Trump Gets Elected Than BOOM This Happens! The Leftist Claws Have Come Out—Time To Fight Back! 


By Lisa Haven

I’ve about had it with outlets that continually lie, manipulate, and abuse the masses for their own gain. Specifically Facebook, Google, and countless others working towards the elite agenda with little recourse about the impact they are having on humanity so long as their pockets are filled with money.

In their latest ploy both Facebook and Google are blaming Donald Trump’s victory on “so called” fake news sites, and in response they have launched an attack against these sites by claiming they are going to ban them from being viewed. Trouble is, some of the sites listed are satire, but a majority of them are not “fake” at all! Rather they are their political opposition—any sites that have a conservative view are labeled as “fakes” that should be avoided.

It’s time for us Americans to take a stand against such groups and make our voices heard. If we continue to allow these manipulative giants to rule over us then we can kiss our freedoms goodbye. I for one, won’t stand by and let it happen. I will share what they are doing with everyone and anyone willing to listen. I will no longer allow them to rule over me in such a manner that they know every jot and tittle about my life and I believe you feel the same way.

Here is the breaking report that needs to go viral…

**If I get banned or this post gets banned from Facebook then every single one of you will know why and also know without a doubt that Facebook is run by government slaves hell-bent on collecting our private data.

That said, if by now you haven’t figured out that Facebook and Google are in cahoots with the corrupt government, then I feel for you, but for those who are well aware of the issues it’s high time you switched over to It is a website that is similar to Facebook but without all the censorship crap.

Here are some of the differences you’ll find at Seen.Life:

No Censorship!  Keep in mind they do have a Terms of Service that will need to be followed for things like pornography, copyright violations and defamation.  If we receive a complaint, we’ll investigate.  If you are accustomed to the freewheeling style at Before It’s News, we think you’ll enjoy

NO ID required. Facebook is now asking certain people for their ID’s.  That’s beyond the pale. You can use whatever name you’d like at Seen and no ID required.

They Don’t sell your data! In fact they don’t even collect it (other than your email so you can receive notifications).

No Limit on The Amount of Friends You Can Have. If you’re popular enough to get over 5,000 friends, we think that’s great!  More power to you!

Private and secure chat rooms!  These are strongly encrypted and there’s no snooping.

With the way Facebook and Google the way they are headed it’s not going to be a place you want to stay. Sign up and create an account at Seen.Life and get away from this invasive censorship!!

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3 replies

  1. “are not “fake” at all! Rather they are their political opposition—any sites that have a conservative view are labeled as “fakes”

    True. But that is how the Left wing operate. If you can’t beat the opposition fair and square then berate it, ridicule it, scream and yell about it (preferably in your face) and then ban it. It’s all they’ve got. Look for more of it. They don’t quit.


    • Understanding the agenda and policies of progressives as they all relate to the Saul Alinsky s stragety……namely to identify the opposition, segregate them and relentlessly attack them is and will be what is a way to shut down any dialog or discussion. End of conversation.


  2. You do know that the Lame Stream Media has already admitted that they allow state sponsored propaganda to be ran during news slots, for a healthy exchange of US dollars? So that would make some of the Lame Stream media news fake, actually worse than fake. This is why I turned it off years ago. Just saying!


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