East Coast Under Attack: Massive Outages Blanket The Area! Here’s Why…


By Lisa Haven

Shorty after the US government brazenly announces that they are pondering a cyber attack on Russia, the East Coast gets bombed with a cyber attack of its own.

According to DYN Status, it was a DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service), an attack of an army of bots, known as bot nets, that strike computers to inhibit certain information. Paypal, Google, Spotify, twitter, Pintrest, and parts of Yahoo have so far been targeted.

Coincidentally, this is also just in time for the election. Here’s more on this exclusive report…

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5 replies

  1. What if artificial intelligence is orchestrating these “attacks”? You did say “bot nets” are the cause for the DDOS outages. Bot Nets are a combination of the words robot and network. Bot Nets can be controlled by artificial intelligence, not just cyber criminal humans. Bots can also be controlled by artificial intelligence.


  2. Was watching the Norse Attack Map last night and noticed something which I found quite interesting. On this website they show cyber “attackers” and those being “attacked”. By far, the majority of cyber attacks were coming out the USA! Very few cyber attacks emanating from Russia, which makes the claims by Western media look to be false! Microsoft Corporation, based in Seattle, WA, was the main attacker, and a majority of cyber attacks were focused on De Kalb Junction, NY and in Dubai, AE. Makes me go hmmm!


  3. Noticed something interesting last night on the Norse Attack Map website, which is supposed to show all the cyber attacks going on between nations in real-time. They show the attackers geo location and those being attacked geo location. The majority of cyber attacks were emanating from the USA, very few from Russia! Microsoft Corporation, based in Seattle, WA, was shown as the major cyber attack source. Their main targets were De Kalb Junction in NY, and Dubai, in the Arab Emirates. It would appear, based on their attack map, if this is a reliable source, that the media’s claims that Russia is engaged in massive cyber attacks on the US are false.


  4. Watching the Norse Attack Map right now and most cyber attacks are coming from Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, USA, and from China, NOT RUSSIA! Targets being attacked the most are De Kalb Junction, NY, and Dubai, AE! Secondary targets in the US are San Francisco, Roseville, Lynnwood, Los Angeles, Bethesda, Kansas City, and others. Outside US the secondary targets are Madrid, Singapore, Milan, Oslo, Brussels, Hong Kong, and others. Notice a pattern yet?


  5. Seeing some reports on Twitter, unconfirmed as of now, that Russian and Syrian military aircraft have attacked Turkish military forces at Tel Madiq, near Aleppo! US coalition air forces attacked SAA forces defending Deir Ezzor from ISIS forces. Strange, if true. Could it be that US/NATO coalition is fighting against the Russian/Syrian coalition? Why are the Chinese military there again? Hmmm? Notice a pattern of provocation?


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