evil evil evil and will do anything to stay in power. Of course, this is with the help of Soros and others. As any one, in the history of presidential elections, ever seen a candidate not campaign for days and weeks on end this close to the election? Hillary has not been on the campaign trail for days and does not plan to be on the campaign trail until several days after the upcoming debate. This woman is sick, and I mean very very sick. Voting for her is a vote for Kaine, if she makes it past the election.


  5. Why didn’t Assange just release the information without announcing it weeks in advance? He gave them a chance to threaten him and put a stop to it. If you have something good, just release it, no need to make a major announcement before hand.


  6. It had to be Hillary’s talk of drones that stopped him from releasing damaging information to her campaign
    What’s the big deal with drones, I get military drones doing fly overs every day and it is as if a at freaking air show, which kind of cool if you think about it.


  7. Do you think Hillary will be installed as an unelected president? How can she be prepping for her speeches if she is face down on the bed or when she does make an public appearance she is face down on the sidewalk?


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