This Could Get Me In Trouble With the Left: Russia Being Blamed and Here’s What We’re All Thinking But No One Will Dare Report


By Lisa Haven

Ever wonder why it is that we are hearing constant rhetoric about Russia hacking emails, causing tension, and supposable working with conservative media and our Presidential nominee Donald Trump? Could it be that the extreme left has plans for those on the right? You might be surprised!

Here is what we are all thinking, but no one in Media dares report…

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For More Information See: (Perilous Strategy: Hillary Bashing Russia to “Score Campaign Points” to hack America. (Guccifer 2.0 Angry about His DNC Hack being blamed on Russians)

Meanwhile In GERMANY….  GERMAN Prosecutors Go After Right-Wing Terrorism

(CBN News Right Wing Extremism is Hitting the Germany Economy)


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4 replies

  1. Being a christian, knowing the scriptures, the Christians were always rebellious to the jewish governing system. From Christ, to Hitler Christian Germany allied with Christian Italians in ww2 and the American German socialist union leader Walter Reuther whom went against the Jewish ran industrial amd banking system in the bring economic and political equality to the unionized working man.

    They all got in the way of Jewish liberal progression to take the world over for themselves. They all were Crucified for bringing Christian socialism, all that is good for all mankind. The jew thinks he has a better system for society. Islam is more closely related to the Anchient Hebrew texts than both Christianity or Jewish teachings.

    God gave man a choice, to be governed Gods way or to be ruled under the laws established by man. You can see where that path has taken us.

    Rev 2:9. I know thy works and tribulation, and poverty (but thou are rich) and I know the blasphemy of them,which say they are jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.

    Rev 3:9. Behold , I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which call themselves Jews, and are not, but do lie, behold. I say make them that they shall come worship before thy feet, and shall know that I have loved thee.

    Who are Jews, Jews is a religion, not a necessarily a Hebrew blooded decent or race of people. One can choose to be jewish simply by religion of choice, just as Choosing to become a Christian or a Muslim.

    The Babylonian Talmud texts of the jews have written in these scriptures that they are superior over all non jew and that the non jews only purpose is to serve the jew and that it is ok and acceptable to lie, cheat, steal, abuse both physically and sexually the Goyim, non Jews.. We have these people who follow this scriptures mixed in our multi cultured society.

    The above video, Henery Kissinger, a Jew directs Putin on new world order as US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton also takes all her order from this goon.


    Isreali Secret intelligence Service

    Ever wonder why there is not any act against Isreal by the ISIS terror group whom is supposed to be radical Islam. ISIS was created by the CIA whom do their work for the Builderburg group whom under Zionist control makes the rules.

    Why is ISIS disrupting muslim nations and causing havoc, scattering muslim citizens to flee and seek refuge in Christian nations and then some sort of created religious conflict then turns those Christians against those Muslim immigrants.

    Because it is all being instigated by the dirty little Jews. The same people whom are Radical Right Zionist Jewish bankers and are also the Far Left Communist Bolshevik Jewish mafia whom took control over the labor unions and then Communized Russia under the Jew leader Joseph Stalin, 100 years ago, leading to the Totolitarian control over Russia in the 30’s.

    You never hear about any conflicts between Russia and Isreali jews because they are the same, they are Jewish controlled nations working crafty behind the iron Curtain together along with United States.

    Hitler knew and understood this when simular global problematic situations were happening in Europe between 1915-1935, as he allied Germany, Italy, japan, Belgian, Bugaria, Romania, Chezslavacia and Arab Muslims, all under Fascism, in WW2.

    (This was Christian and Muslim nations that were allied against the jewish controlled nations, Russia, Britton and the USA in WW2.

    Anchient Isreal was broken into two kingdoms, kingdom of Isreal in the North, kingdom of Judah in the South.

    The kingdom of Israel were captured and taken by the Assyrians, anchient Germanic people, this is why Hitler felt the Arien race were domament people.

