An Establishment Torpedo Launched! They are Using This Patented Technique To Swerve Your Vote For… Make VIRAL!

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By Lisa Haven

The information you are about to hear is nuclear!!! Considering Hillary Clinton’s new emails are now being “re-opened” by the FBI, a lot of twists are turns will be birthed. The democratic party will pull every trick out of their playbook to not only get her elected, but to keep things under wraps….If not ultimately have Obama issue an executive order to halt the election.

In the video below I interview radio talk show host and CEO of Life Change Tea, Ronnie McMullen, to discuss his take as to where the election is headed. We detail patented technology, as well as techniques that are being used to sway the public to one side or the other. TRUST Me this is one report you don’t want to miss…

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List of Hollywood Actors that Support Hillary:


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  1. Today on one of the corporate news channels a new Hillary campaign ad was shown which stated that Trump wants to establish a No Fly Zone over Syria and start a nuclear war with Russia! Whoa, there, dogs and ponies! There were numerous previous news reports on YouTube which stated it was Hillary and the US State Dept. who wanted to do this, to which a Marine Corp General even stated that establishing a No Fly Zone over Syria would require going to war with Russia! Liars telling lies! Doesn’t matter now though because The Russian military coalition has already set up a No Fly Zone over Syria, and will shoot down any Turkish aircraft that attempt to come into Syria. The IS “moderate rebels” have, in turn, been given “Manpad’s, shoulder launched anti-aircraft missiles, to fire at Russia’s coalition aircraft. Sure looks like they’re splashing gasoline on the fire!


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