My Computer Was Sabotaged For This Video: What The Media WONT Tell You About The 2nd Presidential Debate, Now Public


By Lisa Haven

Round two of the 2016 Presidential debate has just concluded and while the mainstream media and globalists set out to obliterate Donald Trump, it turns out he flipped the tables by calling out their directed targeted attacks against him. It seems this “lone ranger” among a sea of wolves is standing against stark position.

In the video below I detail not only events that transpired during and just before the debate, but also how my computer was sabotaged just prior to its release. Obviously there is something in it, they don’t want out….


For More Information See:


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  1. Dear Lisa,
    I want to thank you for your sacrificial love and time to keep us updated, even in the wee hours of the morning. Perhaps you may know, but I want to bring to your attention the time 12:12. I don’t believe that it was by chance. 12 is the number of God’s governmental rule or perfection. Since the number 12 was repeated twice, it is establisehd by God. (Genesis 41:32) Be encouraged! Even your time is governed and established by God. Blessings, Kathy


  2. Lisa, you are spot on! That is why we need to stay the Course!


  3. Hi Lisa,
    Did you notice who did the deceitful ” hot mic” locker room talk interview… None other than Billy BUSH, cousin to George W Bush. Billy is suspended from the Today Show today By the way!


  4. Lisa I have to say Mr. Donald Trump when he apologized in front of the world and admitted what he said showed he honestly and repented for it. Ithe showed he came Humbly before the world and God admitting his bad choice of words and thoughts at the time. I rejoice with truth and this is what we all seek . I respect him for the courage he took to humble himself as he did.
    Jesus teaches us to not judge one another and Love God with all our mind, heart and strength. And Love one another as ourselves. Apostle Paul tells us what genuine love is and God is love and how God loves us and we are to put into practice and love as he loves.
    Genuine Love is..
    1Cornthians 13
    Love is patient
    Love is kind
    It does not boast
    It is not proud
    It is not self seeking
    It is not easily angered
    It keeps no record of wrongs
    Love does not delight in wrongs
    But rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects,
    Always hopes,
    Always perseveres
    Love never fails.
    Hillary on the other hand is refusing to repent . If she would be honest of her bad choices and mistakes and admit before the world she would be forgiven absolutely. But her denial and not owning up to things is causing many to not trust her and have bitterness towards her .
    All of us sin, make bad choices and mistakes in our lives,by nature we are sinners . To admit we are broken ” a sinner ” and humble ourselves in truth we are forgiven. We are broken people and we deal with broken people. We rejoice knowing that despite the evil in us, God loved us and we can love each other. Truth frees us to deal with each other in realistic, compassionate kind ways. It allows us to see ourselves the way God sees us. Truth should never be a weapon to hurt others, rather it is an opportunity to know each other better. Ultimately rejoicing in Christ who is truth.
    For anyone to look down on Donald for being humble and truthful is wrong. That was courage to do before the world. I hope and pray he continues and follows truth whereever he goes.
    We need to pray for him and also Hillary and each other always.
    May God bless you and yours.


  5. Very interesting Lisa. I always check your website and read the articles, though infrequent commenter. Thanks for your efforts. You speak truth and you have guts. Bless you.


  6. There are, and has been for some time, bad forces at play in America. As an Australian many of us consider the people of the USA, (not your government) as a big brother. When you win, we win, When you fall, we fall. And oh how your politicians are making you fall. This link is to a song I really feel needs to reach the UNITED states. Its not professionally recorded but it makes its point.There are many around the world that will stand by you. We will even lift you up if need be. God Bless the people of America. Stand Strong.


  7. Just went to look at the comments on this link from my e-mails, and the page was empty. However, when I came directly to the article, everything was here, including the comments. I am also being censored! Got to give Obama and ICAM credit for trying to censor us, but his attempts are failing at the moment, due to the fact that God is making sure that his people know the truth, and his message is being sent to world! But time is short! Love ya Lisa! God Bless!


  8. So was mine, Lisa. Every time I try to bring up something on Jordan Maxwell. Mozilla sabotages the site and crashes it. This has been going on since the so-called turnover of the Webb.



  9. you all way attacking Hilary Clinton show me the proof not worried about emails FB I came forward on this issue and she has done nothing wrong in sense to hurt security of the country she will be next president of U S A stop this righty wing Christian shit

    On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 1:07 AM, Lisa Haven News wrote:

    > Lisa Haven posted: ” By Lisa Haven Round two of the 2016 Presidential > debate has just concluded and while the mainstream media and globalists set > out to obliterate Donald Trump, it turns out he flipped the tables by > calling out their directed targeted attacks against him.” >


  10. Oh look a real educated person! Can’t even make a comment make since. Had to read it three times to understand what he was trying to say. That just shows the education system in America today. Not helping the students, just sending them on the way, not caring! So sad to see this happening! Also, brainwashing these kids, making them think they are going to get all this stuff for free, when they never will! Nothing is free! There is always a price to pay down the road somewhere! Brainwashing into Socialism! Guess they don’t teach kids today about how Hitler took over Germany with the propaganda machine of motion pictures and radio, just like what is happening in America today with TV news, radio, and everything here in the United States! There not teaching how Hitler had them all fooled how wonderful Germany was, how everything was just fine, while he was invading other countries, passing laws that were against the Jewish race by banning them from having businesses, over taxing them, etc.. Just like Obama is doing in America and Clinton wants to continue his plan! May God have Mercy on the youth of America!


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