    These were the lost tribes of Isreal where Jesus sent out the deciples, they went thru out Europe and the Assyrian region to spread the the word of the Lord, this is where Christianity first began and teachings on the new testament became the domanant teachings of Christian faith, this was the religion scriptures most spoken and preached in the European nations by the Protestants, Presbyterians and Roman Catholics.

    Kingdom of Judah, in the south, consisted of the Tribe of Judah and Benjamin, whom were captured and taken into captivity by the Babylonians, there they stayed for centuries and mixed by inter breeding.

    They also became corrupted by Babylonian satanic occult teachings which is why they have the Babalonian Talmud.

    Remember Babel lead to God dividing people by languages. New world order is countering Gods wish and is reuniting nations!

    These are the same Jewish people whom returned to Isreal in 1948. Beforehand, they infiltraded all nations, trying to take them over for their own and had accomplished that in Russia.

    They were at work trying to take over Europe with their magic during the great depression, but Hitler had put a stop to that attempt and held them back on that plan but 20 million European trade union members died in the war.

    That is why Christians are being turned against Muslim and vice versa, so to destroy the resistance that existed in the past that spoiled the Communist plot.

    The jews are whom do not accepted Jesus as messiah or even a prophet, as the muslims do, and they ordered for Christ to be crucified on the cross, he was accused for being king of the jews when he was not of the tribe of Judah.

    Christ never came and said he was a jew nor did deny it, truly he was the Son of God, not man, placed in the womb of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, made him a fatherless child in the flesh, the father was needed to trace his bloodline lineage but there was non.

    He would have to be only of his mothers flesh and blood and no record was kept or recorded in the scriptures to know Jesus bloodline. He had no recorded family inheritance or of whom he was, to know if he was Jew or not, he could not say.

    Christ betrayed, by Judas/ Judah/ a jew/ Iscariot – means, “one from the kingdom of Judah” the South kingdom of Isreal, This makes the Jew an anti-Christ, they don’t believe in him or accept him as they will never be ruled under a non-jew king, which is why the two kingdoms in the hebrew state was established in the first place.

    Here we are 100 years later and history is repeating itself all over again, it is the Jews and this time, America and the rest of the anti-Communist nations of the world is to become the victims to Communism.

    Fascism or Communism is the only way that a global leader can become ruler over all the nations as an Anti-Christ as the Christian Holy Bible Revolation end time prophesy explains.


    • The US was founded and established by European Christians who architect the Constitution and Judicial system based on that religious political system. JEWS AND MUSLIM DO NOT FOLLOW THAT SAME RELIGIOUS BELIEF AND DONT OBEY OR OBIDE TO CHRISTIAN LAW OR RULE FOR GOVERNANCE!!!

      That is why they should not become judges, lawyers or polititians and have no political voice or influence in a Christian foundation system such as the United States or the Christian nations in Europe unless they convert and become Christians!!!


      The problem with the implosion of immigrants in both America and Christian democratic and free european nations is that many of the immigrants are from hostile third world societies of non- European Christians whom were the authors of the founding US Constitution and laws, the illegals and immigrants are non-property owners with little to non assets, who dont have an education and are supportive of socialism or even communism because that is the only political system that can support their living in an unsustainable job market that can’t even provide for the nations current low educated citizens whom have also fallen on government welfare to live on.

      They all will favor Communism when the next economic crash comes upon the nation!!!

      Reverse technology that stolen their jobs and bring manufacturing back on the consumer products that everybody buys and uses regularly, even during a slow economy, jobs taken by china that had stabilized and sustain their job market regardless of economy slowdowns !!!

      A nation of diverse and uncommon economic, political and social beliefs destabilizes the nations strong common direction for political long term agenda.

      A house divided, will not stand, that is why a strong muslim nation, stays muslim. A strong population of Christians, remains on christian policies, once destabilized and mixed together, all the foreigners in society are trying to take control over the the established political system, as they are busy resolving their differences, then a totally different (Communist agenda) group comes in and sells the idea that their progressive political agenda will resolve the issue.

