Brace Yourself! What Happens in Under Two Weeks Will Be Bad and a Paramount Election Secret Unfolds


By Lisa Haven

Tick-Tock! We are but weeks away from the “final days” of American history in which we with either forever be under the globalists web of control or loosed from their chains of bondage. It’s Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton for the epic throw down and the battle of a lifetime.

This election year is one of the most crucial that we have faced in years. Many of our freedoms are at stake and the American people are finally waking up to the globalists regime.

In the video below I not only prove election fraud is happening, but I also share a paramount election secret…

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10 replies

  1. Lisa how is George Soros allowed to own the smartmatic voting machines in 16 states? Isn’t there a law against this?


  2. Thank you.



  3. Soros should be hand over to Russians for execution for was crimes. This EVIL piece of dog excement should not be breathing. Kept up the great work, Lisa.


  4. Globalists will be the least of your problems once quantum artificial intelligence takes over! Google’s Deep Mind is already creating its own encryption to keep humans from see data it doesn’t want them to see! Stupid humans!


  5. The word “beast” is a symbolic term to describe the “…diabolical force dwelling in the human body, the DEVIL, incarnate.” All are born into sin! Unless this carnal spirit is replaced by the “Holy Spirit”, humans remain under the control of this “force”. The “force” can be benevolent and a malevolent, which is exactly how “it” is portrayed in the Star Wars movies! Just a coincidence? Not a chance! Those under “its” control are either deceived, or deceivers. The deceived are unaware of how they are being deceived, how they are being used! They don’t call humans “resources”, “assets”, or “users” for nothing! The deceivers have consciously given themselves over to this “force”, and they work tirelessly in “service” to it. They actively promote, through psychological “programming” using ALL forms of “media”, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of human life! Only one Way to exchange the carnal spirit for the Holy Spirit, but the majority of the humans on this planet reject the divinity of Christ. Instead, these humans seek to create their own future, to go their own way, to be independent! They seek to perfect themselves through their own efforts! They believe that human perfection is attainable through man’s own efforts without divine aid! They are “…of one mind…”, that is, they all regard everything from the “human point of view” which is governed by the “diabolical force”, who goes by many names in every culture, past or present, on this earth!


    • Lest you think I don’t know what I’m talking about, perhaps you should all do some research into the “Global Brain and the Future of Human Society”, or go to the “Global Brain Institute” website, or the “World Future Review” website, or the “Global Futurist Magazine” website, or look at any of the thousands of website devoted to the development of the “Global Brain”!

      WARNING! If you save your life using their “solutions” you will regret it for eternity!


  6. Did any of you happen to watch the news this morning? CASH is going bye-bye! Could it be that the only way to “buy or sell” very soon will be via the cashless electronic e-monetary system? Count on it! How is the “system” going to verify your identity with 100% accuracy? Why, bio-electrically, of course! The “system” will ID humans based on the electrical “signals” generated by the heart and brain. A chipless electronic ink tattoo placed “on” a human being, which cannot be duplicated, lost, stolen, misplaced, or left somewhere accidentally or purposefully, could certainly solve a lot of “problems”, right? Chiefly, all the “problems” associated with “fraud” could be resolved, right? Voter fraud, for example, would be virtually impossible, correct? Online banking fraud caused by ID theft could be eliminated too, right? What else can the do with this technology? How about reading your thoughts as part of the process of “extreme vetting”? How about manipulating and controlling your thoughts? How about being able to “hack” your body and mind? No way you say? You are absolutely W-R-O-N-G!


  7. Hey, Lisa, did you know that Trump’s “aides” have said they want to mandate that all who want to immigrate into the US be subjected to an “…ideological test…” as part of an “…extreme vetting” process…”? This is to be done in order to determine their stance on issues such as religious freedom, gender equality and gay rights! This “test” is to be administered by the State Department and the DHS and will be linked to information obtained through questionnaires, social media (Word Press?), interviews with friends/family, or “…other means…”. What on earth does this entail, hmmm? Information gathered using overt and covert electronic surveillance technologies?


  8. The “values” of “humanitarianism”, as originally and correctly defined, are based on, “The distinctive tenet denying the divinity of Christ; also, the system of doctrine based upon this view of Christ.” (You won’t find this definition in any of the humanitarians online dictionaries, and for obvious reasons!)

    The world’s “humanitarians” are moving rapidly to silence anybody who does not support their “system of doctrine”!


  9. While people are being distracted by the political B.S. being put out, there are some very serious developments occurring which the media in the West isn’t reporting on. According to reports on Twitter, Russian, Syrian, Iraqi, and other military coalition forces have begun a major offensive to defeat ISIS forces in Syria who’ve been fighting to overthrow Assad’s government forces. This operation began today! They stated they will shoot down any Turkish aircraft or drones that violate the No Fly Zone THEY have setup over Syria! If these reports are true, and they do shoot down any of Turkey’s aircraft, the US/NATO military alliance which includes the nation of Turkey, will invoke article 5, and will most assuredly come to the defense of Turkey! A very hot war may ensue!


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