Putin Sends Ominous Message To American’s! Meanwhile U.S. Plans To Destroy Relations With Russia…


By Lisa Haven

“Secretary Kerry and other State Department officials remain deeply engaged in a variety of multilateral efforts… and we’re going to continue to discuss with those partners a wide range of options including the potential of using some of the financial sanctions tools that, in the context of Ukraine, have imposed some economic costs on Russia,” Josh Earnest at a Press Briefing on Friday, when asked about Sanctions for Russia.

In response to Josh Earnest’s remarks, Russia’s Ryabkov told RIA Novosti (Russian News source), “In case of the extension of US sanctions lists amid mostly senseless and unreasonable reasons – we will find a way to respond so that the balance will change, and it is not going to be for the US benefit….It seems like no other issues worry the US administration, except for the goal to fully destroy relations with Russia, so that many years would be needed then to restore them.”

According to Russian News the goal of the American government is to “destroy relations with Russia.” These are harsh words considering we are already at a boiling point with this nuclear powerhead and if truth be told we are but seconds away from utter disaster.

As a result Putin issued a few press releases of his own. Including an ominous warning message to American citizens. All that and more in the video below…

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  1. Putin is a Royal Arch Freemason. Look it up! Freemason’s of the highest degrees are required to deny the divinity of Christ. They believe Jesus was just another man and not divine. Their “system of doctrine” is based on this view of Christ. Their belief system is based on the false philosophy that man can create their own future, independent of the divine plan and providence of the one true GOD. They believe that man’s chief duty is to work for the welfare of the human race. They believe that man can solve “problems” solely by developing human relationships, which is exactly what Putin said in his interview. They believe man’s human nature is perfectible through man’s own “efforts”, without divine grace. They, and their brothers in arms in other nations, are attempting to bring this about through research and developments in a wide array of sciences and technologies. One can learn about their “efforts” by looking at Ray Kurzweil’s website or the Lifeboat Foundations blog for example. Their goal is to bring about a “Metasystem Transition” in which humans create their own “evolutionary” process based on the advancement of “theories” with respect to this world, humanity, and humanities “values”. They are creating their own “World View” based on the “human way of thinking”, which is not GOD’s, or Christ’s, way of thinking!



    WARNING For Everyone Else Who is Left Behind. Do not accept the RFID Microchip Implant – the Number of the Beast, of the Antichrist 666, of the Global One World Government, the New World Order. The Antichrist, the Global One World Leader & Dictator, will soon rise up & be revealed. “He will force you to receive the Name, Mark or Number of the Beast in your right hand or in your forehead, so that you can not buy or sell without it.” Revelation 13:16, 17. Just look at the USA right now! The Antichrist will make you worship him as God & you will be giving your allegiance to Satan. How much will you sell your soul to the devil for? A steak, a warm comfortable bed, financial success? If you don’t have the Microchip, you can’t get a Job or any CES Benefits, pay a Mortgage or Rates or Rent. You can’t get a thing without the Number of the Beast, no petrol for the car, no food. Don’t get the Microchip, & you’ll be homeless, hungry & cold, so get ready now, for then. Did you know that even Jesus himself, was homeless! Luke 9:58 Buy a backpack, a small camouflaged tent, long warm coat, walking boots, lighters for fires-warmth & cooking, a pot, tin cup, bowl, spoon, Gyro torch, water containers, dark long heavy/duty raincoat, sleeping bag, pillow & essentials, travel light & hideout to avoid being caught. Find places in the bush to put up your tent & find out where Charities are, for food. Churches will gladly give these homeless, brave refugees, a meal, perhaps a shower or a place to wash their clothes, even refuge. It’ll be a Cashless Society, those with the RFID Microchip Implant will live in luxury but, will end up in hell, a place of extreme pain & suffering, tormented day & night for ever, without rest. But, you don’t believe all that rubbish about Hell. Do you? But, do you really, want to take that Chance? If you want to escape the Cities to survive, head for the hills near fresh water, take what you need for 3 yrs, hunt for your food & stay hidden. IN BOTH CASES BUY A BIBLE, study it, believe Jesus is the one & only Son of God, who died on the cross for your sins, confess your sins and Repent, become a Christian, because faith in Jesus is the only way to be saved from Hell. Burning in the Lake of Fire in an unescapable Hell, is The Worst Horror Story ever because it’s real. I’M NOT TRYING TO SCARE YOU, I AM TRYING TO PREPARE YOU! It’s your choice friend, choose wisely, Heaven or Hell? Here’s Wisdom “Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it, but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it” Luke 9:24. In this verse, to save your life is taking the Number of the Beast, but to lose your life is to die for your Faith. “The Last Days” or “The End of Days” talked about in the Bible is Now. IF YOU’RE CAUGHT & DON’T HAVE THE RFID MICROCHIP & REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT & DON’T REJECT JESUS CHRIST AS LORD, YOU’LL BE BEHEADED WITH A GUILLOTINE BUT IT’S BETTER THAN THE ALTERNATIVE OF ETERNITY IN HELL. You’ll go straight to heaven to be with the Lord & get a new body with no more pain, no more tears. Keep safe & hold onto Jesus, cause all hell’s going to break loose, on earth soon. “You will hear of wars & rumours of wars, see you are not troubled, for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.” Matthew 24:6. World War III is imminent, but don’t be distressed, pray to God through Jesus & He will strengthen you, give you courage, comfort you & watch over you. TIME IS RUNNING OUT, so go to a Church near you, learn about the Bible, & believe in your Saviour & Lord, Jesus Christ … before it’s too late!!! At the very end, Christ the King shall return with Tens of Thousands of His Mighty Angels, every Eye shall see Him,”every Knee shall bow & every Tongue shall confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the Glory of God the Father.” Romans 14:11. Love and Peace, my brothers & sisters and may our Lord Jesus, bless you, and your loved ones. THIS IS SERIOUS, BUT DON’T PANIC PLEASE COPY THIS NOTE & GIVE IT TO PEOPLE YOU LOVE. PREPARED BY LOVING, CARING CHRISTIANS, BECAUSE JESUS DIED TO SAVE US ALL. 16/10/16 .