      Strong same religious nations with many to support a common goal or objective will then have to be taken over by bloodshed and brutal force to make it change to another nations political policies.

      When divided, foreign group can move in and convince that their communist agenda policy will resolve the political and social conflict and concur all.

      Traditional European Christian Society, Christian Socialism, the people are authoritive rule over labor unions and government. To rule by the majority vote by the people who are economically, politically and socially equal so that no one in society has any economic or political advantage over anybody else for a true fair and democratic society where everyone has a voice in political policy making.

      Jewish Zionist/Bolshevik Communism, the government, Centralized bankers and Corporations partnered with union labor so to rule over, control and dictate over the common working class peoples. To rule by the Authoritative policy of the Jew controlled government who created economic inequality policy so to give them political advantage over the non-jews in society, making for political oppression and a high priveledges class who have controlling rule over the oppressed.

      Musims rule by very strong religious rule according to Torah Law passed on to Moses under the Authority of God in society in both Government and the union labor organizations. To rule over by authority under God, Allah as determined by the religious texts interpreted by tribe elders. Everyone is welcome as long as they obide and follow to these anchient muslim religious texts and beliefs.

      That is why the Zionist Rothschild banksters of England declared war on Italy and Germany when they removed Jews from governance and positions of political influence in their Christian government political system and refused to use the jew controlled Centralized bank system and be oppressed by the jew Marxist political system to Communism as Russia had fallen to Communism.

      A right to vote on political issues and for electing government representatives was granted to all those who were established US citizens with possession of Land, home or business until the 15th Amendment of the US Constitution in 1870 made it legal for all citizens to vote without discrimination regardless of race color or servitude.

      When immigration from Europe brought Eastern European citizens to the US, many had mixed Socialist and Communist political beliefs that began to influence the US political policies, just like the Europeans, America has to control over the far left Communist political initiatives from allowing them the right to be politically active.

      We have an invisible religious political conflict and military police or martial law will morph to resolve conflict.

      Each religious political culture is ment to be seperated within borders so that each political system within those borders are ruled by each cultures belief system by polititians and those organizations of strong political influence pertaining to that lands same religious political beliefs.

      Otherwise, there is political unrest and conflict within the region, causing destabilization and political chaos, ending up with strong force of policing that takes away personal liberty and freedoms which is the main communist objective of the Zionists who have taken political control.


      • The liberals/Fascist/Communist economic policies create inner city hardship by destroying job market and job oppertunity for the low educated, low educated by purposely implementing destabiliziing school policies such as removing disciple action to correct behavior problems or school of choice policy to bring those inner city problems out to stabilized suburbs so to make the problem everyone’s problem and disrupt educators elsewhere, all the poorly educated then need jobs but most  general labor industrial union jobs have been allowed to move away leaving those low educated to fight for jobs left behind to compete with foreigners who will do the same jobs for much less.

        They all end up on government assistance programs that only pay out just enough to sustain life sustaining necessities which puts most all into poverty levels which ends up increasing crime rates.

        The police are underpaid, they then go corrupt and contribute to more of the problem and police trained to force arrest citizens of pedally crimes, treating them all as armed and dangerous in all cases guilty until proven guilty by the court of law, which is backward to peoples constitutional right of being innocent until proven guilty by the court system.

        1940 Smith Act was established to perge government officials who want to infiltrate US politics and use it to progress or make policies that will change society and political system counter to Ametican values of a free market and democratic society of citizens with personal rights and liberty to an authoritive, dictative Fascism or totalitarian Communist Society counter to the US Constitution.

        Someone must investigate, indict and prosecute corrupted givernment officials whom violate this law.

        Also 1948 Taft and Hartley anti Communist provision to prevent Communist infiltration of organizations were implemented policy will have the same effect on taking the US citizens Constitution rights and protections, organizations such as labor unions or education or health organizations.


  2. Fuck the liberal bastard left and all the fools they represent!!



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