    • Not going to happen they way YOU say!

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      • Kaladri – how lost are you? No rapture. Jesuit lie and with a little thinking not God´s plan – as far as the doctrine of Bible, return of Christ is a one time event in the VERY END. The ´church´ will stay. How can any real truth seeker not see the rapture lie? Revelation ´hour of testing´ saves the church of Philadelphia – 144 000 ´protected´ and the number itself is symbolic.


      • You’re very wise!


  3. obama is islamic, he said so himself in an interview. They believe their mahdi will return ONLY if there is global war, WW3. This is why the breakdown in relations with foreign countries causing all kinds of strife. The only way this country or any country will be immune is for those nations to repent of their sins and turn back to God. It boils down to the people as well. Time is extremely short!


    • The Freemason’s are behind fomenting WW3 between the “political Zionists” (Judeo-Christian’s) and the “leaders of the Islamic World” (the Moslem Arabic World). Their expressed goal is for them to mutually destroy each other! Today, October 24, 2016, marks the beginning of WW3 because the political Zionists in Israel and America, along with the nations allied with them, have launched an all out military assault on the Islamic World. The people of the Islamic World and their allies will respond in return, and Russia is one of their allies! This is causing a major breakdown in foreign relationships, not Obama! This is being caused because the nations are being forced to fight on one side or the other! In this process, the nations are being exhausted economically, spiritually, morally, and physically! This will lead to the biblically foretold “rebellion” written of in The Second Letter Of Paul To The Thessalonians, wherein the multitude become completely disillusioned with Christianity! This then is setting the stage for a monumental “change”, when the “…man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who exalts himself against every god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God. (2nd Thess. 2:3,4,RSV,1952) The “temple of God” is not some physical building, or Mosque, or Synagogue constructed by man! The “temple of God”, according to the Apostle’s, “indwells” a human “body” after one has truly accepted Jesus as The Christ, after which the Holy Spirit dwells “within” that humans “body”! How could the “son of perdition” take his seat in a humans body, and proclaim himself to be God? Could artificial intelligence (Lucifer’s vessel according to some!) be a representation of the “man of lawlessness”? Could “it” be given a human face, made a conscious being, that is given “breath”, and given the ability to “speak”, and even “commune” telepathically with those who allow themselves to be bio-electronically or dielectrically and permanently connected to “it” 24/7/365? Isn’t this exactly what those involved in the creation of artificial intelligence are doing? Absolutely! You’re right, time grows extremely short!


  4. This stupid satanic regime destroys relations with everyone including everyday American citizens. The bastard BWANA, Kerry, Lynch and the Blackhouse is degenerate scum! Hitlery included!!



  5. Just found out on the “news” today that some of the leadership in Washington think that a way to stop the war in Syria would be to assassinate Assad! And then after that, I watch a House of Commons debate on the use of nuclear weapons wherein one of the members asked a female member “Are you willing to kill 100,000 men, women, and children, by using a nuclear weapon?” She responded by saying, “YES!” Psycho’s!


  6. Its becoming more and more obvious everyday that the “beast” has risen out of the “sea”, the collective unconscious, or subconscious, the underworld, which resides within the hearts and minds of carnal man on this planet! Monsters rise from its depths, “…monsters from the Id”! These monsters are irrational and dark forces, unrestrained and unleashed from the depths of the collective imaginations of the “damned”, the carnally minded! These monsters have been let loose, and they are behind the increase in depravity, immorality, amorality, chaos, conflict, war, destruction, and death! Those who seek to “go their own way”, to do their own will, to create their own future, are on a descent into the Hell of the damned! Why? Because GOD does not dwell in the carnally minded!


  7. According to a report put out by the carnally minded humans at CNN, which has been posted on YouTube, if Hillary is elected Putin says there will be war! Oh, really? WAR is already going on! Its being fought on many “fronts”, and not just on the physical front lines in many places on this planet! An information war is being waged on your minds! Its all part of “psychological operations” being conducted internationally and domestically using THIS “system” we’re using to communicate on! All “media” are involved in this “campaign”! The “battle-space” is everywhere, not just “over there”!


  8. Putin has said their actions are limited to “…supplying weapons to the Syrian government, training personnel, and providing humanitarian aid for the Syrian people.” What he and the Russian’s are doing in Syria is acting in accordance with the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER in accordance with modern international “humanitarian” law!


  9. The HUMANITARIANS of the world are now, at this very moment, involved in injuring and killing CIVILIANS in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine, and in other places all over this planet. US/NATO coalition airstrikes near Mosul injured over 200 and killed an estimated 80 CIVILIANS yesterday alone! Russia’s coalition airstrikes have also injured and killed hundreds, if not thousands, of CIVILIANS! Oh, but they do try to keep CIVILIAN casualties to a minimum, right? Yeah, right! TENS OF MILLIONS OF CIVILIANS have been made refugees by these HUMANITARIANS! Of course, their BENEVOLENT actions are all in accordance with the UNITED NATIONS CHARTER and modern international HUMANITARIAN law, right? YEAH, RIGHT!


  10. Coup d’Etat of the Whole World


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